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Downloaded a ton of music last night, some new, some old.

tricky1.jpgOver at iTunes, I was searching around for some trip hop and came across Tricky's Maxinquaye, which cost a paltry $5.99 for the ENTIRE ALBUM. I hadn't heard that album in ages (someone at the radio station in college stole my copy) and had forgotten what a classic it is. Damn, what happened to Tricky after this? The follow up wasn't bad, but wasn't great either and he's just faded from the spotlight since then. Last I saw him was on the WB or UPN on some live action teen dramady on a random Saturday morning. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

I would be buying alot more music from iTunes if all albums were just $6 (even thought it's hard to argue with $9.99) but I do have to admit that my main online music purchase loyalties currently belong to eMusic. And since today is the last day of the month, I had 40 downloads burning a hole in my digital wallet. Here's what I got:

Belle & Sebastian: The Life Pursuit - I am by no means a B&S fan(I think all the "They're the new Smiths" talk when the debuted really turned me off) but I kept reading that this record was sort of a departure for them, so I picked it up. I like it alot so far. It's more varied (and goofier)than any of the older material I've heard from them. Only about six tracks in, but so far so good.

Help: A Day In The Life - I'm almost ashamed to say I jumped up and down with joy when I found this was available on eMusic. This is the WarChild charity album released in the UK last year and it has some amazing stuff on it. Check out that tracklisting! New stuff from Radiohead (a Thom at the piano type b-side), Elbow, Mylo (like "Softrock", only better), Maximo Park (more great stuff from them, do they write bad songs?), The Go! Team (live in the studio sounding track with no vocals), Bloc Party (great tune with fast, plucky guitar sounds), Gorillaz (a slow Damon-solo type track), and those effing stoodents Coldplay. So far the best tracks are from the Manic Street Preachers (who are so fucking awesome when they just shut the fuck up and RAWK), The Zutons (on fire on this track, I have to go get their record now) and Kaiser Chiefs (everyday I hate them less and less). I've been wanting this album for a few months. I wonder why eMusic isn't promoting the shit out of this? It's a charity record with new material from Coldplay & Radiohead. It's an easy sell. *shrug* Sign up for your free eMusic trial just for this album. It's teh hottness.

I had 5 downloads left and eMusic was actually advertising their new Ninja Tune catalog, so I clicked on the ad and found a five song live EP from Kid Koala, Live From the Short Attention Span Audio Theater Tour, which I haven't had a chance to listen to yet.

Yay internets!

Speaking of Yay internets watch this and then read this. [video from Coolfer and almost as good as the Toy Story Requiem video mashup from Grambo]

New Ted Leo demos.

I want to go!

I promise you, if the reason for CYHSY's poor performance at the Black Cat was because, say...the Shout Out Louds bum-rushed the stage and started kicking at their shins and unplugging the instruments, I would have made note of it.

The War on Contraception.

Homeless man blogs about his experience

You'll never guess who I am going to see in concert tonight.

My weekend in a nutshell: DJ, go to the office to do some work, shop for a shirt to wear Saturday night, DJ, go back to the office to do some work, go home to do laundry, do more work at home while watching the C's beat the hated Lakers. Fun, fun, fun 'til someone takes my turntables away.

The Agenda (now with new website linkage) was alot of fun on Friday. There were two separate girls there having birthday parties, so we had a good early crowd and they were requesting decent stuff, so it was all good.



Saturday was even more fun. Sommer and her former housemates threw a big party at the Ellington that I'm glad I didn't stick around to clean up. The sound system in the "party room" kept overheating every so often, but that was the only downer to be had. The last time it happened, near the end of the party, just as it was getting out of hand, we were playing "Gold Digger" and the sound system in the room just shut down, leading to a slew of "Kanye is too hott for this party!" jokes for the rest of the night. I took a ton of pictures, some posted here, but all are over at Flickr.



Parties for no reason are BEST. They're even better when everyone dresses up. Thanks Sommer!

Big ups to fellow Saturday night party attenders and all around cool kids Catherine and Tom (please resist all urges to call the TomCat) for getting their propers in el WaPo on Sunday. Respect.

Coolfer has bingo.

