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Here's a quick review I wrote about last night's Editors show. They were pretty damn good in concert. I wasn't sure what to expect as the album is a bit flat in places and can get a bit samey if you aren't paying attention, but what struck me last night was that the big singles of "Blood" and "Munich" weren't anywhere close to their best songs. "Bullets" and especially "Open Your Arms" really stood out for me last night. Go see these guys if/when they come through your city.

More photos over at DCist and also at Flickr. Obvs.

The Massive Attack greatest hits set Collected will get a US release on April 4th via Virgin. I'm very gald to hear that because I almost fainted when Amazon wanted close to $40 for the import.
Stream the "Live With Me" video:
Windoze Media
Glorious Quicktime
They are playing Coachella and two other US dates, but that's it so far as far as a tour. I've never seen 'em. Too bad Seattle is on a Wednesday.


Sean said:

Wow. Some great pics there. Fantastic given how hard it is to get a clear concert pic under that sort of lighting.

melina said:

i'm v. much looking forward to seeing/hearing editors at coachella.

tell me, were they channeling interpol and joy division, or is that just how they sound recorded?

musicisart said:

such wonderful pictures on yr site! beautiful