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jpodcoverweb.jpg"There you have it, Cowboy."
"Have what?"
"What you have is the fact that if you don't have a character to begin with, everything and nothing is in character."
"That's really fucking depressing."
"And what if it is?"
"It's like Melrose Place."
"Melrose?" said Bree. "That was a hundred years ago."
John Doe got excited. "I watched the whole series on DVD. Remember when the script writers couldn't come up with personalities or characteristics for the characters? They simply made them all go psycho, one by one."
Bree nodded. "It worked didn't it?"
Evil Mark added, "I liked that show."
I said, "I never watched it. It felt target-marketed."
"Aaron Spelling made so much money with it," said Kaitlin. "But didn't you notice that, when they started, they were all twenty-something slackers looking for meaning in life, living in a motel-like complex with a swimming pool in the center?"
Bree said, "That's exactly like the characters in Douglas Coupland's 1991 novel Generation X."
"So they ripped Coupland off?"
"That's harsh and actionable. But who are we to say?"
"Sounds fishy to me."
"If I were Douglas Coupland, I'd have sured the pants off of Aaron Spelling."
"Me, too."
"So would I."
Finally something we all agreed on.

- From jPod, written by Douglas Coupland

PS - Sounds familiar.

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I have a supermega important project at work that has to be done on Monday. I suspect I'll be spending most of my weekend staring at my office walls.

My new co-worker gave me his extra ticket to go see The Strokes last night. The show was good (not great) and confirmed most of my opinions about the band. First Impressions of Earth has a few good songs but most of it is cheezy metal solos (that don't sound any better in a live setting under rows and rows of strobe lights). Is This It is a classic but for my money Room On Fire is where it's at. Dceiver has a full review that's much more fun to read than mine was over at DCist.

I might be interviewing John Vanderslice for DCist tomorrow or Saturday. Stay tuned.

Gerald Green's Top 10.

Not Gonna Do It

After sitting on a bus for most of the day on Friday, I grabbed Ms. Smith and we drove to North Cackalack on Saturday for a friend's wedding. It poured most of the way down there, but by the time it was time for them to say their vows, the sun was out. Pretty cool. It was nice to see all of my friends from college. Most of them don't come north of the Mason-Dixon line, so weddings are about the only time I get to hang out with them, although a beach trip in October is in the works.

I bought the Bukowski:Born Into This DVD last week and watched it last night when I got back. It's magnificent and it pulls off the seemingly impossible task of making Bono kinda likable. Watching it reminded me that I haven't put up any Buk on the site in quite a while. I'll have to change that this weekend. Slightly related; Bloomsbury was nice enough to send me a copy of jPod, so I'll be diving into that this week.

For Fico, who sadly missed the Elbow show in NYC last week(worst!), here are Elbow's radio sets from KEXP and KCRW. I'm glad I decided to pony up and take the train to NYC.

Echo & the Bunnymen return to the Black Cat on June 26th! I am so there. I wonder why they aren't playing the 930 Club this time around?

Torr has a Viva Hate outtake for your downloading pleasure.

Ivor Novello nominations are in.

Depeche Mode to commercially release recordings of all of their upcoming US tour. Pearl Jam says Hi.

The Super Furries are playing a small show in Cardiff before their summer full of festivals.



Elbow was/are fucking mega. Webster Hall wasn't so bad. Big space, great lighting, tall stage. No complaints at all. The same cannot be said for openers The Cloud Room. They were horrible. Met up with Central Village and Jen Daily Refill after the gig and drank late into the night with the obligatory night cap at O'Connors in Park Slope. Visitng NYC is fun but I'm glad I don't live here anymore.

Oh yeah, today is information leafblower dot com slash blog's third birthday.

Off to catch my train to NYC for the Elbow show tonight, but I wanted to direct your attention to Editors acoustic performance on AOL (and awesome interview with Redboy) along with a few of my pictures in the accompanying photo gallery (#'s 5 & 6).


Here's the Elbow setlist for this tour. Very much looking forward to the show in NYC tomorrow.

Pitchfork v. 10 year-olds.

Morrissey played Salford last night. Here is a collection of reviews. Set list here.

This is a joke, right? The RIAA and MPAA join together and form MAFIAA (Music And Film Industry Association of America). They stole that from The Onion, right?

Related: The RIAA encourages students to drop out of school to pay for their lawsuit settlements.

Also related: The Canadian RIAA is falling apart at the seams.

Apple's Safari showing major growth amongst browsers.

Related: Great picture.

Catching sight of a pretty woman really is enough to throw a man's decision-making skills into disarray, a study suggests.

Related: Hubba Hubba!!

Now then, where was I? Oh yeah...

Not Related: For people like Malhotra, they feel marginalized if they are denied the right to marginalize others, and they are mad as hell about the situation.

