Return of the Leaf

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Back from holiday. *Sigh* But it was good to see Mr. Pink again. I missed him.

I'm so glad SXSW is over, if only because my inbox won't be filled with PR firms, promotion companies and other bloggers emails like "OMG!! ____ IS PLAYING A SPECIAL 25 MINUTE SET AT SXSW!!!!"

The only important thing that happened in Austin was this (review here). Dan, did you go? How was it? Ack! You did! And you saw the Bunnymen too? ON THE SAME NIGHT? I think I just had an aneurism. For fuck's sake.

Moz v. Douglas Coupland. Not exactly Leaf v. Bob Ryan, but hey...

I did get some non-SXSW emails last week:

Watch the new Eagles of Death Metal video featuring Jack Black and Dave Grohl (Quicktime)

Watch the new video from The Streets (Quicktime)

Watch the video for the new Flaming Lips song (Quicktime)

Watch the new video from We Are Scientists (Windoze Media)

Listen to the new Pearl Jam single.

Also, very important and for the record, I picked up Supernature, the new Goldfrapp record, and it is insanely good. Bordering on Mylo good. It'll definitely be in the running for my album of the year. The first three tracks are straight buttah.

More holiday photos after the jump.

SLC Buildings

Mormon Temple 2




gl*mrocker said:

i'd have to agree about the goldfrapp album. it's quickly becoming my new fave. (ps. welcome back!)

Dan said:

I told you you should come! Honestly, this was a banner year for SXSW. So many bands I love, old and new. I didn't stick around for Goldfrapp after Morrissey finished, though.

adrian said:

If you like that goldfrapp album you should check out Vitalic's OK Cowboy. Beastly, Goofy.

Melina said:

When I read the title of this post, I immed. thought of that song from the late 90's, "Return of the Mack".


Well, it was a pretty good "jam to bump to" back in '97...