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The Raconteurs web site has launched. That's the new band with Brendan Benson and Jack White in it.

The Vice Recordings blog has a new Bloc Party remix by MSTRKRFT. You can also check out the trailer for the Bloc Party live DVD, entitled God Bless Bloc Party.

Go here to listen to the singles "Hey Now Now" and "Blackout" by The Cloud Room. Personally, I think "Waterfall" is their best tune. *shrug*

Stream the new single by Editors, entitled "Munich". (Windoze Media Player)

Stream the new Flaming Lips single "The Wand" in Quicktime. Here it is in Windoze Media for you non-Mac heads.

Seedy Gonzales has a new digital EP out. Here is a download for you:

Seedy Gonzales | Page 28 (MP3)

Here is a Dios Malos b-side in anticipation for their upcoming tour supporting Matt Pond PA(my newest obsession, but more on that later).

Dios Malos | Dumb After All (MP3)

Lastly, I am decidedly "meh" on the new Moz album cover. Love the B&W, but that pose is a little... [via Moz-solo]


Friday night.
Nethers, Cedars and Bicycle Thieves at the 930 Club.
Three great local acts, all putting on great shows and nary a "The" to be had.
As if the show itself wasn't exciting enough, I was also eager to give my camera another work out at the 930, the lighting there is fantastic and I hadn't been back since seeing the Super Furries a few months ago.


First up were Nethers, the one band on the bill that I wasn't that familiar with. They were formerly The Carlsonics but they broke up a year or two ago, changed their sound up and reformed as Nethers. I almost skipped seeing them and boy am I glad I didn't. Nethers is a weird hybrid of folk and shoegazer/drone rock. And by weird, I mean incredible. At times they sounded like Luna, other times like Mazzy Star and others like Sonic Youth if they went folk. It's nice to go see a band that doesn't churn out your typical indie-rock and Nethers fit the bill nicely. The lead singer was just incredible. She belted out every tune with great charisma and passion. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I liked their set so much I bought a CD after the show, something I haven't done in ages. I enjoyed them the most out of all the bands and can't wait for their next show in DC (part of their national tour *hint hint*).

Download: Nethers | Hung Herself In A Birdcage (MP3)


That last remark shouldn't be taken lightly because Cedars played the best show I've ever seen them play on Friday. Their new material breaks new ground for the group. The songs were really energetic; just leaping out of the speakers. The band has come a long way since I saw them at DC9 last March. They were trying out a new guitarist who used to be in Phaser and he added a definite rock element to the songs which is a welcome plus, because their live sound has been lacking a bit since Mark left the band. "Fleets" still needs some work but these guys are definitely headed in the right direction. Again, they looked like they belonged up there on the 930 stage.

Download: Cedars | Lo-fi (MP3)


Bicycle Thieves definitely drew a big crowd and had everyone signing along and dancing before the night was done. John Kaplan is an amazing songwriter. He has hooks for days and knows how to use them. They've also added an extra guitarist since I've seen them last and as a result, their live show is much beefier. They don't gig around town as much as many of the other local acts but strangely, this doesn't seem to work against them. It seems like people always make time to see them because they know they won't be playing again for a few months. But by the number of new tunes the band played, it seems like they've been practicing alot lately.

Go here to download some tracks by Bicycle Thieves. "Loser of the Year" is highly recommended.

I got some amazing pictures of all three bands which I highly recommend you check out over at Flickr.

Hello Happiness!

With Ron Artest finally on his way to Sacramento, the trade winds of the NBA finally started blowing and Danny Ainge was again at the fron of the line. Ainge finally unloaded Mark Blount, but it took Ricky Davis, Marcus Banks, Justin Reed and two 2nd round picks to get it done. In return the Celtics got Wally Swerviak (I am resisting learning how to spell his name as long as possible), Michael Olowokandi, Dwayne Jones and a first round pick in 2008. I like this trade for both teams. The C's traded a few of their most turnover-prone players (Davis, Blount) along with two guys that wouldn't be on the roster next year(Banks & Reed) and two second round picks we didn't need anyway for a one time All-Star averaging 23 ppg in the last four weeks, an expiring contract and a player to be drafted later. Yes, Wally has a ridiculous contract, but the C's weren't going to be under the cap any time soon. Yes Wally's defense is suspect, but it's not like Ricky's was very good. He's given up his fair share of buckets this year, amny of them game winners(Gilbert Arenas and Jerry Stackhouse say hello). Wally will spread the floor for PP and the young 'uns(Perk and Jeff) and continue to shoot at a high percentage. We also clear up some playing time for Tony Allen, Ryan Gomes and possibly Gerald Green.

