Waiting For Slow Songs

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Busy week coming up:
Monday: Giant Drag @ Black Cat (Thanks for the reminder Natalya)
Wednesday: Charlatans @ 9:30
Friday: Aberdeen City / Sound Team / Elephant @ Black Cat
Saturday: Ms. Smith gets her grad degree from GW (yay!)

Of all these shows, I'm most excited about Friday's. Aberdeen City are a band you should keep your eye on. They get exponentially better each time I see them and Coolfer's been talking up the Sound Team record to me. Should be fun. I doubt I'll stick around very long for Elephant since I have boyfriend duties on Saturday. I'm also really excited about tonight's Giant Drag show. It's been a while since I've seen my indie rock girlfriend. Hopefully her subcutaneous emphysema has cleared up since last time they came through town.

Oh for fucks sake! I was really looking forward to that. Noel drives me crazy with this shit. "We decided the songs weren't good enough so we're gonna take two years off and spend our money instead." *shakes fist* I'm ready for Liam to pull a Thom Yorke.


Amazon has a sale on Criterion Collection DVD's. Sweet.

Pitchfork nail their Art Brut review. And yes, the "Enter Sandman / Formed A Band" intro was one of the funniest, if not the best, opening numbers to a show I've ever seen. I downloaded the bootleg they have available on eMusic and they do "Back In Black" instead, it's slightly less best. I'll post it later in the week if I remember.

One of my favorite photographers on Flickr is Baltimore's Jay Parkinson. He recently did an interview with nerve.com where he explains his methods. Good stuff. I found Jay's work through this picture. Big surprise, I know. It must have been taken right after I took this.

Related: June 2nd is just 18 days away! FREE SUPER FURRIES!

Oh, I almost forgot. I have a giveaway to announce! I have a pile of promo CD's filled with recent releases that I need to get rid of. I will send this pile to the person that can name the most events I attended from the pile of ticket stubs in the picture above. Hint: Not all of these stubs are for concerts and since I am a big dork, I saw some of these events more than once. To win, all you have to do is email me your answer here. I count 13 I can name from the photo. Good luck!