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Swamped at work and feeling a bit under the weather as well, so today is going to be short.

Go read my interview with Aberdeen City over at DCist.

Hammerjacks, a music venue in Baltimore, is closing for good on Saturday. That makes me sad. I only went there once, but that was a pretty cool night. It was the night that this happened:

As if I needed an excuse to re-run that picture (that's me on the lower right, obvs.). Here's the story behind it if you're interested.

But enough about Oasis. I get to see what I believe is my 27th Super Furry Animals gig on Friday in NYC and I could not be more excited. Yes, I have serious problems.

To celebrate, here are two live MP3's for your downloading pleasure from the 1996 Hultsfred Fesitval:
Super Furry Animals | Frisbee (Live) (MP3) One of the first Super Furry songs I ever heard and one of my favorites to this day. I have literally begged the band for going on seven years to play itlive but still no joy.

Super Furry Animals | Organ Yn De Geg (Live) (MP3) - Another early fave that I have yet to hear the band play live.

Since I aim to spend the upcoming weekend drunk as a skunk with a bunch of Welshmen, I was deteremined to be as Amaerican as possible over my four day weekend.

Friday I went and saw a big summer blockbuster, and it was not as bad as many would have you believe. But you have to go on with low expectations (like I did) and be aware that it's a summer blockbuster, not X3:The Way A Comic Geek Would Have Written It. I did have problems with it, but they were mostly with the script, not Brett Ratner. I actually thought he did a pretty decent job.

Saturday Ms. Smith and I went to RFK to see the Nats take on Red Sox West. Derek Lowe was pitching, and although Bill Muellar is on the DL, I got scream "Nomaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" a bunch of times, so life was good. We took in V for Vendetta later that night at the Arlington Draft House. Verdict? Much the same as X3.

On Sunday we did a bit of shopping and then watched the US Mens National Soccer team take on Latvia. So of course I invited the only Latvian I know to come watch the game with us at the Cleveland Park Sports Bar. I am so ready for the World Cup! Especially since I got the OK to work from home some days. So best.

I was out of things to do by the time Memorial Day actually came around, so I cleaned the house a bit, did some work and spent some QT with Mr. Pink. Yay four day weekends!

Oh, last night I watched the Pistons implode on national TV. Good times.

Bloggers 1, Apple 0.

Canon latest to pull out of film cameras.

Moz: I've always felt like an exile.



Last Thursday I had the pleasure of seeing two great bands and also DJing to a packed house. Not too shabby. Above are two B&W-ified pictures from Unbuckled 3. I'm playing around with converting images to B&W since both shows were bathed in red light, which made the original pictures not so good. That may be a little harsh, but I was getting frustrated that no one wanted to step into what little light there was.

Anyways, Nethers were their usual feedback drenched selves and it was nice to see and hear them at the 930 Club. They are playing again in June with Dungen, so you're not done reading about them in this space just yet because, yes, I will be going. Georgie James have improved by leaps and bounds since their first gig a mere six weeks or so ago. Seeing them was a nice way to kick off my four day weekend. They're even testing out new material, so go see them before they disappear into the studio.

So how bananas was Lost last night? Like Woah. I had two problems with it though(**semi-spoilerific, but not really**)
1) Jin has become such a non-factor. All he does is shrug and give people the thumbs up. What a waste.
2) You mean to tell me that, when a sailboat appears that can carry a small crew wherever they want to go, not one person on that side of the island speaks up and says something like "Hey, fuck Walt. Lets use that boat to get the hell out of here." As if.

Two things I really liked about it: sonyawalger.jpg
1) The explanantion of the plane crash.
2) More Desmond and best yet, Sonya Walger. I have a huuuuuuge crush on her. I even used to (semi) watch The Mind of the Married Man just to see her each week. Hubba hubba. Nice to see her getting a decent role after the disaster that was the US version of Coupling. Oh wait, IMDB says she's on CSI:NY alot. I wouldn't know, I refuse to watch any of those shows. But I digress...
Sonya Walger=best.

You wouldn't expect Consumerist to be at the forefront of the NSA wiretap story, but they are. Interesting stuff.

Ghostface! Catch the blast of a hype verse.

I also like this shot of the YYY's.

Chromewaves ponders Eric Bachmann.

Amazon is offering 30% off select box sets. Sadly, the one boxset I want isn't part of the deal. Related: Anyone know if this is any good?

How important are NBA workouts? Ask Orien Greene. [via Celticsblog]

Nice stuff from Boston Dirt Dogs. I am officially over Matt Clement.