I had to check my internet connection and make sure everything was working properly after reading all this positive national press about the Celtics. Like Woah. PP ended the month (where he is currently leading the NBA in ppg for Feb.) with a 39 point game in his hometown to beat the Lakers. Suck it Kobe! Worth mentioning that PP has held his own v. Kobe and LeBron the last week or so. Tell me why we want to trade him again...

Ack! Opening Day is just over a month away!


Last night was a blast. We had a great turnout and two great performances from two great bands. Olivia Mancini and the Housemates (pictured) started the evening off on the right foot and then the Hard Tomorrows brought it home from there. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Looking for more of the same? There is always The Agenda tonight. Plan on hearing the new Morrissey single again.

More Unbuckled 2.0 pictures over at Flickr.

Sorry for the lateness of the post today, I took the day off and am helping a friend with a non-Mr. Pink related cat emergency. But I'm happy to report that the cat in question is OK, as is the Mister.

More this weekend.


The next Bluestate is March 11th.

Unbuckled tonight. The Agenda tomorrow. Come get your leaf on.

Here are some Mylo MP3's for you via RCA:
Muscle Cars
Drop The Pressure

Best Buy had a ton of Mylo CD's in stock last night. Which is more than I can say for their William Orbit stock.

That's all I got for today. I'm like, busy and stuff. Come have a beer tonight and we'll hang out then. I'm gonna play the new Morrissey single like 14 times.

KG Skies

Caught the Wiz / Twolves game last night. Gilbert Arenas is bananas and Marcus Banks is his bitch. Went home and watched the C's win their fifth road game of the year in Utah. Wally got hurt in the first, but PP and Delonte picked it up. PP is leading the league in scoring in the month of February.

Listening to the new William Orbit album Hello Waveforms over at AOL(which has a ton of good albums available to stream) and it is teh hotness. Much more accessible than Pieces In A Modern Style. If you liked any of his Strange Cargo records, you'll love this. In the interest of full disclosure (and name dropping), I used to help manage William. And by "help manage", I mean did tons of paperwork, arranged for his gear to be shipped all over the world, talked to Dido and Gwen Stefani on the phone, delivered things to him at the studio and took one for the team every once in a while and kept Beth Orton company. Yes, it was a very demanding job. And I never got my gold record for Pieces In A Modern Style dammit.

Best! I have some decent bootlegs of this song but a studio version would be nice.

Woah. Nice move.

Get drunk with Morrissey. Also, new fan Q & A over at True To You dot net.

How do you go about choosing songs for your forthcoming tour?
Simon, Durham.
I usually pick the songs that I'm sure people would least like to hear. And I'm never wrong. If I don't give people something to complain about then I've failed.

I think we all want a cleaner, quieter leafblower. I know I do.

In case I haven't mentioned this before, I am DJing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. Tomorrow night is Unbuckled 2.0, Friday night is The Agenda and I'm doing a private party on Saturday. I can't wait until Sunday. Here's the Unbuckled flyer in case I haven't posted this yet.


Come get your leaf on!

Even though I got to enjoy a four day weekend, I only spent three of them in Philadelphia (I had to DJ on Friday, obvs.). Still, it was alot of fun. I had been to Philly a few times but mostly in the Amtrak station area and then off to whatever gig I was going to that night (the Super Furries say hello). This time I stayed at the Courtyard Marriott Downtown, right across from City Hall, an amazing building. I was tired and cranky by the time we got to Philly, so after dinner and a few drinks, it was bed time. I wanted to go walking around but it was hella cold.

City Hall @ Night 2

Sunday was much more productive. It started out by seeing the Liberty Bell, then moving on to Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the adjoining Carpenters Hall where the first Continental Congress was held. After that it was on to the National Constitution Center to see their huge Ben Franklin exhibit. It was time for a break from all things educational after that so we wandered around 2nd street, did some record shopping and grabbed lunch. After my belly was full, it was on to Body Worlds to see that display at the Ben Franklin Institute, which was really incredible. It's basically a bunch of cadavers on display, stripped of their skin, each showing a different part of the body(muscles, circulatory system, nerve endings, etc.) as well as each of your internal organs and things like that. It was alot to take in. All edumacational and very interesting. I highly recommend taking it in if you have the chance.

Signage on 2nd Street

After that it was time for dinner, but it was the beginning of Restaurant Week so finding a nice to place for a meal was impossible. That led to some wandering around in Center City (unbeknownst to me, the Reading Market was right behind the hotel - but it was closed), so dinner ended up being at the Independence Brew Pub, which turned out great. The beer wasn't so swift but the food made up for it.

