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Oh Annie. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Is it your delightful potty mouth? Kinda. The killer hooks that eminate from your guitar? Affirmative. Your on stage banter regarding anal hymens? Check. They way you still look hot even though you didn't even bother to shower yesterday? Absolutely. In fact, I respect you even more because there's no way in hell I would use the shower at the Black Cat.

Giant Drag played a great set at the Black Cat last night. Not as mind blowing as their previous DC appearance, but it still rocked. Annie was much more at ease with the crowd last night. Everyone adored her, except the girl that shouted "You need to eat something" when the Drag took the stage. Annie was all like "Oh no you didn't! I'll have you know I have a very fast metabolism. I just ate a burger, fries, some fruit and a piece of motherfucking cheesecake." Owned. Annie and Micah played two new songs during their set, the first of which was perfection. This bodes well for future releases. This band really amazes me. They have a big, fleshed out live sound despite only two people being on stage. Eff the White Stripes, gimme Annie and Micah any day of the week.

I stuck around for a few songs from Pretty Girls Make Graves (I'm willing to listen to any band that takes their name from a Smiths song) but I really didn't get them at all. They were really energetic on stage though. Their bassist must be like 6-foot-4. I was all the way up front and couldn't fit more than like 1/4 of him in my camera lense. Too bad too, 'cause he was totally rocking out. They had the lights turned waaaaay low while they were on stage, so I was forced to use my flash to take a few pics. It was the first time I'd used the flash on my Rebel XT (weird, I know, but I really like natural light), and I think the results were OK. More pictures after the jump. You can see them all over at Flickr.




Pretty Girls Make Graves




nice photos. anal hymen = almost as good as subcutaneous emphezema (sp?). i wish i'd made it to the show. that will teach me to start watching 24 when i should be going out. but i totally got a shout-out from the show, so it was almost worth it.