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Jan 24 2006

Going Missing

Hide And Seek

So it looks like Tuesday's are going to be muy busy for me at my new job. So expect short posts and lots of pictures. Of Mr. Pink.

Hey Now Now

I meant to upload some music files for everyone but got sidetracked by the Hour of Bauer (why is there ALWAYS A SPY IN CTU*? So lame!). SO instead, here are some MP3's from other blogs:

Coolfer has the haps on KEXP performances from leafblower faves the SilverSun PIckups and Echo & The Bunnymen.

Chromewaves tipped me off to this treasure trove of Feist goodness.

I finally uploaded my pics from the DCist Happy Hour. They are over at Flickr. Here's my fave:


*In spoiler vision for those that didn't see 24 yet. Just highlight to read.

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