Minny didn't do too bad in this deal either. Ricky and Blount can score, Banks and Reed can be help off the bench. They need more players, plain and simple. KG needs help and he got some today. This is a trade that's good for both teams but won't put either over the top. Minny needed to make a change to their roster and Blount is as good as any free agent they would have been able to afford over the summer. For Boston, it's addition by subtraction. The team was 3-1 when Blount collected DNP's and now we'll be able to see what we have with all the young guys on our bench. Plus, we have like 5 picks in the next three drafts.

Also, reports have the Celtics signing Will Bynum to fill in their final roster slot.

The C's host the Kings (and Ron Artest) tonight. Wally's wife is due sometime in the next day or so, so his first game with the team figures to be Monday, when the Celtics travel to...Minnesota.

The Truth

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Ah, now we know what really held up the (now completed) Artest to Sacramento deal. Artest's new agent. From ESPN (emphasis mine):

One source involved in the inner workings of the deal suggested that agent Mark Stevens was the person most opposed to the trade because it would preclude Artest from earning any of the endorsement money from companies embracing street cred that might have been available to him in a larger market.

The absurd notion of Artest somehow being a marketable commodity at this point in his career helps show the degree of delusion under which Artest's advisers sometimes operate, but Artest long ago replaced a much more established agent, Mark Bartelstein, with the less-experienced Stevens. Bartelstein continues to collect a percentage of Artest's salary, while Stevens won't be in position to earn a similar commission until Artest decides whether to opt out of his contract following the 2007-08 season.

Straight from the Rosenhaus School of Client Representation. Who cares what's good for the player, how much money does it bring me? It's worth noting that the only significant endorsement Artest has garnered to this point in his career was with And1, which also sponsored Latrell Spreewell after he almost choked his old coach PJ Carlisemo. When Artest played in the All Star game a few years ago, he wore a different pair (and different brand) of shoes in each quarter in an effort to expose himself to potential advertisers. That obviously didn't work out very well.

Moving offices today (To an office. With a window!). More tomorrow.

Exhibit A with whats wrong with today's NBA. I'm one of the biggest sports fans you'll find but this is just ridiculous. The Pacers have to put their foot down here. Tell Artest, that he's got what he wanted, he's been traded. He as 24 hours to report and take a physical. After 24 hours his pay (yes, he's been getting paid this entire time) will be suspended until he takes his physical. If he doesn't report, he doesn't get paid. He shouldn't be allowed to control his fate like this, especially after all he's done to get to this point. The Pacers better hope this trade goes through, otherwise Artest's value drops considerably and making a deal, any deal, becomes considerably harder. BTW, I don't like the deal from Indy's side. Peja is soft, just like the Pacers. But I digress...

Exhibit B with what is wrong with the NBA today. I doubt this will even stick.

Some songs I'm currently obsessed with and figure to be on the February playlist:

Art Brut | Good Weekend (MP3) - This song is FUCKING BEST. Love the unbridled energy. There is a band coming to DC this weekend that's been trying (and failing) to write songs like this for the last couple of years. Art Brut tosses them off with ease.
Buy the Art Brut album at Amazon or download it from eMusic.

Okkervil River | No Key, No Plan (MP3) - I wasn't impressed when I saw them live, but did hear a Buffalo Tom influence, which is apparent on this track, hence it's undeniable hookiness. I bought this EP off of eMusic and I like about half of it. The uptempo stuff really grabs me, but they lose me on the slower tunes. But this song is a keeper.
Buy the Okkervil River EP from Amazon or download it from eMusic.

We Are Scientists | This Scene Is Dead (MP3) - I cannot quit listening to this song. Download and listen only if you are prepared for it to burrow into your frontal lobe.
Buy the We Are Scientists album from Amazon.

Damn, wish I could've been there.

No DC date for the Strokes tour.

Are you reading the "Where Have All The Baggys Gone" columns over at Oneloudernyc? No? Shame on you.

Hide And Seek

So it looks like Tuesday's are going to be muy busy for me at my new job. So expect short posts and lots of pictures. Of Mr. Pink.

