End of the Road

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Mr. Pink Watching the Duke Game

That's Mr. Pink doing his leafblower impression during the final two minutes of last night's Duke game. What a weird game. Both teams shot like 30% in the second half. I know a majority of the country enjoyed seeing JJ go down in flames - truth be told, I was/am getting sick of all the hype myself(Coach K too), but I still feel bad for him. He had a bad game, yes, but it wasn't all his fault. Dockery and Nelson were completely useless, Paulus and McRoberts were exposed big time and for some reason Lee Melchioni only got eight minutes of PT. Duke just wasn't athletic enough to stay with LSU. I put this squarely on Coach K's shoulders. His inability to develop any bench players over the course of a 40 game season in inexplicable. That said, I'm glad it's over. I'm looking forward to next year's team, sans Redick, Williams and likely McRoberts too. Duke teams that have something to prove are always more fun to watch. I never really clicked with this year's team. There was no one on the roster that made me want to watch the games. I still can't decide if I like Paulus or hate his guts. He reminds me of Wojo, a player I loathed for his entire run in Durham. Usually when(if) Duke loses in March, I am a raging mess, but that never happened last night. But I digress...

After Duke lost, I jetted to the Black Cat to catch Joggers and DC's own Georgie James. Joggers, whose CD I hated, were better than I thought they would be. But they still sucked. They just sound like a big incomprehensible mess to me. They had some nice harmonies and there were lots of people in corduroy blazers and black rimmed glasses enjoying their show, but I was not one of them. Georgie James had some nice tunes but they need some work. Live, their sound is a little sparse. It was only their second gig - and it showed - but the foundation is there. Hooks for days, etc. They drew a sizable crowd to the backstage and, overall, put on a pretty good show. I'd definitely go see them again, once they get a few more gigs under their belt. A few pics here and below.

Georgie James 1 Georgie James 4

I left about halfway through in order to go home and catch the late games and I'm glad I did. I got home in time for the last three minutes of WV v. Texas. What an ending! Although, I must say, that was the most unemotional buzzer beater I have ever seen in the tournament. It's like the guy for Texas hit the big shot and the network was pissed because they were going to have to hang around for a few more seconds until they could cut to Gonzaga v. UCLA. And what a choke job that was. One thing I forgot to mention in my chat with Bob Ryan was that he repeatedly called Adam Morrison a "drama queen", which was on full display last night when he started crying with 2.6 seconds left and his team down by 1! WTF? Can you imagine Larry Bird ever doing that? As if. Dude, you can't act all hard and talk shit in the first half and then cry like a little bitch in the second before the game is over! What a douche. That was a choke job of epic proportions. Also, just for the record, apparently JJ shed a few tears as well last night, but I didn't see it as I turned the game off in order to get on the road. So I'm assuming JJ wasn't on the court crying.

What are you doing tonight? Come to Cue Bar at 9 p.m. and hear the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's album! The Agenda will take over after that and keep it going until the early morning. Hope to see you there.


gorilla said:

JJ didn't weep so much as he whined and pouted about not getting to the line -- hope his ass likes benches, because it's going to be on one for the next 2-8 years.

They both came off like little bitches. At least Morrison can point to the fact that he's still going through puberty.

The whole Redick Morrison thing makes no sense to me, as Morrison is clearly the better player and will go so much higher in the draft.

In closing and in summation, the top 5 NCCA Tourney performances of all time. 5)Super Agent Rob Pelinka 4) Terry Mills because he went on the inuit diet to stay extra blubbery 3)Glen Rice (Yes, he's only 3 and he was amazin' blue) 2)Ray Jackson 1) Jimmy King, because he always wanted to be at the top of a list and I allowed it!

Kathryn said:

Did you, perchance, purchase the Georgie James EP? Or do you have a copy? Trying to get my hands on those catchy little songs...I was at Jenny Lewis last night. Incredible.

thighmaster said:

two things of duke bestness:

1) we never have to see jj redickiously gay in a bluedevil uni ever ever again

2) the terps still have one a championship more recently that PUKE

sorry, but duke blows