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Apr 21 2006

Three Years


Elbow was/are fucking mega. Webster Hall wasn't so bad. Big space, great lighting, tall stage. No complaints at all. The same cannot be said for openers The Cloud Room. They were horrible. Met up with Central Village and Jen Daily Refill after the gig and drank late into the night with the obligatory night cap at O'Connors in Park Slope. Visitng NYC is fun but I'm glad I don't live here anymore.

Oh yeah, today is information leafblower dot com slash blog's third birthday.

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I took the bus up to NYC at 2:30pm..due to traffic we didn't make it to NYC until 9:30pm..I left my bags and made it to Webster only to arrive at the end of Newborn, the last song!!! I almost cried...funny thing reading yer post, my brother lives in the apartment on top of O'Connors here in Park Slope..if only i'd known..

Posted by: Fico at April 22, 2006 7:26 PM

awww, fico, that's so sad :-(

i had a nearly six-hour trip back from NYC last sunday, and i thought that was bad enough.

Posted by: seeking irony at April 24, 2006 4:55 PM

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