Philly Skyline

Monday was breakfast, a quick tour through the Love Park and some shopping before heading home. All in all a brief but entertaining holiday. It's the first time I've ever spent any real time in Philly and I'd definitely go back.


The Sports Guy on NBA All Star weekend and the Darko trade and J.J. Redick (scroll down). The dance moves the teams did during the pre-game were great! Shaq is the best. Obviously the East outdanced the West, but then again the West had a short Canadian and a very tall Asian.

The Strokes announce a DC date.

I will convert you all!

Don't get our hopes up or anything.

Live Gorillaz MP3's.

Stringing Me Along

Ha! I have today off bitches! I have lots to do today before The Agenda tonight and my upcoming weekend in Philly. So here are two downloads to get you through the long weekend.

Super Furry Animals | Lazer Beam (Live + Acoustic) (MP3) - Listening to this sing will give you 65% more intelligence. Plus, it's fucking awesome. This is from Minnesota Public Radio or something like that.

Sing Sing | Come Sing Me A Song (MP3) - Strummy new goodness from Emma Anderson (ex of Lush).


Ladies and germs, I have a confession to make. I have a new favorite band. They are called Nethers and they are from Washington DC. Notice I didn't say I have a new favorite DC band, although, with respect to these guys, I do think Nethers are the best band in the city right now. Their show last night at the Black Cat, while not as amazing as the recent gig they did at the 930 Club, was still so much awesome. I'm gushing too much right now to write a coherent review, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. Nikki, the lead singer, is such an amazing frontwoman. She's the kind of girl you can dig on during the show for being so damn cute and still respect in the morning because she's such a great musician and an even better singer. Her The rest of the band are no slouches either. The tall guitar player broke into an impromtu Tom Petty cover at one point, which was fabulous because everyone loves TP. The band also had an organist play with them this time, which filled out their impressive sound even more.

I cannot recommend this band enough to you. Last night was the first show of their seven week national tour, so everyone will have a chance to see them. Get off your couches and go listen to the jamfolkrock people! They play the Knitting Factory in NYC tonight, so don't sleep if you're in the 212 or 718. Other notable dates for friends of information leafblower:

Feb 18 / Raleigh, NC / Bickett Gallery
Mar 10 / Seattle, WA / Sunset Tavern
Mar 13 / Salt Lake City, UT / Kilby Court
Mar 16 / Austin, TX (SxSW) / Buffalo Billards
Mar 18 / Austin, TX (SxSW) / Arthur Magazine
Mar 23 / Chicago, IL / Hideout
Mar 24 / Chicago, IL / Schubas
Mar 25 / Detroit, MI / Trumbellplex
Mar 29 / Brooklyn, NY / Southpaw
Mar 31 / Baltimore, MD / Talking Head

I listed the SLC date because even though I don't know anyone who lives there, I will be in SLC on my snowboarding holiday when the band rolls through town. So best! Yes, I am a big dork and go to concerts even when I am on holiday. It's not like there will be anything going on at night while we're there anyway.

Photos of Nethers last night over at Flickr.

The good vibes continue! Remember when I said Voxtrot was on my shitlist? Well, I emailed the band yesterday asking them why they hate Washington DC (Notice a pattern here?) and what was up with the cancelled DC9 show and they emailed me back straight away saying DC9 doublebooked that date and choose to go with the other band (as commenter Young Poisoner noted in the link above). That weekend is part of the Six Points music fest, so it's understandable why the venue would go with the local band in this case. Anyways, Voxtrot is really bummed about not being able to play here. They are looking for a houseparty or some type of venue to play so they can bring the rock to the nations capital on April 8th. If you know of a place, get at me and I'll send it to the band. Until then, the band are OK with me.

Hey now, Pitchfork get it right for once.

Moz for Benicassim.

Love this Ian Brown pic.

Good thing Nethers put on a great show last night, because I missed PP going for FIFTY in a losing effort against the Cavs. Suck it LeBron. Sadly, this is PP's new career high. I say sadly, because his old career high was 48(46 in the second half + OT), which I saw him drop in New Jersey a few years ago. *shrug*

That's what I'm talking about.

Ruh roh.


