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I'm Trying to Eat! Perch

The Friday before my vacation! You know what that means! I am super swamped and totally stressed out. Argh.

Here are some promised mp3 goodness for your weekend enjoyment:
Elbow | Fugitive Motel (RJD2 Remix - Not that familiar with Mr. D2's work, so I can't comment on how this compares to his other stuff, but me likey. Very sparse and bleak.

The Wedding Present | Go Out and Get 'Em Boy! - Their first ever single and the next to last song I ever played on college radio. What was the last one you ask? "Panic" by The Smiths, obvs. I agonized over that choice for weeks but that seemed like the best choice. I think "Web In Front" and "Cast No Shadow" were the runners-up. Also, no mention of the Weddoes would be complete without a shout out to former CD Alley employee extraordinaire Dan Machold. CD Alley was the local CD shop at ECU and Dan helped run the store. So when I wasn't buying one of their vast collection of bootlegs by the R.E.M. or The Smiths, I would go up to Dan and say "Tell me what to buy." One day he pulled out a brand new copy of Tommy on vinyl for like $8, looked me in the eye and said "Trust me", a la Jack Black in High Fidelity when he's running around the store picking out Bob Dylan records for that other guy. Thus began my Weddoes fandom. If memory serves, Luna and Morphine were two more of his suggestions to a fledgling leafblower. So cheers Dan, even if you always made fun of me for liking Oasis.

Radiohead bootleg video.

And I’m sure a Texas cheerleading squad is working it into their routine as we speak.

Since I am a complete dork(and I think we have free wi-fi in at least one of our hotels), I suspect there will be some sort of update here next week so I can make everyone jealous of the insane amount of powder I am guiding my Burton Custom through, but don't count on it. So if not, I'll see you all on the 20th.

But wait, we still have The Agenda and Bluestate this weekend! Hope to see you there.


Jeff said:

I wanted to recommend to you RJD2's first album if you haven't heard much of his stuff, especially if you liked that Elbow song (thanks for posting it by the way, it's great). The album is called Dead Ringer and definitely worth checking out. It's outstanding, one of my favorites. It's DJ Shadow-like kind of stuff, hip hop breakbeats. You'll love it.
Also just wanted to tell you that you've been doing a great job on the site. I check it daily and I always love the music you post and its content. Keep up the good work.

Melina said:

Have fun on your vaca!!!

Dan said:

Did I make fun of you? I guess I probably did. I miss working in a record store.