Go Mason!

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Watch any good basketball games this weekend. If you only watched the UCLA games, your answer would be no. How glad am I that UCONNvict lost? Now I know what everyone else feels like when Duke loses.

Swamped at work today so this will be a short one.

Stream (Quictime) the new Flaming Lips video for "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song", directed by Traktor.

Photos of Morrissey at SXSW.

Dear labels, publicists and press people, read this, please. Pretty please.



Even better! Congrats dude.

Full week this week. Yikes. Billy Bragg tonight, dinner with friends tomorrow, Editors Wednesday, another dinner on Thursday, The Agenda on Friday, Nethers/Final Four on Saturday. At the risk of repeating myself...Yikes!


chris said:

I miss Luna

leafblower said:

Me too. Don't even get me started.