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Nethers @ Black Cat tonight. I'll be there with camera locked and loaded but I doubt I'll get any good pics in the Backstage.

Nethers play the Knitting Factory in NYC tomorrow with The Like, so if you're in the Big Apple, be sure to check them out.

A whole bunch of new Yeah Yeah Yeah MP3's.

It appears the Pistons are about to cut bait on Darko and ship him to the Magic with Carlos Arroyo for Kelvin Cato and a first round draft pick (lotto protection TBD). At what point does Teflon Joe Dumars start ctaching heat for his lousy draft record? Mateen Cleaves and Rodney White say hi. Check out these quotes about Darko [via Deadspin] some of which are pure gold, but sadly doesn't include Rasheed's "Darko is straight up gangsta" quote. But still fun to read. Related: Why does Chad Ford still have a job?

Also, I like the Vlad Rad for Chris Wilcox deal. For the Clippers. They need outside shooting in the worst way.

I'm with you.

Happy Birthday!

Love it, this too. Respect. Also: Related.

One extra day for Lollapalooza.

Robot funerals and spitting pennies. Best.

Uh-oh! Look out Mr. Pink. Related: Mr. Pink went to the vet on Monday and he has gained five pounds in 7 months! Yikes! Guess who is now on a diet? I also bought a lazer pointer for hours of kitty fun disguised as exercise.


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Braved the weather and saw Supergrass at the 930 Club last night. I'll have a brief review up at DCist shortly. In the meantime you can see all of my Supergrass photos over at Flickr.

**UPDATE** - Here is my DCist review.

Other than that, had a nice weekend in the snow.

The Agenda flyer_final.jpg

So here is the deal. Natalya and I have a new DJ night (because, you know, we aren't DJing enough) each and every Friday night at the Cue Bar on U Street. We kind of did a soft launch last week (a beta test if you will) and now it's gonna be a full time gig. Music, beer, food, pool, darts, ping pong, we got it all. So come on down and get your Agenda on. Admission is free.

Aha, that's more like it! All praise the Grizz!

Tablet Mac or new iPod?

This was the only reason to watch the Grammy's. I wish I would have seen it even if it sounds a bit anticlimactic.

Oh wait, it doesn't look like many people watched.

No shit sherlock.


Also, this just in from the fine folk at Earfarm...They have informed us that Mancino will be playing a free show at Chief Ike's Mambo Room on Saturday. "But leafblower, why is this notable?" you may ask, and I'm glad you did. Apparently singer/guitarist Mike is "a big time Celts fan." Say no more!

Away Game

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Went and saw Feist last night. I have a review up at DCist.

Say what? The grammy's were on last night? I missed them. Wait, let me guess, u2 won alot and Bono wouldn't shut up. Am I right?

It's the Wu comin' through...

Radiohead to play London.

Current obsession Matt Pond PA at the 930 club in March. That's the night I get back from my snowboarding holiday. I'll have to play that one by ear. Only $10 though...

PP is an All Star but Kendrick Perkins separated his shoulder in practice. What a craptastic season this has been.

Go here to download the Morrissey single "You Have Killed Me". Sounds like a rip directly from MySpace, but at least you don't have to stream it. Worth noting that this is the first of the three new songs that I really like. Although it's too short.

Also loving that Diplo remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Download you some Daft Punk.

Pitchfork: That was your last show until this spring. It seems like you spent the entire year on the road.
Berninger: We toured about 10 months and finished right before the holidays. We're just kinda trying to stay home and relax and start work on the new record.
So The National toured for 10 months and played DC a grand total of ZERO TIMES. I bet they played like 37 shows in NYC and Philly in that time. But are you ready for the ultimate irony? I'm not going to be in town when they play DC. I'll be snowbaording in Utah. Can you believe that shit? I don't even like that band that much but this thing has taken on a life of it's own. I already bought a ticket so if you need one, holler at me. Voxtrot are next on my list. They cancelled their show here and still haven't made it up, despite booking other shows on the East Coast.

Dubya does not heart PBS.


New iPod Nanos.

Now this is good stuff. More please. And yes, that sums up the Celtics season nicely.

I waited all weekend for a recap and this is all I get? Oh well, I guess everybody's a VIP to someone.

I'm sorry, if we're going to continue with this post, we're going to have to go off the record.


