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MacBook Pro is Fastest Windows XP Notebook.


Annie + Richard X = Drool.

ProductShopNYC interviews a very subdued Beastie Boys.

Don't send Mark Cuban your effing meme's.

Editors @ 930 tonight. And I have a photo pass! Check here for the hottness tomorrow.

Trying, really trying to like First Impressions of Earth. Other than a few songs, it's not really working. On the other hand, the "new" Maximo Park record is incredible. Can't stop, won't stop listening to it.


Jodasm said:

Don't know if you made it, but the Annie show Sunday night at the Cat was terrible.

Jodasm said:

Also, try to catch Mobius Band tonight. I heard a track off Ghostly's Idol Tryouts Vol. II record and it is really good.

jodasm, what was so bad about the annie show? (asked by someone who didn't go, not someone who's disagreeing.)

Jodasm said:

She went on about an hour late and only played 5 or 6 songs, and the sound was really bad. There was live electric guitar used in some of the songs, and it sounded god awful. The leaf informed me that she used a DJ last time and that would have been much preferable.

DCeiver said:

I've long contended that remixed Annie is always miles better than the original, and the way her previous DJ show was described to me sounded pretty mehsville. I'm rooting for her, but she needs to get some game. As it stands, if I want to see a hot Norwegian chick, I'm guessing I can just go on up to their Embassy.