The Weekend In Photos

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Ear Goggles

Friday night was The Agenda. We had a nice crowd early and quite a few people stopped by to say hi. Saturday afternoon I took in the GW/Charlotte game. You can read all about it on DCist. As far as I know, that was the first time I had ever witnessed a buzzer beater, much less a game winner in OT for the 7th ranked team in the nation. It was alot of fun. See all my photos from the GW game over at Flickr.

Run The Offense

Crowd Goes Wild

Saturday night, thanks to Natalya, I went to see The Subways. Unfortunately they sucked (packaged rebellion for teenagers just doesn't sit well with me) so I left after roughly five songs.


After a quick dinner, I caught the end of the Duke/UNC game, which is always entertaining(except for the media build-up). Let me go on record saying Coach K is once again killing our tourney chances by riding JJ into the ground late in the season. What happened to our bench? As much as I hate them, it's hard not to like this UNC squad just a little. They're feisty and scrappy. I still hate Roy Williams though.



Sunday night I got to see one of my favorite bands in the entire world, The Wedding Present. The setlist (yes, I got the setlist, I am a big dork OK) wasn't as hit heavy as the last time they came through town, but I did get to hear "Go Out And Get 'Em Boy", which was the second to last song I ever played in my college radio career as well as "Brassneck" which is probably one of my 10 favortist songs ever. Gedge was in top form, he totally shredded "Brassneck" and gave me goosebumps. Despite seeing the Weddoes a few times in the past, last night was the first time I had ever heard that song played live. It was worth the wait, I'm still buzzing from the show. I'll post some Weddoes downloads later in the week when I have time, along with that RJD2 Elbow remix that someone asked for. Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves opened and they were great. They sound like Sarah Shannon fronting Spoon. Good stuff. You can see all my pictures from last night over on Flickr.

In other news, if I get one more effing SXSW press release, I'm going to become very violent.

As you can see, my new camera is working out well. The lighting at the Black Cat is still giving me some problems, but I'm confident I can get it sorted.

I have a busy week this week before I head to Utah on Sunday for my (much needed) snowboarding holiday. So work with me this week as I may be low on content.


i stuck around until the end because i wanted to hear "rock & roll queen," but even that was disappointing.

Coolfer said:

Being a teenager would have helped, but I still loved The Subways show that I saw in Amsterdam. The crowd was wild (ten times more wild that it would have been in NYC) and the band played great.

Dan said:

See, you should have just come to SXSW! The sheer number of daytime parties and shows is incredible this year.

The Wedding Present show here was great except for the fact that the soundman didn't seem to understand how important the guitars are and had them way too low in the mix. I would have to put the '96 show here and the '95 (or was it '94?) Cat's Cradle shows above this one.