Hey Now Now

I meant to upload some music files for everyone but got sidetracked by the Hour of Bauer (why is there ALWAYS A SPY IN CTU*? So lame!). SO instead, here are some MP3's from other blogs:

Coolfer has the haps on KEXP performances from leafblower faves the SilverSun PIckups and Echo & The Bunnymen.

Chromewaves tipped me off to this treasure trove of Feist goodness.

I finally uploaded my pics from the DCist Happy Hour. They are over at Flickr. Here's my fave:


*In spoiler vision for those that didn't see 24 yet. Just highlight to read.

Oi. What a weekend. Sports-wise that is. Friday night I watched the C's win a squeaker over the visiting Nets as Wince Carter missed a shot in the final seconds to send the game to overtime. Ha ha. So I was jubilent, if only for a few hours. Duke lost to Georgetown the next afternoon in what was one of the best college basketball games I've seen in quite a while. Shit, I was almost pulling for Georgetown there at the end. They outplayed the Devils, plain and simple. Cheers to them. The C's also lost to the Nets on Saturday night, but that was just preparing me for the smackdown that would occur Sunday night. Day-um. The Seahawks just demolished my poor Panthers. I was in shock. I had never seen a John Fox coached team play that poorly in a big game. I knew we were in trouble when Nick Goings left the game, not because he would make the difference, but because we'd have no running game without him. Fuck. Oh well. We were banged up and playing on the road again. So it goes. Still, I think the Superbowl will be entertaining, despite the lack of big market teams. Here's to next year...

I also did alot of wandering around The Mall and downtown DC over the weekend. My photography class took a field trip to the Botanical Gardens and I took a few rolls of film. I also went to the Natural History Museum and the adjoining sculpture garden over the weekend. The weather was too nice to stay inside. Once I get everything developed I'll try and scan the photos and upload them to Flickr.

Aberdeen City 3

Despite being depressed about the game last night, I fought the weather and made it down to The Warehouse Next Door to take in Aberdeen City. I had seen them last time they came through town but didn't stay very long because it was v. late on a school night. This time, however, the band really hooked me with their show and I had no choice but to stick around and enjoy the music. This Boston four-piece is going to be the Jonathan Papelbon of the indie rock set. You may not know who they are right now, but you will in a year or two. Highly recommended. A few more photos on Flickr now.

Brad has MP3's of Editors in Boston.

Spike Island revisited?

Paul Weller says Oh Snap!

Massive Attack gets the greatest hits treatment.

Even more embarassing than the u2 iPod? The Franzia Walkman.

Disney to buy Pixar?

10 thoughts on the new Intel iMac.

Mood altering cat parasites make women friendly and men into jerks. As if I need help being a jerk.

TV News on the internets: West Wing cancelled and the cast of Lost get a raise.

Recorded music sales continue to dip.


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Mylo has been forced to cancel his forthcoming dates in the U.S. due to a hearing condition.

Having contracted a virus over the Christmas period which has caused him temporary hearing loss, Mylo had been advised to cancel live shows in Japan and Australia at the start of the year. He had hoped that his condition would recover sufficiently to allow him to perform live shows in the U.S., unfortunately his recovery is very slow and no real progress has been made. As he has been recommended to completely recover he has been advised by his doctor not to commit to anything further at least until the end of February. Mylo deeply regrets having to cancel the dates.

However, even though Mylo will not be able to tour the U.S. as planned, his new release Destroy Rock & Roll will be available in the States on February 7th.

I cannot tell you how depressed I am to hear this. Fuck.


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Blogging = Power.

Matt was kind enough to pass along the latest email from The National to their mailing list. Check out item #2:

2. We are planning a short East Coast and West Coast tour in mid/late March, which will include, finally, a show in Washington DC. The rumors that we have something against playing DC are, alas, untrue! We have a few dates to announce already - the rest will be announced shortly:

3/15: Black Cat, Washington DC
3/22: Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
3/24: Double Door, Chicago

You knows it!

Definitely not related: Rasheed v. IIIII-KEA FURN-I-TURE. [via Deadspin]

Thanks to everyone that came out to the DCist Happy Hour last night. We drank, heard some great tunes, chatted, watched UNC lose to UVA and had alot of fun. Cue Bar is a great space. Spacious, well lit, great beer selection and a huge DJ booth. V. nice. I took a bunch of pictures but haven't had the chance to upload them yet. Tonight if I have time. I'm also very happy to report that I have no blogging related drinking planned for tonight.

