I'm Considering A Move To L.A.

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No I'm not, but here is a live Art Brut track of the same name:
Art Brut | I'm Considering A Move To L.A. (MP3)
Their album Bang Bang Rock n' Roll is in stores today. You can order it from InSound here.

The RHCP are not happy with Apple right now.

Download Radiohead In Copenhagen 5/6/06. Look at that setlist! "Planet Telex," "Black Star" (easily the best Radiohead song there is), "Nude," etc. Wow. No "I Might Be Wrong" but they played it the next night. I tried in vain to get tickets to the Philly show on June 1st (one of my Ticketmaster passwords was "outlast"), so if anyone has a spare, get at me! I'm trying to pull off seeing two of my three favorite bands on consecutive nights in June. Radiohead on the 1st in Philly and SFA in NYC on the 2nd. Now if Oasis was playing Boston on the 3rd, I would be in heaven.

R.I.P. Grant McLennan.

NBA and Apple agree to distribute playoff game video via iTunes. That would be hott if I had a video iPod and the Celtics were in the post season. It doesn't seem like April if the C's aren't playing the Pacers on NBAtv and I'm not talking shit to Bob Cook.

Re: The Wiz...TANTOU!!!! I can't believe Gilbert missed those free throws.

Related: Where would Gerald Green, Al Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins be drafted if they orginally went to college and declared for the draft this year?

Add variety to your photography.

Easy stencils from a color photo.

The new iBook MacBook is supposed the be released today. Is it black?

Apologies for the lack of updates the last few days. It's been a combination of busy work and DCist schedules. I took Friday off and Ms. Smith and I went to the National Zoo and various other places around town. It was nice to get out from behind the computer for a day. I took some great photos but my Flickr Pro account expired, so I have to wait a few days while my payment goes through before I can upload everything. Same for my photos from Phoenix on Saturday night. They were good, but not as good as last year. They had a new drummer that I liked less than their last one (the French version of ?uestlove) and they frontloaded the set with a bunch of new stuff. Still, a good show, but not close to their last trip to the 9:30 Club. I bailed on Hockey Night last night because I was just too tired, but I am planning on catching Mogwai on Wednesday.

Also, I'll try to get the month in pictures and the May playlist up tomorrow. But no promises.


Peabs said:

Lest we forget they played "Let Down," which hadn't been in their tour rotation since the 1997-98 OK Computer tour. Best.