Tonight I'm catching local faves Nethers opening for the Walkmen before heading over to DC9 to DJ at Unbuckled and catch Deleted Scenes and Georgie James. And no work tomorrow! Should be fun.


The NBA Draft lottery was last night (meaning roughly 5 weeks until my favorite night of the entire year) and although the Draft Gods deemed us unworthy of moving up (unlike Toronto, which moved up into the top spot and pushed Portland down to #4), I'm pretty happy with the Celtics picking at seven. Assuming Andrea Bargnani stays in the draft, this draft seems seven playwers deep to me. The best thing about this situation is that the teams ahead of us all have specific needs that they'll most likely want to address which should lead to a good player dropping to us at number seven. Also working in our favor, the Hawks and T-Wolves, both teams that have never met a draft they couldn't screw up royally, are picking ahead of us so we can capitalize on their mistakes. There are still alot of workouts and draft camps to come, but here are what the new and updated mock draftshave the Celtics doing:

NBA Draft has us taking Brandon Roy.
Hoopshype has us taking Tyrus Thomas.
So does DraftExpress.
Chad Ford has us taking Rajon Rondo.

If we get Marcus Williams or Tyrus Thomas out of this draft, color me a happy camper. Ideally, I'd want someone that can contribute right away next year (Roy, Rudy Gay or Williams) but Thomas really intrigues me. He's a reach at number one, but seems about right at number seven.

There's also the possibility that we trade Raef or Tony Allen with our pick for some veteran help and a pick later in the first round. Danny Ainge said he already knew who he wanted a few weeks ago, so it might come down to waiting to see if his guy is still on the board when we pick. For the record, I don't want us to take either Duke seniors.

The most blogged about thing on the interweb today has to be Nike+iPod. Tien has the pictures to prove it.

Borat at Cannes.

New Outkast MP3.

Ear Farm has a full Moz concert from RCMH for your downloading pleasure.

Related: Moz to Robbie Williams; "You look very Orange."
Robbie Williams to Jonathan Ross; "If that's the only thing he ever says to me I'll be happy."


First and foremost, Happy 47th to the mighty Mozzer! Good on ya.



I've had quite the last few days. On Friday night Ms. Smith and I went to see Aberdeen City and Sound Team at the Black Cat. After a traffic filled 13 hour trip from Boston to D.C. Aberdeen City almost didn't get to play, but Sound Team was nice enough to go on first on the bill and allow the boys from Boston time to get to the venue. Elefant and the venue also agreed to push back everyone's set times a bit so everything to fall in to place. And Aberdeen totally killed it. They literally got to the venue, walked on stage, plugged their guitars into Sound Team's gear, tuned up and got to it. They were straight fire. You could tell how happy they were to be out of the van and on stage. I interviewed AC after the gig, so look for that in a day or two over on DCist.

Download: Another Seven Years | Aberdeen City (MP3)


Sound Team were good but a bit inconsistent. They have one or two songs that are straight up smashes, but some of their other stuff is a bit middling. And they have like 20 people onstage(it's actually 5 or 6) and it's a bit distracting. But when they lock it in, like on "Your Eyes Are Liars," you can really get a good feel for what they are trying to do. I'm really not that familiar with them and I've heard great things about their forthcoming album, so I'd go see them again and give them another chance. More pictures after the jump.

Download: Your Eyes Are Liars | Sound Team (MP3)

Each Note Secure has links to Sound Team and Aberdeen City's WOXY lounge Acts.

Ms. Smith got her graduate degree from GW on Saturday(yay!). Her Mom and step-Dad are in town for the occasion, so we spent the weekend eating some fine food and drinking some fine vino at some fine D.C. establishments.

The 25 best music sites on the web.

This is literally the coolest thing ever. It's a fully interactive panoramic image of the Apple Store opening last Friday. Do yourself a favor and play around on this thing for a few minutes. Wow.

New Order confirm UK tour.

Torr has some Stone Roses demos for download. I have most of this stuff on a bootleg and "The Sun Still Shines" is my favorite Roses track ever. Too bad they never recorded it properly. Go get it!

Hi Randolph!


Tonight is the Aberdeen City / Sound Team gig at the Black Cat. V. much looking forward to it. I'm scheduled to interview Aberdeen City for a DCist feature to run next week. Look for photos and such in over the weekend (hopefully). Oh, and I almost forgot, here is the link to my pictures from the National Zoo from a few weeks back. I like this one.

