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Here's a quick review I wrote about last night's Editors show. They were pretty damn good in concert. I wasn't sure what to expect as the album is a bit flat in places and can get a bit samey if you aren't paying attention, but what struck me last night was that the big singles of "Blood" and "Munich" weren't anywhere close to their best songs. "Bullets" and especially "Open Your Arms" really stood out for me last night. Go see these guys if/when they come through your city.

More photos over at DCist and also at Flickr. Obvs.

The Massive Attack greatest hits set Collected will get a US release on April 4th via Virgin. I'm very gald to hear that because I almost fainted when Amazon wanted close to $40 for the import.
Stream the "Live With Me" video:
Windoze Media
Glorious Quicktime
They are playing Coachella and two other US dates, but that's it so far as far as a tour. I've never seen 'em. Too bad Seattle is on a Wednesday.

MacBook Pro is Fastest Windows XP Notebook.


Annie + Richard X = Drool.

ProductShopNYC interviews a very subdued Beastie Boys.

Don't send Mark Cuban your effing meme's.

Editors @ 930 tonight. And I have a photo pass! Check here for the hottness tomorrow.

Trying, really trying to like First Impressions of Earth. Other than a few songs, it's not really working. On the other hand, the "new" Maximo Park record is incredible. Can't stop, won't stop listening to it.

I wish I had the time to do a proper review of last night's Billy Bragg show. It was brilliant. Brilliant and weird. Brilliant because it's the fucking Bard of Barking belting it out about 10 feet from where I was sitting, playing a wealth of old stuff, some new stuff and talking about Morrissey, the Magna Carta and everything (and I mean everything) in between. Weird because the Birchmere is a strange venue. It's disturbing when you're watching a show, sitting down, with the odor of BBQ chicken and pulled pork wafting through the air. Even moreso when you are likely the youngest person in the room.

Bragg was in top form (apparently his voice has been pretty ragged on this tour, but not last night) and any night that you can hear "The Milkman of Human Kindness" and "A New England" is a good one. And again, even moreso when he plays the entirity of Life's A Riot With Spy vs. Spy as the encore. Best.

Billy holds a special place in my heart (as if you can't tell). Old friend Ed Bellafiore got me into him when we did our college radio show together in the mid to late 90's and when I was interning at Epic Records, I made the shrewdest trade of my music career when I sent Mike DePippa the entire Ozzy Osbourne catalog in exchange for the entire Billy Bragg catalog. Hearing Bragg's first three albums (now packaged together as a box set) really reminds me of my first few years in New York, listening to those songs on mix cassettes I made for my walkman and later, my mini disc player as I walked all over the city. Billy Bragg, so necessary.

One of the highlights of last night's gig was a rendition of "Tank Park Salute", which was a request from a fan that came to the gig from Juno Juneau, Alaska. Like Woah. Here is the album version:

Billy Bragg | Tank Park Salute (MP3)

Also, here's a live version of Billy doing "Milkman":
Billy Bragg | The Milkman of Human Kindness (live) (MP3)

Here's a free Billy Bragg download from Billy's official site.

CNN interviews Billy [via a vacationing, but ever vigilant Chromewaves]

Bradley's Almanac has Billy's Boston show available for downloading.

No photos due to the venue's stupid no camera policy (which really is too bad because I had a great line for pictures).Oh, I almost forgot...what are you doing on April 8th?


Watch any good basketball games this weekend. If you only watched the UCLA games, your answer would be no. How glad am I that UCONNvict lost? Now I know what everyone else feels like when Duke loses.

Swamped at work today so this will be a short one.

Stream (Quictime) the new Flaming Lips video for "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song", directed by Traktor.

Photos of Morrissey at SXSW.

Dear labels, publicists and press people, read this, please. Pretty please.



Even better! Congrats dude.

Full week this week. Yikes. Billy Bragg tonight, dinner with friends tomorrow, Editors Wednesday, another dinner on Thursday, The Agenda on Friday, Nethers/Final Four on Saturday. At the risk of repeating myself...Yikes!

