Photos From Unbuckled 3

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Last Thursday I had the pleasure of seeing two great bands and also DJing to a packed house. Not too shabby. Above are two B&W-ified pictures from Unbuckled 3. I'm playing around with converting images to B&W since both shows were bathed in red light, which made the original pictures not so good. That may be a little harsh, but I was getting frustrated that no one wanted to step into what little light there was.

Anyways, Nethers were their usual feedback drenched selves and it was nice to see and hear them at the 930 Club. They are playing again in June with Dungen, so you're not done reading about them in this space just yet because, yes, I will be going. Georgie James have improved by leaps and bounds since their first gig a mere six weeks or so ago. Seeing them was a nice way to kick off my four day weekend. They're even testing out new material, so go see them before they disappear into the studio.