Unfortunately Seeking Irony was too sick to DJ last night, so I called in DCeiver for back up and he did just fine, especially given the short notice he had. Get better Natalya! I played a song by The Caesars in your honor.

NME's preview of Ringleader of the Tormentors.

*Sigh* So true. Depressingly so, in fact. I listened to the new Richard Ashcroft record over at and it's shockingly bad. Terrifingly so. It makes me sad. Music needs Captain ROCK, not this poofy twitter. Bring back Mad Richard!

Nooooooooooooooooo! *sniff*

Nice try. [via LHB]

Also via LHB, a cool site for concert posters.

OMG! This is the best thing ever! So good it made me type 'OMG'.


How to find the best photos on Flickr.


Busted! Sue the fuck out of them. [via five five zero zero, who did ANOTHER redesign]

I'm back, bitches!

Mark Blount is still a Celtic, although now the big rumour is BLount + Ricky Davis + Marcus Banks for Olowakandi + Wally Swerviak. Wally's contract is huge, but he and Raef expire at the same time so that would be $26 million of the Boston cap in 2009. I'm not a huge fan of Ricky and it's not my money, so I say get 'er done. The downside of this, should it happen, is I'll have to learn how to spell Wally's last name. Right, like I'm one to talk.

Go Panthers!

Can't Lose

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Finally got a copy of the We Are Scientists CD and it's pretty damn good. If you get your hands on one, make sure and give it a few spins. It took me a few listens to get the whole record, but once it locks in, it's very enjoyable. I've been pumping "It's A Hit" all day long. The drumming on it is superb. I love the way he rides the hi-hat.

Other recent music acquisitions:

The Strokes - First Impressions of Earth
I'm torn by this record. Sound and production-wise, it's the record I wanted them to make. But the thing is, it's not very good. The drums are a little to far up front and Julian just cannot sing. I thought the crappy production ruined their second record. "12:51" would have been huge if you could actually hear the vocals. But now we know why they've always been buried in the mix. I had high hopes for this record too. The first four songs are catchy, energetic and hooky, everything that the band does well. But once "On The Other Side" cues up, the record starts sliding down hill precipitously. The songs just go on and on with no hooks and nothing to make them stand out. This record is a disappointment. If you want to hear what this record should have been, go buy Aha Shake Heartbreak. The Kings of Leon are much better than the Strokes at their own game.

Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock and Roll
This record, however, is just amazing. Amazingly cheeky and tons of fun. I can see why Oneloudernyc raved and raved about it. This band strips rock music down to its essence and puts it on display by hitting you over the head with their witty lyrics and clever riffs. Big, dumb, fun rock and roll that doesn't take itself too seriously. The Darkness for the indie set. I got it off of eMusic and I highly recommend it. "Good Weekend" is worth the price of admission alone. They're touring the US soon and I can't wait to see them.

Big ups are due for The Bicycle Thieves and Cedars. They will be headlining the 930 club next Friday along with the Nethars in an all local bill. As I'm sure you all remember, Catherine and I booked both BT and Cedars(Cartel back then)to play DCist's Unbuckled show last year. And now they are headlining the 930. I think it's great that a club as big (in staure and capacity) as the 930 would give these bands a chance to play a show like this and only charge $10 for admission. I'll definitely be there and I hope the rest of D.C. comes out to support our boys.

Check out the new Kraftwerk box set. It looks like a laptop.

The reunion nobody wants.

The reunion EVERYBODY wants isn't gonna happen. Not that I can blame him.

It's hard to be Scott Stapp. [via Coolfer]

Unfortunately Mark Blount is still a Celtic, but my vigil continues. He only played 6 minutes last night while Big Al and Perk ruled the Minnesota front line. Everyone here knows what a big dork I am, a sentiment that will no doubt increase when itell you I damn near got misty eyed when i read this quote:

''I get tired of people saying [Kendrick and I] are not ready to play together," said Jefferson (18 points, eight rebounds). ''I feel like we are. We're both composed and we both can shoot the ball. When he scored, I felt like I scored. When I scored, he felt like he scored. I feel we're going to see this a lot more in the future.

''It's going to be our time one day. Hopefully, for the rest of the season we're going to give them a little taste of how it's going to be."

