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And I'm off. I'll leave you with my official song of the summer (even though it was released in 2004).

[MP3} Teddybears | Yours To Keep

PS - This really sucks. Boo.

Today's songs:

[MP3] LL Cool J | Going Back To Cali

[MP3] Buffalo Tom | Summer (Acoustic)
Still waiting for that Buffalo Tom show in D.C. C'mon guys, make it happen!

[MP3] The Sundays | Summetime
My love for The Sundays, probably one of my (and John Peel's) favorite bands ever - yet I hardly ever mention them on this site, and lead singer Harriett Wheeler (hubba hubba) knows no bounds and probably deserves a post of it's own. One day... I only got to see them live once, on the Static and Silence tour at the Supper Club in New York. It's a shame they were big before the internet came into it's own. There isn't much info about them online.

[MP3] Superdrag | I'm Expanding My Mind
I always pictured this song, from Superdrag's criminally underrated sophomore album, playing over the closing credits of my as-of-yet unwritten movie about a group of friends going on a road trip out West. That last sentence is about as far as I've gotten on that screenplay, but hey, it's a start. That would be a good post, "Soundtrack to the movie/screenplay I haven't written yet." I'm coming for you Zach Braff. You and Jump Little Children can eff off.

I did a little dance earlier today when I found out the opening band for The National's October show at the Black Cat. As Damore would say...MMMMmmmmmmmmmbest!

Whew, I don't have to see Idlewild now. Not that I was going to.

Pageviews are obsolete.

CALIFORNIA-738227.gifLabor Day is approaching fast and with it, your friendly neighborhood infoleafguy will be heading out to the West Coast for the first time in many moons. I think the last time I was in Cali was back in college when Adam Swientek and I ventured out to San Fran for the first ever Tibetan Freedom Concert. Too bad there was no blogging back in the halcyon days of 1996, because we had a great time out there. If I remember correctly, the best sets were by John Lee Hooker (he was A-MAY-ZING), Pavement, The Beasties (Ad Rock wore a Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf jersey, don't ask me why I remember that) and Bjork. The worst set? The Smashing Pumpkins, obvs. They played like 45 minutes of feedback. Losers. But I digress...

So come Thursday morning, I will accompany Ms. Smith out to the O.C., not far from Laguna Beach, which would be even more exciting if I had ever watched either of those shows more than once.

Last night I started putting together a big, California-influenced playlist to listen to while we drive around (top down, natch) everywhere. And of course I have a few selections to share:

[MP3]Car Stereo (Wars) | What's Up California?
(go to GVB to download)
Not the instant classic that Ghostface Observatory was, but it saves me from listening to Rooney, which is always a plus in my book.

[MP3]Lady Sovereign | Random (Live on AOL's The Interface)
(go to Culture Bully to download)
Holy shit, this track is straight fire!

[MP3] James Brown | Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved
It's the summer, go listen to some James Brown!

[MP3] Public Enemy | Brothers Gonna Work It Out
It made me sad today when I read the following on Pitchfork:

As Public Enemy's influence lessens by the minute (did anyone pay attention to this-year's Rebirth of a Nation, their co-op project with Paris?), the outpouring of mediocre projects is doing nothing to reestablish any sort of reign.

That may be so, but I still enjoy the old stuff. This track goes well with the James Brown track above since they basically appropriated JB's call and response verse into their own. Best.

More tracks tomorrow and Thursday.


More than one friend has accused me of turning into a D.C. United groupie. Yeah, and what of it? I took in Saturday night's game since I wanted to see Landon Donovan up close.


As you can see, I got much better photos this time around even though I'm an idiot and had my camera on the wrong ISO setting the entire time. Still, I was much happier with the results. This lens is worth every penny, which means I won't be able to afford one for quite a while.


Even though the score wasn't close, it was an exciting game. Donovan was taking an insane amount of abuse from thefans. I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. He deserves credit though, he played very well, scoring twice and having a hand in the other three goals. But it makes me wonder, where exactly was that type of play in Germany?


