Delivering Maybes

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Tonight is the Aberdeen City / Sound Team gig at the Black Cat. V. much looking forward to it. I'm scheduled to interview Aberdeen City for a DCist feature to run next week. Look for photos and such in over the weekend (hopefully). Oh, and I almost forgot, here is the link to my pictures from the National Zoo from a few weeks back. I like this one.

The Washington Times discovers MP3 blogs.

Is Outkast overrated?

12 notable moments in Wu‑Tang history.

Silversun Pickups live on KEXP downloads. This band needs to come play DC, like yesterday.

Related: KEXP has a blog. Ms. Smith, you're supposed to tell me about stuff like this.

Download some Morrissey demos from Viva Hate. [via Torr]

Google improves their blog search function.

If "The Ten Commandments" was a wild teen comedy. Effing hilarious.

I almost pooped my pants when I saw this. Look how easy it is to upgrade your hard drive in the new MacBook.

Big ups to Ms. Smith who is getting her Graduate Degree from GW this weekend. W00t!


Ms Smith said:

A few things - thanks for the note on graduation - I hope the ceremony doesn't bore you! Oh yes, KEXP has a blog now. . . I forgot to tell you before. And, KEXP Song of the Day podcast gave me Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups months ago - I've listened to it 8 times, says iTunes, still can't say that I like it. I mean, I like part, but there is a part that annoys me too.