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Gomes Is The Man

Remember on Monday when I said I just saw my first ever buzzer beater in OT? Well now I've seen two in 4 days! Last night's game was incredible. High-fiving complete strangers incredible. So best.

Here is my glorious DCist recap. Check out Paul's stats since February 1st. He's scored 30+ points in 11 of his last 12 games. And people wanted us to trade him to Chicago for fucking Ben Gordon! Blasphemy! He's one of the Top 10 players in the NBA. I will not argue this. Oh yeah, Ryan Gomes...27 points, nine boards, five assists.

I got home late and stayed up watching the replays so I didnt get my photos together in time to post them, but I'll try and do it tonight. For the record, the lense that came with my Rebel XT is teh suckiness.

PS - Bear down on that, Gilbert!


Glenn said:

I'd take a top ten team over a top ten player. And the Celts in the bottom ten of the league, not the top ten.

wizznutzz said:

The Truth gave Gilbert a well-timed SNUB! Watchout, TRUTH!!! When Gilbert gets SNUBBED, treadmill trained pitbulls and dudes with Pee Pee initials get hurted!!!