The game got really chippy in the second half, as you can see from the pictures here. One of Galaxy's defenders broke Dominic Mediate's leg on a tackle and NO CALL WAS MADE. Good lord. There was lots of pushing and shoving and 6 yellow cards issued in all. Good times!


Head over to Flickr for my photoset from the game. The DCenters have the complete match round up.

Fine Then

| |

Boo! Mew and Kasabian skipping DC on their upcoming tour.

So are Kings of Leon, but we get the Stills. Somehow that's not adding up as fair as far as I'm concerned. C'mon KOL! You're doing Philly the night before. What's one more gig? It's on the way home!

RIAA-proof music sharing.

Christopher Porter on Nouvelle Vague.

Eric Bachmann is slowly turning into that Chris Farley SNL character of the guy that lives in a van down by the river. WTF? AT least he's playing DC on his next tour. [via Chromewaves]

For the last time, I did not lose my virginity to Evan Dando.

Vice Records has their MP3 blog back up and running.

The C's are hitting the gym this summer.

Apple pays Creative $100 Million.

Top 10 Flickr cameras.



Last night I had my second opportunity to attend and photograph a DC United match, this time being the US Open quarterfinal match v. Red Bull New York. I was really excited about the match because 1) how can you not be excited about shooting professional sports from the sidelines/endlines, 2) Bruce Arena's return to RFK, and 3) these teams really don't like each other.


It was an entertaining match and DC ended up winning 3-1 behind Jamil Walker. I felt more comfortable in the photo area, mostly because the Scottish Photo Mafia weren't in attendance and I rented one of these (extremely heavy) bad boys. I also figured out where they keep the padded seats so I didn't have to stand the entire match. Bonus! My photos turned out pretty well, although not as well as I had hoped, give that I was shooting with a $1400 lens. Maybe my expectations were a bit high, after all it was the first time I'd ever used a lens that had a reach longer than 75mm, but I definitely need more practice. I'm going to try and shoot as many DCU games as I can for the rest of the season.


Shooting sports is so much different than shooting concerts. The action moves much faster, it's not necessarilly happening in one place and you have to be able to change focal lengths on the fly. It's very challenging, but at the same time it's alot of fun. I have a long way to go (and alot of expensive equipment to get my hands on) but I feel like I'm learning as I go, which is all I can ask for at this point. Plus, I get to see some great soccer. DCU is on pace for the second best season in MLS history! Their squad is loaded.

Alecko Eskandarian almost ran me over last night. He was chasing down a long ball right in front of me and just did put on the brakes before taking out the endline barrier that I was positioned behind. Good times!

More photos over on DCist and of course, in my Flickr photo set from last night. A few more are after the jump as well.

Speaking of photos, what's up with the new Rebel XTi? Very interesting.

Don't forget, bluestate tonight!


Last week your truly had the opportunity to chat with Joe Lester (that's him on the right with the glasses) of the Silversun Pickups about their recent D.C. show, their future touring plans and those pesky Smashing Pumpkins comparisons.

So how is the tour going?

It's been really good. It's kinda crazy because it's not like a regular tour. It's like, fly to the East Coast, drive around to a bunch of places, head back to New York , fly to Chicago, drive around a bunch in the Midwest...It's not linear at all. It's like hopping to and fro and we have all this publicity stuff during the day time, it's kinda starting to wear on us a little bit. Well, not wear on us, but it's catching up to us.

Well, it's kind of a new experience for you guys, right?

Yeah. We've never done anything like it.

Have you toured the East Coast before?

Yeah. We did a three and a half week tour with Earlimart two years ago. The tour actually started, for us anyway, in Boston and went all the way down the East Coast and all the way across the South and then back to L.A. But that's the only time. And we've been to CMJ a couple times and that kind of stuff, but no real proper touring until this time.

And now you have all these press commitments eating up your downtime...

We've done touring where were used to being in the van for long drives and things like that, but when we have to be somewhere at 1 p.m. for an interview as opposed to 7 p.m. for soundcheck, that starts to catch up with you a little bit.

