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I'm sorry for neglecting you all. It's been a busy day and my head is going to explode if I read one more digital camera review. They all contradict each other and it drives me crazy. "Doesn't focus well in low light", "Takes amazing low light pictures!", "Screen broke after two weeks", "Sturdy construction", etc. Argh. The more I read, the more confused I get and I feel my desire for a new camera slipping away. The further I go, the less I know.

Best free fonts. I am such a font dork.

I present to you (dramatic pause) the ubertap! Unfortunately, it's about 10 years too late for me to do anything with this.

My cell phone plan runs out at the end of the month, so you know what that phone! If I was in the UK, maybe I would get the Oasis mobile phone to go along with my Mylo iPod.

It's about time!

Reissue, repackage, repackage!

Peep the Quicktime video for the Magic Numbers track "Forever Lost".

Oscar Wilde action figure. Straight gully.

What's a vingle?

Marcus Banks is out three months! Luckily we have 247 other point guards on the Celtics roster.

Arkansas St. player refuses to wear adidas.

Coolfer took great pleasure in informing me this happened right by my old crib in the 718.


Dan said:

New Massive Attack? Sweet! Although I wasn't all that impressed with 100th Window, still something to keep the ol' eyes peeled for...

I think I was the only person that liked 100th Window.

i hate hate hate shopping for cameras and electronics online for that very reason.

Dumbek said:

Good Lord - Haven't we had enough Bloc Party this year? Enough already.