Scott Stapp Loves Me!

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I know this because he told me (and the rest of the crowd) this no fewer than 200 times last night. I am waiting with baited breath for DCeiver's review, which sould be on DCist later this afternoon(I'll post a link here when it's live).

**UPDATE**: Here is the DCist review from DCeiver. Stop whatever you're doing and go read it right now. It's that good. For serious.

Work The Crowd!

As for my thoughts...hmmmm....take every rock cliche you can think of for the live arena and multiply them to the nth degree and that is Scott Stapp. He'd done every move in Eddie Vedder's book in the first 45 seconds he was on stage. [Tangent: How can people hate Pearl Jam? This is exactly what they could have been but chose not to.] He is a complete egomaniac. In between songs, he would wander around stage saying things like "Man, it's good to be back!" or "Why did I wait so long to come back?" and the best, "This is my happy place". Jeezy Creezy.


During the songs he was gesturing wildly the whole time. Have you ever seen Eddie Izzard's Dress To Kill? You know that bit that he does where he says no one actually knows the words to the Star Spangled banner but if you stand there and make a bunch of big hand gestures, people will think you're really into it? That's Stapp onstage. And the Jesus-talk was just incredible. All his songs were either "Fuck all my enemies" or "Heaven on Earth is here". The crowd was going nuts though. It was tough to take pictures because everyone was packed up against the stage, holding out their cell phones and generally going nuts. My usual photo spots at the end of the stage barriers weren't readily available and when I did work my way up there, I kept getting jostled by all the Stappoholics.

The Shocker!

It's surreal seeing people singing along to songs about heaven while they are chugging Miller Lite bottles, two at a time. Some girl, overcome with emotion, tried to hug me at one point during one of the big Creed hits. We bailed after the main set, I just couldn't bear hearing "With Arms Wide Open", that would have been the end of me.

It was interesting to go to a non-indie rock show however. Sometimes you forget what it's like for people to lose their shit at a show hen you gfo see effing Wolf Parade every other week. That said, I felt like I had a big "Indie Rock Dork" sign on my forehead the entire time.

Click here to see my concert photos of Scott Stapp at the 930 Club.

Completely unrelated: "Scarecrow" from Beck's Guero is the jammy jam. Why is this record hated on so much? I'm no fan, but to me, it's the best thing he's done in ages. Wait, maybe that's why everyone hates it, because the non-fans like it. Nevermind.


Raul said:

I think yours was the indie rock equivalent of a "Ted Ferguson Bud Light Daredevil" stunt.

sherwood said:

dude...i moved to DC and was totally at that show with Hauser. let's meet up for a beer or three...and speaking of wolf be at the show in april? ;)