Hard Times

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Wizznutzz on last night's Cavs/Wiz game: "Hi, I'm Queen James. If you call me for a foul, I will scowl and pout and look all gassy and act like you've just called my mom a felon. Really, though, I'm perfect. In fact, when I take a dump it comes out wrapped in a giftbox and smelling of lavender." I went to bed so I missed the ending. I see no reason why I should have to stay up late to see an East Coast team play in the playoffs. Totally ridiculous.

That said, if you're not watching this series, you're missing the best matchup in the NBA playoffs. And yes, that includes Mamba v. Raja. For all this talk that "LeBron is the man at 21" blahblahblah, people seem to forget that Agent Zero is but 24.

My John Vanderslice interview has some legs around the internets.

Just in case you haven't seen them, here are the Radiohead tour dates for the US that you have no chance of getting tickets for.

Here are those new Radiohead songs everyone is talking about.

Download some new Bloc Party from Coachella.

Go here to download a Giant Drag gig from the recent UK tour.

The politics of Morrissey. [thanks Glamourpuss]

How about Lost last night? Wow. Office gossip says Libby's not done yet and Jack and Claire are siblings.