The Washington Times discovers MP3 blogs.

Is Outkast overrated?

12 notable moments in Wu‑Tang history.

Silversun Pickups live on KEXP downloads. This band needs to come play DC, like yesterday.

Related: KEXP has a blog. Ms. Smith, you're supposed to tell me about stuff like this.

Download some Morrissey demos from Viva Hate. [via Torr]

Google improves their blog search function.

If "The Ten Commandments" was a wild teen comedy. Effing hilarious.

I almost pooped my pants when I saw this. Look how easy it is to upgrade your hard drive in the new MacBook.

Big ups to Ms. Smith who is getting her Graduate Degree from GW this weekend. W00t!


Jeezy Creezy. You wouldn't think that picking out 10 or 15 newish songs, loading them into an iTunes playlist and putting a jpeg up on the interweb would take me three weeks, but...*shrug* It's been a busy month, what can I say? So here is this month's belated playlist, complete with downloadable goodies:

Art Brut | Back In Black/Formed A Band (Live) (MP3) - Just the best opening song you could ever want at a gig. Watch us play this classic riff and then - Boom!- "Formed a band! / We formed a band! / Look at us! / We formed a band!" Maybe you have to see this live to experience it's brilliance. When I heard them do this (with "Enter Sandman" instead of the AC/DC) in DC, I had a smile from ear to ear in like 2.3 seconds. Best.

Hot Hot Heat | Middle of Nowhere (MP3) - I don't like Hot Hot Heat. Too yelpy. That said, this song (which is not newish by any means) is great. Why this wasn't the first single from Elevator, I'll never know. Much less annoying that "Goodnight, Goodnight." This is actually a proper tune, perfect for radio. And when the back up vocals come in with 30 seconds left in the song, they totally have me hooked.

The Rakes | Work, Work, Work (Pub Club Sleep) (MP3) - A nice little jangly tune. Starts out like "Sister Surround" and then morphs into a Bloc Party-ish, dance rock toe-tapper. I still get these guys mixed up with Brakes.

Massive Attack | Protection (MP3) - What can I say about Massive Attack that hasn't been said? That they left "Daydreaming" off of the Greatest Hits compilation that this track comes from? In a career full of peaks, this might be MA's best song. I like it so much I picked up Everything But The Girl's Greatest Hits at Tower last week. I love when the rain comes in at the end. Perfection.

New Apple Store in NYC.

Like Woah. Nice.


I have to see this.


The new iBook MacBook has been released (first impressions here). And according to the email I got from Apple, it's a blogging powerhouse. Funny how blogability is a selling point now. Too bad my iBook's value just took a nosedive. Oh well, I still like it. You're with me, iBook!

Damn Phife / you got fat
Yeah I know it looks pathetic
Ali Shaheed Muhammad got me doing calesthenics
[via Goldenshizzle]

I'm jealous. Of you too. Oh well, I'll have to settle for seeing her on Letterman tonight.

I vote yes. But "best label in the world?" I think not.

Stay classy Baltimore.


Lost spoilers.



Oh Annie. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Is it your delightful potty mouth? Kinda. The killer hooks that eminate from your guitar? Affirmative. Your on stage banter regarding anal hymens? Check. They way you still look hot even though you didn't even bother to shower yesterday? Absolutely. In fact, I respect you even more because there's no way in hell I would use the shower at the Black Cat.

Giant Drag played a great set at the Black Cat last night. Not as mind blowing as their previous DC appearance, but it still rocked. Annie was much more at ease with the crowd last night. Everyone adored her, except the girl that shouted "You need to eat something" when the Drag took the stage. Annie was all like "Oh no you didn't! I'll have you know I have a very fast metabolism. I just ate a burger, fries, some fruit and a piece of motherfucking cheesecake." Owned. Annie and Micah played two new songs during their set, the first of which was perfection. This bodes well for future releases. This band really amazes me. They have a big, fleshed out live sound despite only two people being on stage. Eff the White Stripes, gimme Annie and Micah any day of the week.

I stuck around for a few songs from Pretty Girls Make Graves (I'm willing to listen to any band that takes their name from a Smiths song) but I really didn't get them at all. They were really energetic on stage though. Their bassist must be like 6-foot-4. I was all the way up front and couldn't fit more than like 1/4 of him in my camera lense. Too bad too, 'cause he was totally rocking out. They had the lights turned waaaaay low while they were on stage, so I was forced to use my flash to take a few pics. It was the first time I'd used the flash on my Rebel XT (weird, I know, but I really like natural light), and I think the results were OK. More pictures after the jump. You can see them all over at Flickr.


