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First and foremost, Happy 47th to the mighty Mozzer! Good on ya.



I've had quite the last few days. On Friday night Ms. Smith and I went to see Aberdeen City and Sound Team at the Black Cat. After a traffic filled 13 hour trip from Boston to D.C. Aberdeen City almost didn't get to play, but Sound Team was nice enough to go on first on the bill and allow the boys from Boston time to get to the venue. Elefant and the venue also agreed to push back everyone's set times a bit so everything to fall in to place. And Aberdeen totally killed it. They literally got to the venue, walked on stage, plugged their guitars into Sound Team's gear, tuned up and got to it. They were straight fire. You could tell how happy they were to be out of the van and on stage. I interviewed AC after the gig, so look for that in a day or two over on DCist.

Download: Another Seven Years | Aberdeen City (MP3)


Sound Team were good but a bit inconsistent. They have one or two songs that are straight up smashes, but some of their other stuff is a bit middling. And they have like 20 people onstage(it's actually 5 or 6) and it's a bit distracting. But when they lock it in, like on "Your Eyes Are Liars," you can really get a good feel for what they are trying to do. I'm really not that familiar with them and I've heard great things about their forthcoming album, so I'd go see them again and give them another chance. More pictures after the jump.

Download: Your Eyes Are Liars | Sound Team (MP3)

Each Note Secure has links to Sound Team and Aberdeen City's WOXY lounge Acts.

Ms. Smith got her graduate degree from GW on Saturday(yay!). Her Mom and step-Dad are in town for the occasion, so we spent the weekend eating some fine food and drinking some fine vino at some fine D.C. establishments.

The 25 best music sites on the web.

This is literally the coolest thing ever. It's a fully interactive panoramic image of the Apple Store opening last Friday. Do yourself a favor and play around on this thing for a few minutes. Wow.

New Order confirm UK tour.

Torr has some Stone Roses demos for download. I have most of this stuff on a bootleg and "The Sun Still Shines" is my favorite Roses track ever. Too bad they never recorded it properly. Go get it!

Hi Randolph!

Aberdeen City



Sound Team





See the whole set over at Flickr.


I counted 6 Sound Team members. And since they're a team, each member can to contribute a minute to each song. That's why all of the songs were six minutes long and boring. Except for one or two songs where each member only contributed 30 seconds. Those were ok.

I think I meant "had to contribute."