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Beasley, you suck!  Sod off!Bruce Arena out...Jurgen Klinsmann in? Funny, I was just talking to DCeiver about this very thing! I'm all for it, he's against it. Can we get rid of DeMarcus Beasley too?
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So true.

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matt said:

>I'm all for it, he's against it.

what is the credible argument for keeping arena after the last few months? It's not just the cup, the humiliation by germany in that friendly can't be taken lightly.

hermance said:

Arena's World Cup coaching seemed truly terrible. His detached attitude seemed reflected in his players, and it was very hard from their play to detect discernible offensive plans. I can't see any reason to keep him.

DCeiver said:

There's a very good case for keeping Arena. It's called the quarterfinals of the World Cup, which he took us to in 2002.

I realize how difficult this is for all U.S. Soccer fans. After all, the US Team this year obviously became the first team in World Cup history to have a bad performance. I know it's been tough on my psyche, believe me.

But getting rid of Arena isn't worth it if you can't bring in a coach that's uhm...better. Admittedly--Klinsman is like, the ONE GUY I can think of that falls into the category of a worthy replacement. And, really, the only criteria is: how far did YOU get? Anyone short of the quarters isn't worth talking to. Just not worth talking to.

Ultimately, the problem with the US team is the players. I hope I never see the majority suit up for us again. Reyna's already been kind enough to oblige me in that regard. Effing Donovan needs to get busted down to the Richmond Kickers.

matt said:

>Ultimately, the problem with the US team is the players.

who picks them? i guarantee you that the players who went to germany aren't the best 22 in the states. past that, he stuck with a 4-5-1 well into the ghana game, where a tie meant nothing. o'brien may not have been fit, but he looked great in the pre-cup friendlies, how many minutes did he get?

who gets to keep their job based on something they did 4 years prior? they got a lucky draw, and really only had one quality win (mex). He needs to go, and the USSF can do better, even if klinsman stays with germany.