Umbrella of Snow

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Snowbird 2

Hello cubicle dwellers. How are you? I just had a dip in the outdoor heated pool followed by some relaxing time in one of the three hot tubs located right outside our hotel room. In another 45 minutes I'll be strapping my Burton Custom on for some night skiing action and then I'll finish the night with some sushi from the 10th floor sushi bar. Oh, and we got seven inches of fresh powder this morning. Yes, I am trying to make you jealous. Is it working?

Snowbird 1

So far so good in Utah. Spent the last two days at Solitude (no good pics, sorry. I planned to take them this morning but it was snowing sideways) with some incredible weather and even better conditions on the mountain. My legs ache in ways I wasn't aware possible. But that's what hot tubs are for. Today we switched over to Snowbird and will spend the next two days here. This mountain looks much bigger and more intimidating, so I'm glad we picked this for later in the week.

Sing It

The only bummer of our trip thusfar was that we missed Nethers on Monday night. They went on early and we got hella lost in Salt Lake City's weird city grid. So of course we got to the venue right as the band was done. Fuck. Luckily, unbeknownst to us, The United State of Electronica were headlining the gig so we got to see them. I had never seen them before and they were fantastic. The venue, Kilby Court, is basically a garage at the end of an alley that maybe holds 60 people. It was one of the weirdest venues that I've ever been to. More on that later.


I finally have a decent internet connection, so I'll post more pics as the week wears on and I have some time to spare. You can always check out Flickr for the latest and greatest. I have to go research my bracket picks. Blog soon.

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