Back Like That

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Since I aim to spend the upcoming weekend drunk as a skunk with a bunch of Welshmen, I was deteremined to be as Amaerican as possible over my four day weekend.

Friday I went and saw a big summer blockbuster, and it was not as bad as many would have you believe. But you have to go on with low expectations (like I did) and be aware that it's a summer blockbuster, not X3:The Way A Comic Geek Would Have Written It. I did have problems with it, but they were mostly with the script, not Brett Ratner. I actually thought he did a pretty decent job.

Saturday Ms. Smith and I went to RFK to see the Nats take on Red Sox West. Derek Lowe was pitching, and although Bill Muellar is on the DL, I got scream "Nomaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" a bunch of times, so life was good. We took in V for Vendetta later that night at the Arlington Draft House. Verdict? Much the same as X3.

On Sunday we did a bit of shopping and then watched the US Mens National Soccer team take on Latvia. So of course I invited the only Latvian I know to come watch the game with us at the Cleveland Park Sports Bar. I am so ready for the World Cup! Especially since I got the OK to work from home some days. So best.

I was out of things to do by the time Memorial Day actually came around, so I cleaned the house a bit, did some work and spent some QT with Mr. Pink. Yay four day weekends!

Oh, last night I watched the Pistons implode on national TV. Good times.

Bloggers 1, Apple 0.

Canon latest to pull out of film cameras.

Moz: I've always felt like an exile.


Not even Brett Ratner can suck the soul out of X-Men.