The summer concert schedule is shaping up quite nicely:

April 20th - Elbow in New York
Apr 27th - Citizen Cope @ 9:30
Apr 27th - Elf Power @ Iota
May 6th - Phoenix @ 9:30
May 8th - Hockey Night @ Iota
May 10th - Mogwai @ 9:30
May 15th - Giant Drag @ Black Cat
May 19th - Aberdeen City @ Black Cat
June 2nd - Super Furries in New York
June 11th - Spinto Band @ Black Cat
June 27th - We Are Scientists @ Black Cat
July 23rd - Diplo @ Black Cat
July 29th & 30th - Pitchforkfest in Chicago

Listen to Elbow on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Here is my DCist concert review from Saturday.

Here's something else for your listening pleasure.

De-crappify your new Dell.

Google Calendar?

Make the most of your iPod when you travel.

Anyone else getting buried under a mountain of movie related comment spam?




I'm finally starting to feel comfortable taking pics in the Black Cat. I got some good ones on Saturday that I was very happy with. Now I just need to beef up my Photoshop skillz for post production work. Small steps. I wrote a short review of the show on DCist (which should be up soon), and you can peep all of my photos over at Flickr.

But enough about me, I have some Super Furry News straight from the band's mouth! Let's get the bad news first. There will be no US tour following their June show in NYC. That's too bad but one show is better than no shows in my book. But the big news is the reason that the band won't be doing a full tour (although I'd also bet the World Cup has something to do with it). After the gig in June, the band will be returning to the studio to start work on a new record! I was very happy to hear this, since on their last tour, I kept asking everyone in the band what their next move was and no one knew. Which is not to say there was ever a danger that the band wouldn't record a new album (actually I should clarify that to say as far as I knew, that was never an issue), it was just that they didn't have concrete plans to do so, which was a first for them. Generally bands have their lives planned out months and months ahead of time, especially if they are working records in different territories. Since the SFA didn't have a record contract, their last US tour was the end of the record/promote/tour cycle for Love Kraft. And they had no future plans after that. I was a little nervous about all of that when I saw them during the tour (and this was the issue I kept dropping hints about way back then) but I was still fairly positive that everything would work out. And it has! So no US tour, but new record. I can live with that. And I have no idea what label this new album will come out on if and when it's released. I've heard some Rough Trade rumours from the Super Furry messageboards, which I think would be really great for the band, but nothing concrete.

Completely unrelated but yet equal in its besteverness, the jPod website! There are also Douglas Coupland book tour dates, but sadly, none for Washington DC. Do I have to start a "Why Does Douglas Coupland hate Washington DC?" rumour now? Here's a Coupland interview to get you started.


| |




Saw Cedars play another great set at the Black cat last night. The band after them, Augustana, must have been on One Tree Hill or something like that because the WB demographic were out in full force. Still trying to master taking photos in the Cat lighting. I'll try again on Saturday at the Georgie James/Exit Clov show.

Os Mutantes has been added to the Pitchforkfest line up. I'm not familiar with them but Kriston and Genevieve were speaking of them very highly on Monday, so I'll have the check them out. Best of all? They're now headlining the main stage on Sunday, moving Spoon down a slot, which leaves me plenty of time for some Diplo action on the second stage.

NYC peeps, I just bought my ticket to see Elbow perform next Thursday night at Webster Hall. Holler at me if you're going too. I guess I'm finally taking the plunge on Webster Hall. Hopefully Central Village is right and it won't be as bad as I'm envisioning it. Side note: In Detroit, the opening band is named American Mars.

My next trip to NYC? This summer for the (as yet TBA, although I'm hearing June 2) FREE SUPER FURRY ANIMALS SHOW. Say it with me people...FREE...SUPER...FURRIES! Although, technically most of the Furry shows I see are free, but that's not the point! I am hoping, nay, praying, for a full length tour to follow. I got the news on the show last week and I've been giddy ever since. And yes, in case you had forgotten, I am a huge dork.

Now this is a set list. "Reader Meet Author" and "Still Ill?" Nice. For the record, I'm totally loving Ringleader of the Tormentors. The production is clean and snappy, although not overtly shiny like the last record. Moz's voice is in fine form and there are some great tunes for him to sing. Much, much better than You Are The Quarry in every way, except the cover art. The first two songs are the worst and I just skip over them and rock out to the rest of the record. Thumbs up.

Sweet. Although Kid A over The Bends and Bona Drag over Your Arsenal? *shrug*

Drool. I still listen to Days of Speed constantly.

Editors live & acoustic @ SXSW

Stream the new Eagles of Death Metal album. I like what I've heard so far.

Here's a new song to download:
The Streets | When You Wasn't Famous

Okay, now book some good acts and I might come.

Yes please.

Quoth Fred Durst: "I can sleep at night knowing that I have and will never sell out and make music or do my vocals for any reason other than my soul needing to express itself through my art." Whatever gets you though the night buddy.




