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Mogwai 020

Mogwai were amazing last night. I'm a total verse-chrous-verse guy and was wondering how I would deal with a show without vocals, but it wasn't a problem. They aren't much to look at on stage, but that's not the point. Mogwai can stop on a dime and switch from drone to death metal, and it is best. Their light show was top notch. Even though all the band members just stood around, there was still plenty to watch. It was also one of the loudest shows I've been to in a while. My ears were hurting after taking pics up front in front of the speakers and you could still feel the bass pound your chest at the back of the venue. I wonder if they were doing some surround sound shizzle? Anyways, Mogwai are officially information leafblower approved and endorsed.

Mogwai 019

NPR broadcast the show and you can listen or download it here. Peep the DCist review here.
More photos after the jump.

It’s your move The Daily Ten.


My answer would be, a bunch of books not on this list.

Why the Red Sox keep winning (last night excepted).

Further evidence that SportsCenter has lost all connection to reality.

Mogwai 017

Mogwai 014

Mogwai 012

Mogwai 040


Wendy said:

The New York Times loves Philip Roth.

Glenn said:

I recall one Mogwai show in 2001 at the Showbox in Seattle, back before I had really good earplugs. Brutally loud. Ridiculously loud. A test of the audience. The last few songs were punishing. Those who didn't leave were standing there with their fingers in their ears. I crammed bits of napkins in my ears. My clothes were vibrating, and I'm sure I would have had an upset stomach if I ate a big dinner right before the show. A few bands stand out as the loudest I've seen (one Blur show, believe it or not. Chemical Brothers. Sugar. Dalek.) but this show's volume had a very unique force behind it. The magnitude of the volume and the way the band would kick it up a peg or two as the songs progressed, it was artistic in and of itself. Yes, volume is art.

Sherwood! said:

Great to catch up with you here in DC. Thanks for the link to last night's show! Too bad you missed the was truly a test of endurance, yet the capacity crowd remained fully engaged and hypnotized by the swelling loops of noise. It was one of the closest moments I have had to spiritual enlightenment in recent memory>> Well, at least since Twilo 1997. haha. see you soon.

Uncle Grambo said:

Holy rave reviews for Mogwai. Based on the strength of this review, I'm going to make a point of checking them out the next time they hit The D.

JT said:

Your blog caught my eye a while ago with the "Here" quote. Checking you out definitely upped my exposure to Super Furies and Mylo. So I have a flegdling blog now. Check it out if you want. I hope I have it in me to stick with it.