Are you listening Doc?

The Sports Guy is on a roll. Pissing off Isiah Thomas and giving a shout out to Giant Drag!

And the next Chronic(what)cles of Narnia movie will be ...

DCist Happy Hour tonight! Be there!


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Castle Risk

Sorry folks, lots of stuff going on in the world of getting paid. There is plenty of content in my head as well as my inbox, and hopefully one day it will make it onto the internets, but not today.

To Do Tonight:
1) Blogger Happy Hour
2) Duke v. NC State
3) Lost (obvs)
4) Pick out music and prepare for DCist Happy Hour tomorrow.
5) Wait impatiently for the Mark Blount trade to go down.

More later. Whenever that is.

So, hey, actual content today!

Friday night I decided to stay in and catch one of the few times the Celtics were on national TV, this time on the road (where we've won a whopping four games this season) against Philadelphia. Long story short, we lost in triple overtime after winning the game at least twice. My hatred for Doc Rivers and Mark Blount knows no bounds right now. There are rumours that Memphis wants to trade for Blount, and for gods sake, if it's true, Danny Ainge needs to get on that like yesterday. Oh wait, looks like he has. The Globe is reporting a Blount deal is imminent, either to Memphis for Lo Wright or Minnesota for the Kandi-man. I wouldn't be surprised if Marcus Banks is thrown in as a sweetner on this deal. Either of those teams could use him and that would open up a roster spot for Gerald Green. Mark Stein of ESPN said earlier today in a chat that the deal is being held up right now because another team is trying to get in on the action. Let's just say I'm about at the point that I'll fly up to Boston and help Blount pack. File all of this under...developing. Also worth noting, the C's host the Twolves tomorrow night.

Saturday I had my second class in my photography course in the morning and then I watched the 'Skins lose in Seattle, which delighted Ms. Smith, a former Seattleite. After winning six must-wins, I think the 'Skins were too beat up to go any further. Still, a good year all around. Later that night was, of course, the big one year anniversary of bluestate, which was tons o' fun, and not just because of all the Red Stripe I consumed. We had a great crowd of friends and party-goers, including some bloggers and local bands and at one point there were balloons and party hats everywhere. Best. Hard to believe we've been doing this for a year. Here are a few pictures, there are more over at Flickr and also on the bluestate site along with the setlists.




Sunday was spent recovering from the night before, eating sushi (crunchy yellowtail is heavenly) and watching the mighty Carolina Panthers lay waste to the Chicago Bears. Tell me Steve Smith isn't the best player in the NFL. We are so gonna win the Superbowl. It's worth noting that Jake Delhomme is 5-1 in the playoffs. And let me go ahead and tell you that while we will miss DeShaun Foster, I'm sure John Fox and company have plenty of faith in back-up Nick Goings. And so do I. Julius Peppers is listed as probable right now. I have a bet with Ms. Smith on who will win next week but we haven't come up with the terms of the wager yet. Oh yeah, and Jack is back! Four hours of Bauer. Which also means recaps from Chromewaves!

Apparently the new Morrissey album is all singles but no one is going to like it. The reviewer compares it to Southpaw Grammar, which, funny enough, I hated when it was originally released but has really grown on me lately. It has drum solos and a lot of other wackiness and wasn't easy to digest the first time around, but much like the Stone Roses second record, it has aged very well. Also, full UK tour dates are here.

New tour dates for Oasis but no shows on the East Coast yet. Hmmmmmm.

The National meets Bruce Springsteen BUT STILL HAVE NOT PLAYED WASHINGTON DC.

Mogwai are back!

Mylo tour dates for the US.

The White Stripes will appear on the Simpsons. Keifer Sutherland is also scheduled to make an appearance this season.

The next season of The Sopranos will be the last.

Duke beats UNC again.

Apple passes Dell!

See you there.

Yesterday I didn't have the chance to mention that I had dinner at the Ritz-Carlton on Wednesday and I saw Bill Frist there, wandering around the bar looking very dazed and confused. "I hate him," one bar patron was heard to say. Moving on...

Doc Rivers stinks as an NBA coach. Nothing new here, moving on...

I'm telling you, there are larger forces at work here. Maybe Jake Delhomme and I were enemies in a past life. Go Panthers!

Ummm...I wouldn't buy a Macbook Pro if I were you.

Coachella Documentary opens on Jan. 24th. Get yer tickets here.

