March 2006 Playlist

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Some goodies:

The Zutons | Hello Conscience (MP3) - Love the energy in this song. It's big and bouncy. I slept on their album from a year or two ago even though I really liked their single, I may have to go back and revisit that one.

Mylo | Mars Needs Women (MP3) - More dancey goodness from Mylo. What more can I say about the guy? I like him so much that Mylo is now Mr. Pink's unofficial first name. Mylo Pink!

Arctic Monkeys | A Certain Romance (MP3) - I still think these guys are overrated, but I really like this track. I stand by my statement that The Futureheads are a better band all the way around. But I like this little jam. Seems to me most of their songs start out with a big metal-type workout, then they bring it down and get to the actual pop song underneath.

Busy weekend coming up. Stay tuned for enough photos to make your eyeballs fall out. See you at the Cue Bar tonight!


Dan said:

I need to track down that Diplo Bloc Party remix. The new YYY's album is pretty nice, although I don't love Gold Lion (either the original or the Diplo mix) as much as lots of other heads do, surprisingly.

Bushra said:

Mars Needs Women is an improvement after Soft Rock, I reckon.

joey g said:

how bout postin that elbow remix?