Feelgood By Numbers

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Swamped at work and feeling a bit under the weather as well, so today is going to be short.

Go read my interview with Aberdeen City over at DCist.

Hammerjacks, a music venue in Baltimore, is closing for good on Saturday. That makes me sad. I only went there once, but that was a pretty cool night. It was the night that this happened:

As if I needed an excuse to re-run that picture (that's me on the lower right, obvs.). Here's the story behind it if you're interested.

But enough about Oasis. I get to see what I believe is my 27th Super Furry Animals gig on Friday in NYC and I could not be more excited. Yes, I have serious problems.

To celebrate, here are two live MP3's for your downloading pleasure from the 1996 Hultsfred Fesitval:
Super Furry Animals | Frisbee (Live) (MP3) One of the first Super Furry songs I ever heard and one of my favorites to this day. I have literally begged the band for going on seven years to play itlive but still no joy.

Super Furry Animals | Organ Yn De Geg (Live) (MP3) - Another early fave that I have yet to hear the band play live.


Sadly, Hammerjack's hasn't had a decent band in years... I think the last band I saw there was when I was a freshman in college, many many years ago. Too bad, because it was a decent venue.

Chris said:

the Hammerjack's you are thinking of is long gone. That one was shut down some time in the 90s, replaced by the (insert corporate name here) Ravens Stadium. The newest concoction of Hammerjacks is in North/Central Baltimore. never went there, hadn't heard anything special about it.

Richie said:

Yeah, don't think they've played Organ Yn Dy Geg since their first tours. I heard them play it at King Tut's in 1996. Shame, it's a great, great song.