Busy week coming up:
Monday: Giant Drag @ Black Cat (Thanks for the reminder Natalya)
Wednesday: Charlatans @ 9:30
Friday: Aberdeen City / Sound Team / Elephant @ Black Cat
Saturday: Ms. Smith gets her grad degree from GW (yay!)

Of all these shows, I'm most excited about Friday's. Aberdeen City are a band you should keep your eye on. They get exponentially better each time I see them and Coolfer's been talking up the Sound Team record to me. Should be fun. I doubt I'll stick around very long for Elephant since I have boyfriend duties on Saturday. I'm also really excited about tonight's Giant Drag show. It's been a while since I've seen my indie rock girlfriend. Hopefully her subcutaneous emphysema has cleared up since last time they came through town.

Oh for fucks sake! I was really looking forward to that. Noel drives me crazy with this shit. "We decided the songs weren't good enough so we're gonna take two years off and spend our money instead." *shakes fist* I'm ready for Liam to pull a Thom Yorke.


Amazon has a sale on Criterion Collection DVD's. Sweet.

Pitchfork nail their Art Brut review. And yes, the "Enter Sandman / Formed A Band" intro was one of the funniest, if not the best, opening numbers to a show I've ever seen. I downloaded the bootleg they have available on eMusic and they do "Back In Black" instead, it's slightly less best. I'll post it later in the week if I remember.

One of my favorite photographers on Flickr is Baltimore's Jay Parkinson. He recently did an interview with where he explains his methods. Good stuff. I found Jay's work through this picture. Big surprise, I know. It must have been taken right after I took this.

Related: June 2nd is just 18 days away! FREE SUPER FURRIES!

Oh, I almost forgot. I have a giveaway to announce! I have a pile of promo CD's filled with recent releases that I need to get rid of. I will send this pile to the person that can name the most events I attended from the pile of ticket stubs in the picture above. Hint: Not all of these stubs are for concerts and since I am a big dork, I saw some of these events more than once. To win, all you have to do is email me your answer here. I count 13 I can name from the photo. Good luck!

April 2006 In Pictures

Mogwai 020

Mogwai were amazing last night. I'm a total verse-chrous-verse guy and was wondering how I would deal with a show without vocals, but it wasn't a problem. They aren't much to look at on stage, but that's not the point. Mogwai can stop on a dime and switch from drone to death metal, and it is best. Their light show was top notch. Even though all the band members just stood around, there was still plenty to watch. It was also one of the loudest shows I've been to in a while. My ears were hurting after taking pics up front in front of the speakers and you could still feel the bass pound your chest at the back of the venue. I wonder if they were doing some surround sound shizzle? Anyways, Mogwai are officially information leafblower approved and endorsed.

Mogwai 019

NPR broadcast the show and you can listen or download it here. Peep the DCist review here.
More photos after the jump.

It’s your move The Daily Ten.


My answer would be, a bunch of books not on this list.

Why the Red Sox keep winning (last night excepted).

Further evidence that SportsCenter has lost all connection to reality.

, ,


Not much going on around the internets today, which is a shame since I have some free time. Oh well. My pro Flickr account is back up and running, just in time for the Mogwai show tonight. This will be my first ever time seeing them, so I'm v. excited. I'm not that familiar with their work, but I have hear nothing but amazing things about their live show. So we'll see.

Go vote for the Photobloggies.

More, please.


Go download some tracks off of the new Charlatans album.

Metro Distortion has a ton of MP3's for your downloading pleasure, including We Are Scientists covering the Ronnettes, and Editors covering R.E.M.

And if it's R.E.M. cover songs you want, Mocking Music has you, um, covered.

Even more covers over at Pop Geek, including The Delays covering Aha and Franzia doing Gwen Stefani.

Ghostface for Intonation (surprised Pitchforkfest couldn't get him) and Kings of Leon are opening for Pearl Jam in Australia. Related: The new Ghostface album is incredible. Go to Best Buy ASAP and drop your $9.99 for this shit. Straight Fire.

No I'm not, but here is a live Art Brut track of the same name:
Art Brut | I'm Considering A Move To L.A. (MP3)
Their album Bang Bang Rock n' Roll is in stores today. You can order it from InSound here.

The RHCP are not happy with Apple right now.

