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So how bananas was Lost last night? Like Woah. I had two problems with it though(**semi-spoilerific, but not really**)
1) Jin has become such a non-factor. All he does is shrug and give people the thumbs up. What a waste.
2) You mean to tell me that, when a sailboat appears that can carry a small crew wherever they want to go, not one person on that side of the island speaks up and says something like "Hey, fuck Walt. Lets use that boat to get the hell out of here." As if.

Two things I really liked about it: sonyawalger.jpg
1) The explanantion of the plane crash.
2) More Desmond and best yet, Sonya Walger. I have a huuuuuuge crush on her. I even used to (semi) watch The Mind of the Married Man just to see her each week. Hubba hubba. Nice to see her getting a decent role after the disaster that was the US version of Coupling. Oh wait, IMDB says she's on CSI:NY alot. I wouldn't know, I refuse to watch any of those shows. But I digress...
Sonya Walger=best.

You wouldn't expect Consumerist to be at the forefront of the NSA wiretap story, but they are. Interesting stuff.

Ghostface! Catch the blast of a hype verse.

I also like this shot of the YYY's.

Chromewaves ponders Eric Bachmann.

Amazon is offering 30% off select box sets. Sadly, the one boxset I want isn't part of the deal. Related: Anyone know if this is any good?

How important are NBA workouts? Ask Orien Greene. [via Celticsblog]

Nice stuff from Boston Dirt Dogs. I am officially over Matt Clement.


Tonight I'm catching local faves Nethers opening for the Walkmen before heading over to DC9 to DJ at Unbuckled and catch Deleted Scenes and Georgie James. And no work tomorrow! Should be fun.



Jodasm said:

I can burn Crystal Days to an mp3 cd for you if you want.

melina said:

that IS one hot shot of the YYY's...mmmm

ben said:

listen, man, i love your site, but stop linking dirt dogs. the dude is straight-out racist (him and john wayne) and the voice of the bad red sox fan.