Mr. Pink Watching the Duke Game

That's Mr. Pink doing his leafblower impression during the final two minutes of last night's Duke game. What a weird game. Both teams shot like 30% in the second half. I know a majority of the country enjoyed seeing JJ go down in flames - truth be told, I was/am getting sick of all the hype myself(Coach K too), but I still feel bad for him. He had a bad game, yes, but it wasn't all his fault. Dockery and Nelson were completely useless, Paulus and McRoberts were exposed big time and for some reason Lee Melchioni only got eight minutes of PT. Duke just wasn't athletic enough to stay with LSU. I put this squarely on Coach K's shoulders. His inability to develop any bench players over the course of a 40 game season in inexplicable. That said, I'm glad it's over. I'm looking forward to next year's team, sans Redick, Williams and likely McRoberts too. Duke teams that have something to prove are always more fun to watch. I never really clicked with this year's team. There was no one on the roster that made me want to watch the games. I still can't decide if I like Paulus or hate his guts. He reminds me of Wojo, a player I loathed for his entire run in Durham. Usually when(if) Duke loses in March, I am a raging mess, but that never happened last night. But I digress...

After Duke lost, I jetted to the Black Cat to catch Joggers and DC's own Georgie James. Joggers, whose CD I hated, were better than I thought they would be. But they still sucked. They just sound like a big incomprehensible mess to me. They had some nice harmonies and there were lots of people in corduroy blazers and black rimmed glasses enjoying their show, but I was not one of them. Georgie James had some nice tunes but they need some work. Live, their sound is a little sparse. It was only their second gig - and it showed - but the foundation is there. Hooks for days, etc. They drew a sizable crowd to the backstage and, overall, put on a pretty good show. I'd definitely go see them again, once they get a few more gigs under their belt. A few pics here and below.

Georgie James 1 Georgie James 4

I left about halfway through in order to go home and catch the late games and I'm glad I did. I got home in time for the last three minutes of WV v. Texas. What an ending! Although, I must say, that was the most unemotional buzzer beater I have ever seen in the tournament. It's like the guy for Texas hit the big shot and the network was pissed because they were going to have to hang around for a few more seconds until they could cut to Gonzaga v. UCLA. And what a choke job that was. One thing I forgot to mention in my chat with Bob Ryan was that he repeatedly called Adam Morrison a "drama queen", which was on full display last night when he started crying with 2.6 seconds left and his team down by 1! WTF? Can you imagine Larry Bird ever doing that? As if. Dude, you can't act all hard and talk shit in the first half and then cry like a little bitch in the second before the game is over! What a douche. That was a choke job of epic proportions. Also, just for the record, apparently JJ shed a few tears as well last night, but I didn't see it as I turned the game off in order to get on the road. So I'm assuming JJ wasn't on the court crying.

What are you doing tonight? Come to Cue Bar at 9 p.m. and hear the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's album! The Agenda will take over after that and keep it going until the early morning. Hope to see you there.


| |

All I want for my birthday (in June) is a Radiohead tour. Oh, thanks!

Stream the new Moz album on MySpace. I've listened to it a few times and I really like it. Much more varied and fleshed out than the last record. I stayed away from a lot for the hype for this record, which tempered my expectations a bit. His voice is in fine form. I think the band could be up a little in the mix, but overall, me likey.

Did you see Gerald Green's dunk at the end of the Celtics game last night? Like Woah. Do yourself a favor and take a look.

Duke v. LSU @ 7 (Nervous about their frontline)
Georgie James and Joggers @ 9:30 at the Black Cat


Listen up kiddies, I have a present for one lucky reader.

As you may know Editors, whose debut album Back Room was released yesterday, just started their US tour opening for Stellastarrr***. Well, next Wednesday, they are coming through Washington DC and I will be there. And so will you if you answer this trivia question:

One of the singles by Editors shares the same name as a film nominated for an Oscar for Picture of the Year. What is the name of the single/movie?

The winner will get two tickets to see Editors next Wednesday at the 930 Club here in Washington DC. Just email me your answer and I will pick a winner at random and notify you next Tuesday(the 28th). You have until Monday the 27th at midnight to enter.

**Update** - Email link fixed. Thanks David.

So, um, I bought a new camera before my trip to Utah. A film camera. A Lomo in fact. Here are some shots from the first roll of film I took in my Supersampler.

Leaf v. The Mountain

Chair Lift

Leaf v. Ms. Smith

I am very happy at the results, that middle pic is teh hottness, especially since I had the wrong type of film loaded(400 speed). I took another roll of 100 speed film which will should look better, but I have a few final snaps to take on that roll. Hopefully I'll get those developed and uploaded sometime later in the week. Yes, this means your not done with my vacation photos yet.

