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Not much going on around the internets today, which is a shame since I have some free time. Oh well. My pro Flickr account is back up and running, just in time for the Mogwai show tonight. This will be my first ever time seeing them, so I'm v. excited. I'm not that familiar with their work, but I have hear nothing but amazing things about their live show. So we'll see.

Go vote for the Photobloggies.

More, please.


Go download some tracks off of the new Charlatans album.

Metro Distortion has a ton of MP3's for your downloading pleasure, including We Are Scientists covering the Ronnettes, and Editors covering R.E.M.

And if it's R.E.M. cover songs you want, Mocking Music has you, um, covered.

Even more covers over at Pop Geek, including The Delays covering Aha and Franzia doing Gwen Stefani.

Ghostface for Intonation (surprised Pitchforkfest couldn't get him) and Kings of Leon are opening for Pearl Jam in Australia. Related: The new Ghostface album is incredible. Go to Best Buy ASAP and drop your $9.99 for this shit. Straight Fire.


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