White Rose Movement | Love Is A Number (MP3) - Takes the Bravery's sound blueprint and makes it hipster worthy.

The Futureheads | Area (MP3) - Can anyone tell me with a straight face that the Arctic Monkeys are better than the Futureheads?

Nethers | Mir Ill - Still blown away by their show a few weeks ago. I've been listening to their CD non-stop since then. Go and see this band when they come to your town!

Matt Pond PA | Grave's Disease (MP3) - As usual, I'm a bit late on the bandwagon, but this track is so good that I had to stop what I was doing the first time I ever heard it. The song just commanded my attention. That was in December, it's been in heavy rotation ever since. It helps that it's a winter song.

The Caesars | We Got To Leave (MP3) - Yet another CD I was late on but is currently in heavy rotation. Not content to be a one hit wonder, these guys put out a very solid album that's definitely worth your money.

More MP3's here.

Ted Leo to Touch & Go. [via Chromewaves]

Listen to the new Morrissey single "You Have Killed Me." Another crappy record sleeve. WTF?

Go here for another new Moz track, "Dear God, Please Help Me." You're welcome.

Laptop Nation.

Postage is due for companies sending e-mail

How to create your own ringtone.

Oh no he didn't!

Good to know.

Tickets on sale tomorrow.

Yes please.

How boring was the game last night? Grey's Anatomy was much more exciting. I would be complaining about the officiating but that bogus offensive pass interference call in the first quarter netted me a nice sum of money thanks to my magical square. Thanks crappy refs! More over at Slate.

Guess who I saw this morning?


More pictures at Flickr.

mozcream.jpg The track "I Will See You In Far Off Places" is available for download here or here. Go get it. It's one of the most un-Moz-like tracks I've ever heard him do. Almost heavy metal. Big and bombastic. But is it any good? I'm not sure. His voice is in fine form though.


Saw The Hold Steady last night. They were good, bordering on great. Incredible energy. Craig Finn is an amazing front man, the indie rock Springsteen if you will.

**UPDATE** - You owe it to yourself to go and read DCeiver's review of the show over at DCist. When you are done, ask yourself why all concert reviews aren't this good.


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Superbusy again at work, so I give you the February/March tour dates for Nethers, my new favorite band. Make sure you go see them when they come to your town!

Feb 15 Washington, DC Black Cat
Feb 16 New York, NY Knitting Factory
Feb 17 Charlottesville, VA Twisted Branch
Feb 18 Raleigh, NC Bickett Gallery
Feb 19 Winston Salem, NC House show
Feb 20 Rock City, SC House show
Feb 21 Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn
Feb 22 Pensacola, FL Sluggo's
Feb 23 Baton Rouge, LA Red Star Bar
Feb 24 Austin, TX Red's Loft
Feb 25 San Antonio, TX Wiggle Room
Feb 27 Phoenix, AZ Trunk Space
Feb 28 Ventura, CA Billy O's
Mar 1 Los Angeles, CA Mountain Bar
Mar 2 Los Angeles, CA Spaceland
Mar 3 Santa Cruz, CA Cafe Pergolesi
Mar 4 Oakland, CA Lobot Gallery
Mar 5 San Francisco, CA Hemlock Tavern
Mar 6 Berkeley, CA Fort Oregon
Mar 7 McKinleyville, CA Six Rivers
Mar 8 Eugene, OR Sam Bonds
Mar 9 Portland, OR Towne Lounge
Mar 10 Seattle, WA Sunset Tavern
Mar 11 Boise, ID Neurolux
Mar 13 Salt Lake City, UT Kilby Court
Mar 14 Denver, CO Rhinoceropolis
Mar 18 Austin, TX TBD (SxSW)
Mar 20 St. Louis, MO The Way Out Club
Mar 21 Madison, WI Indie Coffee
Mar 23 Chicago, IL Hideout
Mar 25 Detroit, MI Trumbellplex
Mar 26 Grand Rapids, MI DAAC
Mar 28 Pittsburgh, PA Garfield Artworks
Mar 29 Brooklyn, NY Southpaw
Mar 30 Philadelphia, PA Khyber
Mar 31 Baltimore, MD Talking Head
Apr 1 Washington, DC DC9

I command you to go see them! Looking at the dates here, it looks like they'll be playing on the West Coast when I'm out there on holiday in March. Good timing!