Wow. I am totally fucking blushing over here. Your friendly neighborhood leafblower, endorsed by WOXY! Rock.

I guess I better make with the music then. Here is my new favorite song:
Goldfrapp | Oh La La (MP3) - This song is perfection. Although, it should be said, I hope the "Spirit In The Sky" people are getting some royalties for this rift liftage. As Damore might say, this song (and album) are ten shades of best.

My spies tell me that The National made sure to tell the crowd that they definitely, without a doubt, do not hate Washington DC when they came through town last week. I love it! Too bad they played a subpar show here, at least that's what I'm hearing. Maybe I'll catch them next time they come through town in 2009.

Moz turns down $5 million. Good for him, as much as I would love to see them.

The Chief v. The Mighty Mozzer. Speaking of Oasis, what the hell is up with this tour? I mean, why bother?

This, my friends, is a proper festival bill. Although this isn't so bad. But no Mylo = no leafblower.

Radiohead UK tour dates.

Oh oh oh, me want! [via Chromewaves]

Interpol to Interscope? Nice redesign Coolfer!

Two more years of The Simpsons.

Related(not really): Ha ha!

Wait a minute, I thought Sheldon Williams was "The Landlord!" [via Deadspin]

Back from holiday. *Sigh* But it was good to see Mr. Pink again. I missed him.

I'm so glad SXSW is over, if only because my inbox won't be filled with PR firms, promotion companies and other bloggers emails like "OMG!! ____ IS PLAYING A SPECIAL 25 MINUTE SET AT SXSW!!!!"

The only important thing that happened in Austin was this (review here). Dan, did you go? How was it? Ack! You did! And you saw the Bunnymen too? ON THE SAME NIGHT? I think I just had an aneurism. For fuck's sake.

Moz v. Douglas Coupland. Not exactly Leaf v. Bob Ryan, but hey...

I did get some non-SXSW emails last week:

Watch the new Eagles of Death Metal video featuring Jack Black and Dave Grohl (Quicktime)

Watch the new video from The Streets (Quicktime)

Watch the video for the new Flaming Lips song (Quicktime)

Watch the new video from We Are Scientists (Windoze Media)

Listen to the new Pearl Jam single.

Also, very important and for the record, I picked up Supernature, the new Goldfrapp record, and it is insanely good. Bordering on Mylo good. It'll definitely be in the running for my album of the year. The first three tracks are straight buttah.

More holiday photos after the jump.

Going on holiday is so much bueno for so many reasons, but the best are the ones you never expect. I had the most amazing week here in Salt Lake City - the snow, the trails, the mountains, the views - but today everything was winding down with the realization that it was time to head back to DC tomorrow. I had a good day on the trails of Snowbird and drove to SLC mid-afternoon to check in to the Marriott, content to spend St. Patty's Day in the hotel bar with some dinner, March Madness and some non-Utah, full strength beer. But a funny thing happened on my way to ordering the second round. I noticed none-other than The Boston Globe's Bob Ryan on the other side of the bar.

Yep..No Buzz for 'Toine

"Holy Shit! Is that Bob Ryan?" I asked the guy next to me. He turned out to be English and totally clueless, but the bartender confirmed what I already knew. The master was holding court in Pitchers at the Marriott in SLC. Ryan was in town to cover the NCAA regional, or so I found out when I worked up the courage to go talk to him. It wasn't easy. It's never easy to talk to people you admire (I wanted to smack Joumana Kidd too) but when you're presented with the chance to do so, you have to take advantage. So I did. I spent the majority of my time grilling him on the Globe's coverage of my beloved C's (he thinks they get plenty of coverage, which they may, but it's not in depth enough for my tastes), Danny Ainge (he likes him, he really does), the upcoming draft(the C's like Adam Morrison but have no chance at getting him), Ryan Gomes (love all around), Paul Pierce (his best season ever), the Wally trade (thumbs up), and the C's roster (he loveloveloves West and Gomes). I just soaked it all up and tried to get a word in edgewise. And I did. Ryan agreed with me that Rudy Gay is eerily reminiscent of Reggie Lewis and that the C's are headed in the right direction. He dropped serious knowledge on BC (the team in he was in town covering), the NBA and the world of sports writing. When I was working up the courage to go over and talk to him, Ms. Smith had to remind me that I am a sports writer too. I had forgotten.

What's the Score?