Holy shit. Art Brut were teh awesome last night. I honestly can't remember the last time I had so much fun at a rock show. Ever go to a gig and know that it's going to be incredible after the first 30 seconds? That was me last night. As great as the CD is, the live show blows it away. Big ups to Onelouder for making me take notice of this band. There will be better reviews from bloggers that got more sleep than I did last night, so if you want a comprehensive written review of last night, search them out.

More pics after the jump and also at Flickr.

News on the upcoming US tour:

The band are set to hit the road Stateside this June and are rumoured to be setting up residencies in Montreal, Toronto, Philadelphia and Chicago.


Maximo Park | My Life In Reverse (MP3)
"Some things are worth the bruises / Some things are worth the hurt / I like the way / Your face looks towards me." Ok, I'll say it. The new Wedding Present? This B-Sides collection is one of the best records I've heard this year.

Royksopp | Go With The Flow (MP3)
A Queens of the Stone Age cover. Obvs.

Phoenix | Long Distance Call (MP3)
Yet another band that can out-Strokes the Strokes now. Very happy DC is getting one of their five US tour dates. I'm there.

Previously posted:
Billy Bragg

There are a TON of Bloc Party remixes available for your downloading pleasure.

The Agenda is going on hiatus for a little while. We'll let you know when and if we start back up. Until then, there's always...

Greetings from the land of "Jeezy Creezy, my to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer!"


Saw the Knicks and Wiz play on Tuesday night. Good lord the Knicks are bad. If I hadn't gotten that ticket as part of a larger ticket package, I'd be pissed I spent money on that game. But I saw the great buzzer beater of ought-six with that money, so it's all good. I am, for the record, loving all the shit that's being heaped on Larry Brown's plate. Serves that fucker right. Go to hell UNC.

Moz SXSW photos.

Free shows by The Walkmen for everywhere except DC. I would be mad (actually, no I wouldn't) except that when they play DC, a certain local band that I will not shut up about are going to open. Hottness.

Now that is a tour worth seeing. I might even be convinced to stick around for the headliners.

The Futureheads sign to Vagrant (scroll down). My love for The 'Heads is well known around these parts. Arctic who? In fact, seeing The 'Heads at Pitchfork was the swaying vote over going to Lollapalooza. Sorry Peabs. I'd love to see QOTSA again, but Futureheads+Spoon+Art Brut+Ted Leo+The National for $30 is to good to pass up. Plus, I'm more likely to get a photo pass to Pitchfork. I am seriously debating making big sign that say "Why Does The National Hate Washington DC?" and bringing it to the show when they play. They REALLY need to add Maximo Park to that bill though.

Giant Drag, the new Alien Ant Farm. The Joggers have been added to the GD show here in DC, so I guess I better go get tickets before they disappear.
PS - Diplo on July 23rd! So there.

Pearl Jam are getting Robert Pollard, Sonic Youth and Tom effing Petty to open for them on various dates on the second leg of their US tour. We're stuck with My Morning Jacket here. I say stuck because I just cannot get into Z as much as I try. *shrug* But...TP! Opening for PJ. Wow. Check here for all the dates.

The Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje&T Classic basketball tournament. Best.

Bluetooth iPods?

The apocalypse is coming.

No Sitting

Busy today, but at least my day is going better than Derek Lowe's. [Thanks Michele]

Also, The Sports Guy's running diary of Opening Day.

I think I made my summer festival choice. Now all they need is Mylo and Maximo Park. And The Bunnymen. And Morrissey. And the Super Furries. And Nethers. Then we'd be set.


I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing tonight. I've been out eight of the last nine nights and I need some time off! I am an old man, I can't take all this excitement. Thankfully I am emotionally unattached to the NCAA Final tonight (can we just pretend no one is going to win it this year since GMU lost?) so I bet The Hour of Bauer gets the TV time when the hour strikes.


Coolfer came to town on Saturday, so we battled the tourists and went all around town this weekend. We went to Mackey's to watch Mason lose, headed over to the DCAC at halftime of the UCLA/LSU game and caught a great set by Nethers and then went to Sommer & Rob's house for Bloggerpalooza Keg Party '06. We headed home around 2:15 (actually 3:15 due to daylight savings) and watched the second half of the UCLA drubbing. What a crappy game, but at least it only took us 30 minute to watch. I bow before you, DVR gods. At the party, I was walking up to everyone saying "Hey! What's going on? I didn't watch the second game so whatever you do, don't tell me who won." And you know what? No one did. Respect.


Sunday we went cherry blossom hunting, took in the DC United/NY Red Bulls game and then headed to Summer's in Arlington for the Kings/La Clippers game, where we were joined by workaholic Mike Grass. We stayed there until after 11 and then came home and powered up the laptops. Because that's what bloggers do.

Barra Brava

Saturday pics are here.
Sunday pics are here.

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