Nikon is dropping film cameras. Oh well, I'm a Canon guy.

Today's Forgotten Favorite:

Sloan: Coax Me (MP3) - I downloaded Sloan's A-Sides Win:Singles 1992-2005 (which, sadly, is lean on material from Between The Bridges) last month just to fill out my monthly eMusic subscription and I've been addicted to it since then. It's Brendan Benson's fault. This song is my jam.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone and I hope to see you on Saturday.

Coax Me

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Uptown Uptown

I present you, loyal readers of this blog, this lovely photo in the place of any real content today.

Sorry, it's busy around these parts.


Come have a few beers with me and the rest of the fine folk at DCist next week. The one and only DJ Leafblower will be spinning some tunes along with some other fine purveyors of the indie rock and such.

Morrissey confirms a few UK tour dates.

Ghostface! Catch the blast of a hype verse and go see the Wu on tour.

Brit Award nominees. [via Coolfer]

For shame all of you. All those words spit about Malkmus and nary a mention of the lovely and talented (headliner!!) Rebecca Gates? It's not like Malkmus played "Westie Cannot Drum" or anything like that.




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This is what I get when I try and click on the video of the software demonstration in this story.


Anyone going anywhere interesting for restaurant week? As usual, I slept on making plans so I'm sitting this one out.

In training for most of the day, so we'll be light in the content area today.

Say goodbye to the Powerbook and hiya to the MacBook Pro. I am on the fence about the new name. Also, new iMacs.

Big ups to Frank Chromewaves for the shout out in his interview over at Muzzle of Bees.

Let this be a lesson to you, kids. Don't ever throw a mouse into a burning pile of brush, lest it run under your house while on fire and burn the fucker down.

Pitchfork get proactive about the new Futureheads album.

Oh fuck. Look dude, not that it matters to you or anything, but I've only owned three replica basketball jerseys in my life and I don't want my favorite one to become an ironic throwback, ya heard. My Latrell Spreewell Golden State jersey hasn't seen the light of day in years and I have no idea what happened to my Chris Mullin Olympic Dream Team jersey (which is too bad because that shit was HOTT). Stay green Paul.

$48 view


Cold One

Last week I signed up for a photography course from the Washington School of Photography (which, strangely, is located in Bethesda) and Saturday was the first of my four classes. We covered much of the basics (which I needed badly) as well the different settings on our cameras and, since I had a full schedule ahead of me, I was sufficiently inspired to fill up my memory card when I went out that night.

I met Hayden in Gallery Place around 5:30 and we had a few Boddingtons at Fado before heading over to the MCI Center for the Wizards/Celts tilt. The 'Skins were on and because of this it was hard to find a bar that wasn't completely packed. We tried RFD first but that wasn't happening, so I thought maybe there would be some space in the new bowling alley, but it was even worse there. People were out in force to watch the game. Reluctantly, we walked back over to Fado, which is usually shoulder to shoulder, but amazingly, was only sparsely attended. Hayden and I also figured out that if you're a single guy looking to meet some lovely ladies, your best opportunity is during the NFL playoffs. There were plenty of beautiful babies in Fado but no guys at all, the girl to guy ratio must have been 5 to 1. I assume all the guys were at the sports bars watching the Redskins game. Anyways, if you're looking to score, now you know where to go.

The game was fun, even though the C's lost on a BS call by the refs. Otherwise Delonte West, who looked good all game long, would have been the hero. We still have no offense to speak of and I'm very frustrated by the lack of progress we're making during the season. Big Al always plays his worst games in DC, a trend I'm hoping he starts reversing immediately. But the game was entertaining and I was suffucuently trashed by the time the final horn sounded.

After the game I headed up to Cleveland Park to meet Ms. Smith for some post-game drinking, drowning of the sorrows stylee. We ended up at Atomic Billiards and caught the last bits of the Pats game.

You can see all of my photos from the night over at Flickr.

Also, since I was labeled as "press" when I went to the screening last week, I should say a few words about Match Point, the new Woody Allen film that Sommer hooked up for a DCist sponsored screening. I enjoyed it alot, although I was squirming quite a bit there at the end. But in a good way. I am by no means a Woody Allen expert (I haven't even seen Manhattan Murder Mystery, which this movie keeps getting compared to) so I didn't really have any expectations going in. I did, at times, have a hard time focusing on the actual movie because I was getting mesemerized by all the luscious lips floating around on screen. Between Jonathan Rhys-Myers and Scarlett Jo, there was alot to look at. But I digress...go see Match Point, if only for Matthew Goode, who I felt stole the show. Too bad his part wasn't bigger. Is it me or does he look like Fran Healy?