Life is so random sometimes. There is a nurses convention here at the hotel and the group of nurses that I sat next to at the bar were from Montana (who BC will be facing tomorrow). They bought Ryan a beer and he came over to say hello and thanks. One of the ladies had a copy of The Missoulian which they gave to Ryan, a move only a media geek like me could appreciate. Ryan spent the rest of the night reading it. I spent the rest of the night drinking, watching basketball and geeking out over what just happened. Ryan had people coming up to him all night and he was incredibly gracious and polite to each and every person, giving everyone all the time they wanted. My respect for him grew by leaps and bounds, and that's saying something. Bob Ryan is the reason I wanted to become a sports writer. After meeting him, I have no problem writing that last sentence.

This has been one of my best vacations ever. Going home tomorrow is going to be such a letdown.

Photos by Ms. Smith

* I'm about three beers, a glass of wine and a few vodka drinks into the night at this point.

Snowbird 2

Hello cubicle dwellers. How are you? I just had a dip in the outdoor heated pool followed by some relaxing time in one of the three hot tubs located right outside our hotel room. In another 45 minutes I'll be strapping my Burton Custom on for some night skiing action and then I'll finish the night with some sushi from the 10th floor sushi bar. Oh, and we got seven inches of fresh powder this morning. Yes, I am trying to make you jealous. Is it working?

Snowbird 1

So far so good in Utah. Spent the last two days at Solitude (no good pics, sorry. I planned to take them this morning but it was snowing sideways) with some incredible weather and even better conditions on the mountain. My legs ache in ways I wasn't aware possible. But that's what hot tubs are for. Today we switched over to Snowbird and will spend the next two days here. This mountain looks much bigger and more intimidating, so I'm glad we picked this for later in the week.

Sing It

The only bummer of our trip thusfar was that we missed Nethers on Monday night. They went on early and we got hella lost in Salt Lake City's weird city grid. So of course we got to the venue right as the band was done. Fuck. Luckily, unbeknownst to us, The United State of Electronica were headlining the gig so we got to see them. I had never seen them before and they were fantastic. The venue, Kilby Court, is basically a garage at the end of an alley that maybe holds 60 people. It was one of the weirdest venues that I've ever been to. More on that later.


I finally have a decent internet connection, so I'll post more pics as the week wears on and I have some time to spare. You can always check out Flickr for the latest and greatest. I have to go research my bracket picks. Blog soon.

Clap Your Hands

NYC, get ready for me to holler at you in April! Here are the Elbow tour dates:

Sat April 8 - Los Angeles - Avalon
Sun April 9 - SF - The Independent
Tues April 11 - Seattle - Showbox
Wed April 12 - Portland - Dougs Fir
Sat April 15 - Minneapolis - Ascot Room
Sun April 16 - Chicago - Double Door
Mon April 17 - Detroit - Magic Stick
Tues April 18 - Toronto - Opera House
Thu April 20 - NYC - Webster Hall

I guess I had to break my Webster Hall cherry sooner or later.

I'm Trying to Eat! Perch

The Friday before my vacation! You know what that means! I am super swamped and totally stressed out. Argh.

Here are some promised mp3 goodness for your weekend enjoyment:
Elbow | Fugitive Motel (RJD2 Remix - Not that familiar with Mr. D2's work, so I can't comment on how this compares to his other stuff, but me likey. Very sparse and bleak.

The Wedding Present | Go Out and Get 'Em Boy! - Their first ever single and the next to last song I ever played on college radio. What was the last one you ask? "Panic" by The Smiths, obvs. I agonized over that choice for weeks but that seemed like the best choice. I think "Web In Front" and "Cast No Shadow" were the runners-up. Also, no mention of the Weddoes would be complete without a shout out to former CD Alley employee extraordinaire Dan Machold. CD Alley was the local CD shop at ECU and Dan helped run the store. So when I wasn't buying one of their vast collection of bootlegs by the R.E.M. or The Smiths, I would go up to Dan and say "Tell me what to buy." One day he pulled out a brand new copy of Tommy on vinyl for like $8, looked me in the eye and said "Trust me", a la Jack Black in High Fidelity when he's running around the store picking out Bob Dylan records for that other guy. Thus began my Weddoes fandom. If memory serves, Luna and Morphine were two more of his suggestions to a fledgling leafblower. So cheers Dan, even if you always made fun of me for liking Oasis.

