Lucky Number Seven

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The NBA Draft lottery was last night (meaning roughly 5 weeks until my favorite night of the entire year) and although the Draft Gods deemed us unworthy of moving up (unlike Toronto, which moved up into the top spot and pushed Portland down to #4), I'm pretty happy with the Celtics picking at seven. Assuming Andrea Bargnani stays in the draft, this draft seems seven playwers deep to me. The best thing about this situation is that the teams ahead of us all have specific needs that they'll most likely want to address which should lead to a good player dropping to us at number seven. Also working in our favor, the Hawks and T-Wolves, both teams that have never met a draft they couldn't screw up royally, are picking ahead of us so we can capitalize on their mistakes. There are still alot of workouts and draft camps to come, but here are what the new and updated mock draftshave the Celtics doing:

NBA Draft has us taking Brandon Roy.
Hoopshype has us taking Tyrus Thomas.
So does DraftExpress.
Chad Ford has us taking Rajon Rondo.

If we get Marcus Williams or Tyrus Thomas out of this draft, color me a happy camper. Ideally, I'd want someone that can contribute right away next year (Roy, Rudy Gay or Williams) but Thomas really intrigues me. He's a reach at number one, but seems about right at number seven.

There's also the possibility that we trade Raef or Tony Allen with our pick for some veteran help and a pick later in the first round. Danny Ainge said he already knew who he wanted a few weeks ago, so it might come down to waiting to see if his guy is still on the board when we pick. For the record, I don't want us to take either Duke seniors.

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