Oh wait, I did have one big complaint. Is it too much to ask for thespians in Hollywood to look and act like they've actually picked up a tennis racket before filming a movie invlolving the sport? JR-M looked like he's had a racket in his hands exactly twice in his lifetime and we're supposed to believe he's a tennis pro? We wasn't even gripping the racket properly. Wimbledon was the same way.

Welcome to two years ago.


Mo Pete does what everyone else in the NBA wants to do.


Here is the second half of my favorite tunes from 2005 along with some goodies to download.

Giant Drag: Slayer (MP3)

Brendan Benson: What I'm Looking For (MP3)

Harvey Danger: Wine, Women and Song (MP3)

PS - How 'bout them Panthers!


Thanks to Dan for pointing me over to FD's Flickr Toys.

I stayed up for three+ quarters of the big game last night, but missed the electrifying conclusion. Luckily The Sports Guy has a great recap to get me (and anyone else that missed it) up to speed. Coming in, I thought USC would be the victor, but when they missed that 4th down conversion early and then Reggie Bush decided to try that incredibly stupid lateral, I knew there would be trouble. Oh well, it was a fun game to watch, even if I was flipping to the Celtics game during commercials so I could yell at Mark Blount. Speaking of, I scored tickets to the game on Saturday when the C's visit the MCI Center. (Thanks Michele!)

Peter Gammons Boston Globe chat transcript.

Barry Gibb bought Johnny Cash's house in Tennessee.

The Futureheads ready their new album. It was/will be produced by Ben Hiller.

The Rolling Stones are too old to attend their own concert. Slightly related, I heard a very crazy rumour about a possible touring partner for the Stones when they come back to the States next year.

John Stewart to host the Oscars. A wise choice methinks. He killed at the Grammy's way back when.

HP and Motorola diss Apple.

Surround sound added to MP3 format.


| |

Effing sweet. Oasis will have a new summer EP, and best of all, the lead track will be penned by Liam!

Meg White, the new face of Marc Jacobs.

Moz plans UK tour to coincide with his new album.

New old Radiohead demos surface online.

Rejoice! Stereloab will be playing the 930 Club on March 21st! I'm having a bit of a 'Lab renaissance of late so I will definitely be there.

Also, I am officially addcited to WOXY.

Light Up My Life

More than once last year my boss has told me to take a vacation. We get two weeks paid leave each year from our company and coming into the last week of 2005, I had only taken six of those days. I finally gave in and took some time off last week, heading to the Poconos for some snowboarding and some serious chill time.

I hadn't really been snowboarding since my knee surgery two years ago. I went once in '03 and once in '04 but both of those were really trial runs and the conditions weren't great so I couldn't really push myself on the mountain. There were three different slopes near the place where I stayed in Pennsylvania and since I had already been to Camelback (and wasn't really impressed with it), I chose to go to Shawnee Mountain this time around. I had low expectations going in but I was pleasantly surprised with the way the day turned out. It snowed off and on throughout the morning, and although the mountain was entirely open, there wasn't really a big crowd there so it was easy to pick and choose which trails to go down. I got a full day of boarding in and although my knee was a little sore, it held up just fine. Good enough that I will be planning at least two more trips later in the year, one in Vermont and another out West. I am so glad snowboarding season is here.


The rest of my time since Xmas has been spent watching DVD's. I got the motherload for Xmas and am really getting my money's worth. I had forgotten how much I loved Sports Night when it was on the air way back when. Easily one of the best written TV shows ever. I never really started watching the West Wing but seeing Sports Night again has made me rethink my position on that show. I know most of seasons 1 & 2 of Coupling by heart but for some reason never really caught the third season, so most of those episodes are new to me. The first season of Lost is really putting the second one to shame. Something big seemingly happens every episode, something you definitely can't say for season two. It just seems to be spinning it's tires. And I've never seen the first season of 24. I cannot effing wait for the new season to start in two weeks!

I start my new job today! New floor in the building, new cube, new everything, including a new computer so I finally have iTunes at work. God bless streaming radio.