Radiohead bootleg video.

And I’m sure a Texas cheerleading squad is working it into their routine as we speak.

Since I am a complete dork(and I think we have free wi-fi in at least one of our hotels), I suspect there will be some sort of update here next week so I can make everyone jealous of the insane amount of powder I am guiding my Burton Custom through, but don't count on it. So if not, I'll see you all on the 20th.

But wait, we still have The Agenda and Bluestate this weekend! Hope to see you there.


| |

Built To Spill "Conventional Wisdom" streams:
Quicktime / Windoze

Tom Vek - Things Are Here To Stay (MP3) - I think he was on the OC last night or something.

Watch the Editors video for "Munich" in Windoze Media.

Lady Sovereign MP3's:
Mizz Beats Remix

Flaming Lips audio stream, for "The Wand"
Quicktime / Real

Video for Dirty on Purpose's "Mind Blindness"

The Stills - "In The Beginning" - go and listen at Myspace

New Thom Yorke/Radiohead MP3'a.

Coolfer has the haps on the new Mogwai.

In other news, Gerry McNamera is ridonkulous. Two times in tow days. Had to leave in OT, but go 'Cuse.

PP messed around and got a triple double last night. Quoth the Boston GLobe:

It's pretty hard to imagine Pierce being better than he is right now. He is on a scoring tear unseen in the storied history of the Celtics' franchise, having now scored 30 or more points in 13 of the last 14 games. He led the league in points scored in February. He is the only player in the NBA to lead his team in points, rebounds, assists and steals.

Another night, another career high for Ryan Gomes. PP is avergaing 33 ppg in the 12 games started by Gomes, the team is 8-4 in those games. Ain't that a co-inkydink. The C's are 3.5 games out of a playoff spot.

Shot Clcok Winding Down

Pop The Jersey

Gomes Is The Man

Remember on Monday when I said I just saw my first ever buzzer beater in OT? Well now I've seen two in 4 days! Last night's game was incredible. High-fiving complete strangers incredible. So best.

Here is my glorious DCist recap. Check out Paul's stats since February 1st. He's scored 30+ points in 11 of his last 12 games. And people wanted us to trade him to Chicago for fucking Ben Gordon! Blasphemy! He's one of the Top 10 players in the NBA. I will not argue this. Oh yeah, Ryan Gomes...27 points, nine boards, five assists.

I got home late and stayed up watching the replays so I didnt get my photos together in time to post them, but I'll try and do it tonight. For the record, the lense that came with my Rebel XT is teh suckiness.

PS - Bear down on that, Gilbert!


Hope to see you there. It will be your last chance to see me before I spend a whole effing week snowboarding in Utah!

Busy today. Wrote some stuff for DCist. Back tomorrow with downloads and pics from tonight's Celtics v. Wizards game. Tune in tomorrow to see how the refs screw us out of this one.

This just in: Barry Bonds is a steroid user! Wow. I had NO IDEA!

**UPDATE** - I forgot...Dear 24: I take back all the bad things I said about you earlier this season!

Ear Goggles

Friday night was The Agenda. We had a nice crowd early and quite a few people stopped by to say hi. Saturday afternoon I took in the GW/Charlotte game. You can read all about it on DCist. As far as I know, that was the first time I had ever witnessed a buzzer beater, much less a game winner in OT for the 7th ranked team in the nation. It was alot of fun. See all my photos from the GW game over at Flickr.

Run The Offense

Crowd Goes Wild

Saturday night, thanks to Natalya, I went to see The Subways. Unfortunately they sucked (packaged rebellion for teenagers just doesn't sit well with me) so I left after roughly five songs.


After a quick dinner, I caught the end of the Duke/UNC game, which is always entertaining(except for the media build-up). Let me go on record saying Coach K is once again killing our tourney chances by riding JJ into the ground late in the season. What happened to our bench? As much as I hate them, it's hard not to like this UNC squad just a little. They're feisty and scrappy. I still hate Roy Williams though.