Download Radiohead In Copenhagen 5/6/06. Look at that setlist! "Planet Telex," "Black Star" (easily the best Radiohead song there is), "Nude," etc. Wow. No "I Might Be Wrong" but they played it the next night. I tried in vain to get tickets to the Philly show on June 1st (one of my Ticketmaster passwords was "outlast"), so if anyone has a spare, get at me! I'm trying to pull off seeing two of my three favorite bands on consecutive nights in June. Radiohead on the 1st in Philly and SFA in NYC on the 2nd. Now if Oasis was playing Boston on the 3rd, I would be in heaven.

R.I.P. Grant McLennan.

NBA and Apple agree to distribute playoff game video via iTunes. That would be hott if I had a video iPod and the Celtics were in the post season. It doesn't seem like April if the C's aren't playing the Pacers on NBAtv and I'm not talking shit to Bob Cook.

Re: The Wiz...TANTOU!!!! I can't believe Gilbert missed those free throws.

Related: Where would Gerald Green, Al Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins be drafted if they orginally went to college and declared for the draft this year?

Add variety to your photography.

Easy stencils from a color photo.

The new iBook MacBook is supposed the be released today. Is it black?

Apologies for the lack of updates the last few days. It's been a combination of busy work and DCist schedules. I took Friday off and Ms. Smith and I went to the National Zoo and various other places around town. It was nice to get out from behind the computer for a day. I took some great photos but my Flickr Pro account expired, so I have to wait a few days while my payment goes through before I can upload everything. Same for my photos from Phoenix on Saturday night. They were good, but not as good as last year. They had a new drummer that I liked less than their last one (the French version of ?uestlove) and they frontloaded the set with a bunch of new stuff. Still, a good show, but not close to their last trip to the 9:30 Club. I bailed on Hockey Night last night because I was just too tired, but I am planning on catching Mogwai on Wednesday.

Also, I'll try to get the month in pictures and the May playlist up tomorrow. But no promises.

Wizznutzz on last night's Cavs/Wiz game: "Hi, I'm Queen James. If you call me for a foul, I will scowl and pout and look all gassy and act like you've just called my mom a felon. Really, though, I'm perfect. In fact, when I take a dump it comes out wrapped in a giftbox and smelling of lavender." I went to bed so I missed the ending. I see no reason why I should have to stay up late to see an East Coast team play in the playoffs. Totally ridiculous.

That said, if you're not watching this series, you're missing the best matchup in the NBA playoffs. And yes, that includes Mamba v. Raja. For all this talk that "LeBron is the man at 21" blahblahblah, people seem to forget that Agent Zero is but 24.

My John Vanderslice interview has some legs around the internets.

Just in case you haven't seen them, here are the Radiohead tour dates for the US that you have no chance of getting tickets for.

Here are those new Radiohead songs everyone is talking about.

Download some new Bloc Party from Coachella.

Go here to download a Giant Drag gig from the recent UK tour.

The politics of Morrissey. [thanks Glamourpuss]

How about Lost last night? Wow. Office gossip says Libby's not done yet and Jack and Claire are siblings.

How's this for three days of the rock?

Monday, June 26 - Echo & The Bunnymen / Black Cat

We Are Scientists
Tuesday, June 27 - We Are Scientists / Black Cat

Futureheads @ 930
Wednesday, June 28 - Futureheads / 9:30 Club

I also just bought very good seats to Belle & Sebastian, Broken Social Scene and Ted Leo at Merriweather Post Pavillion on July 8th. And a little birdie told me Editors are back at the 9:30 on July 27th.


Download a new track from The Stills at their MySpace page. Stream the whole album here.

Two (Windoze Media) streams from The Eagles of Death Metal:
"I Gotta Feeling"

Quicktime streams for Cut Chemist:
"The Garden"
"Storm" (featuring Edan and Mr. Lif)

Gnarls Barkley Ecard

Stream some Be Your Own Pet:
"Bicycle, Bicycle You Are My Bicycle"

Stream Hard-Fi's "Hard To Beat" video in Quicktime.

Pitchfork v. Travistan, the results are in.

Snowden's album on Jade Tree will be out in August 2006.

Downloadable Voxtrot goodies.

Maximo Park DVD info.

Hey, look everyone, it's Jake Dobkin!

Shave everywhere dot com [thanks Gl*mrocker]


My big project finally gets released to the world later today.
I think.

Real content tomorrow.
I hope.


...and he might just be the nicest guy in indie rock.

I'll explain later, but for now, go read my interview with JV over at DCist.