May 2006 Playlist

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Jeezy Creezy. You wouldn't think that picking out 10 or 15 newish songs, loading them into an iTunes playlist and putting a jpeg up on the interweb would take me three weeks, but...*shrug* It's been a busy month, what can I say? So here is this month's belated playlist, complete with downloadable goodies:

Art Brut | Back In Black/Formed A Band (Live) (MP3) - Just the best opening song you could ever want at a gig. Watch us play this classic riff and then - Boom!- "Formed a band! / We formed a band! / Look at us! / We formed a band!" Maybe you have to see this live to experience it's brilliance. When I heard them do this (with "Enter Sandman" instead of the AC/DC) in DC, I had a smile from ear to ear in like 2.3 seconds. Best.

Hot Hot Heat | Middle of Nowhere (MP3) - I don't like Hot Hot Heat. Too yelpy. That said, this song (which is not newish by any means) is great. Why this wasn't the first single from Elevator, I'll never know. Much less annoying that "Goodnight, Goodnight." This is actually a proper tune, perfect for radio. And when the back up vocals come in with 30 seconds left in the song, they totally have me hooked.

The Rakes | Work, Work, Work (Pub Club Sleep) (MP3) - A nice little jangly tune. Starts out like "Sister Surround" and then morphs into a Bloc Party-ish, dance rock toe-tapper. I still get these guys mixed up with Brakes.

Massive Attack | Protection (MP3) - What can I say about Massive Attack that hasn't been said? That they left "Daydreaming" off of the Greatest Hits compilation that this track comes from? In a career full of peaks, this might be MA's best song. I like it so much I picked up Everything But The Girl's Greatest Hits at Tower last week. I love when the rain comes in at the end. Perfection.

New Apple Store in NYC.

Like Woah. Nice.


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