Sunday night I got to see one of my favorite bands in the entire world, The Wedding Present. The setlist (yes, I got the setlist, I am a big dork OK) wasn't as hit heavy as the last time they came through town, but I did get to hear "Go Out And Get 'Em Boy", which was the second to last song I ever played in my college radio career as well as "Brassneck" which is probably one of my 10 favortist songs ever. Gedge was in top form, he totally shredded "Brassneck" and gave me goosebumps. Despite seeing the Weddoes a few times in the past, last night was the first time I had ever heard that song played live. It was worth the wait, I'm still buzzing from the show. I'll post some Weddoes downloads later in the week when I have time, along with that RJD2 Elbow remix that someone asked for. Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves opened and they were great. They sound like Sarah Shannon fronting Spoon. Good stuff. You can see all my pictures from last night over on Flickr.

In other news, if I get one more effing SXSW press release, I'm going to become very violent.

As you can see, my new camera is working out well. The lighting at the Black Cat is still giving me some problems, but I'm confident I can get it sorted.

I have a busy week this week before I head to Utah on Sunday for my (much needed) snowboarding holiday. So work with me this week as I may be low on content.


Some goodies:

The Zutons | Hello Conscience (MP3) - Love the energy in this song. It's big and bouncy. I slept on their album from a year or two ago even though I really liked their single, I may have to go back and revisit that one.

Mylo | Mars Needs Women (MP3) - More dancey goodness from Mylo. What more can I say about the guy? I like him so much that Mylo is now Mr. Pink's unofficial first name. Mylo Pink!

Arctic Monkeys | A Certain Romance (MP3) - I still think these guys are overrated, but I really like this track. I stand by my statement that The Futureheads are a better band all the way around. But I like this little jam. Seems to me most of their songs start out with a big metal-type workout, then they bring it down and get to the actual pop song underneath.

Busy weekend coming up. Stay tuned for enough photos to make your eyeballs fall out. See you at the Cue Bar tonight!

I got my new toy today! Scott Stapp is lucky I wasn't packing this thing on Tuesday.

...Does It Take

Look Left

Can't wait to try it out this weekend. I have quite the schedule lined up. The Agenda Friday night (obvs), the GW/Charlotte game Saturday afternoon, The Subways show Saturday evening and then The Wedding Present/Sally Crewe show on Sunday.

More photos on Flickr.
See more Mr. Pink here.

February 2006 In Photos

I know this because he told me (and the rest of the crowd) this no fewer than 200 times last night. I am waiting with baited breath for DCeiver's review, which sould be on DCist later this afternoon(I'll post a link here when it's live).

**UPDATE**: Here is the DCist review from DCeiver. Stop whatever you're doing and go read it right now. It's that good. For serious.

Work The Crowd!

As for my thoughts...hmmmm....take every rock cliche you can think of for the live arena and multiply them to the nth degree and that is Scott Stapp. He'd done every move in Eddie Vedder's book in the first 45 seconds he was on stage. [Tangent: How can people hate Pearl Jam? This is exactly what they could have been but chose not to.] He is a complete egomaniac. In between songs, he would wander around stage saying things like "Man, it's good to be back!" or "Why did I wait so long to come back?" and the best, "This is my happy place". Jeezy Creezy.


During the songs he was gesturing wildly the whole time. Have you ever seen Eddie Izzard's Dress To Kill? You know that bit that he does where he says no one actually knows the words to the Star Spangled banner but if you stand there and make a bunch of big hand gestures, people will think you're really into it? That's Stapp onstage. And the Jesus-talk was just incredible. All his songs were either "Fuck all my enemies" or "Heaven on Earth is here". The crowd was going nuts though. It was tough to take pictures because everyone was packed up against the stage, holding out their cell phones and generally going nuts. My usual photo spots at the end of the stage barriers weren't readily available and when I did work my way up there, I kept getting jostled by all the Stappoholics.

The Shocker!

It's surreal seeing people singing along to songs about heaven while they are chugging Miller Lite bottles, two at a time. Some girl, overcome with emotion, tried to hug me at one point during one of the big Creed hits. We bailed after the main set, I just couldn't bear hearing "With Arms Wide Open", that would have been the end of me.

It was interesting to go to a non-indie rock show however. Sometimes you forget what it's like for people to lose their shit at a show hen you gfo see effing Wolf Parade every other week. That said, I felt like I had a big "Indie Rock Dork" sign on my forehead the entire time.

Click here to see my concert photos of Scott Stapp at the 930 Club.

Completely unrelated: "Scarecrow" from Beck's Guero is the jammy jam. Why is this record hated on so much? I'm no fan, but to me, it's the best thing he's done in ages. Wait, maybe that's why everyone hates it, because the non-fans like it. Nevermind.