Is it just the band in the van? Do you have a soundman or a roadie?

Our manager has been with us for bits and pieces of the tour and we had a defacto tour manager on the Midwest leg of the tour because renting his tour van with him driving it was cheaper than renting from a place like Avis. We've never had that before, so that was pretty cool.

So where are you located?

I'm in Washington D.C. I saw you guys play the Black Cat last week.

Oh nice.

That was a great gig. I was really blown away. I was telling everyone how impressed I was with the show. I loved that your amps were as big as the stage was.

[Laughs] That show was kind of funny because we got there and the opening band was soundchecking and they told us "We usually only soundcheck the openers here," and we were like [puzzled] "Ooohkay." Because that's kind of backwards, but were just like "Whatever, that's fine." We've played so many little clubs, especially in L.A., where all you can hope for is that you're loud enough and that's it. So we're used to that.

That has to be tough for you since you do the keyboards and effects.

I've managed to figure it out. I just keep turning up until I can hear myself a little over Brian's guitars and that's usually a pretty decent indicator that I'm sort of where I need to be. But not always. We had fun at that show. All these shows have been crazy because we didn't really know what to expect because it's the first or second time we've been through these towns, so we're like "where the fuck did all these people come from?"

Thats easy, they all listen to KEXP. They really took a liking to you guys.

They've been super great.

I would imagine that's how most of the people heard about you guys. They played "Kissing Families" like crazy.

They've played the shit out of the E.P. and whenever they ask us to do anything, like "Hey, we're having a party," and we're like "We'll be there," because they've been so great to us.

That's how I found out about the band. They put "Kissing Families" as the first track on one of their Music That Matters podcasts.

We didn't realize how much reach they had. We get crazy emails from all over the place from people hearing us on KEXP, like from South America.

It's crazy how internet radio has changed everything, especially since real radio sucks so much right now. It's driving people all online. People can sit in their cube all day and just listen to WOXY or KEXP or something like that because they know that's how they'll find the good music.

Absolutely. It's a great equalizing force. Now good bands who aren't able to get on some major label and get heard, they're saying "Fuck it, we can make a CD in our hometown and if one of the internet stations hears it and likes it, we can still have people hear out music." And that's pretty amazing.

And then you do things like visit the WOXY studio and perform and they make it available for streaming and downloading. It's just more material for your fans to hear.

It just feels nice to do stuff like that. Like going to WOXY and seeing that they're people who really love music as much as you do and they honestly are there just because they want to have a radio station that plays the music that they want to hear.

What size venues are you playing on this tour? All they all tiny rooms?

Yeah, mostly rooms that hold between 150 and 250 people. We played at Schubas in Chicago and they said it held like 200. So it's all smallish rooms. I'd say the Mercury Lounge in New York was the biggest place we played. We're just surprised when there's more than 20 people there.

Obviously you guys are going to be playing bigger venues pretty soon. Have you thought about that at all?

Not really. You hope that some day you'll be able to do that but this next tour we're on with Viva Voce is all places about the same size as what we're playing on this tour. We don't want to get too big for our britches. We've played some bigger places on tours when we've supported other people, like The Wiltern in L.A., and you just don't realize how great stage sound can be until you do that.

That's what I kept thinking during the D.C. show. I can't wait to hear you guys with a big sound system behind you.

That's something to look forward to. We may have a sound guy with us on the next tour. We've talked to Viva Voce about maybe splitting one for the whole tour. I've just started looking at where we're playing on the next tour. Dates have sort of been filtering in to us.

Bloggers love you, but the one criticism I generally read in regards to your band is the dreaded "90's influence." How do you feel about that?

It's funny. In one way it's weird because everyone wants to give us a tag like "New New Wave" or something like that. A 90's revival sounds sort of weird, because the 90's weren't that long ago, but at the same time the bands we keep get compared to, at least they were good 90's bands. The first three Smashing Pumpkins records were great. I'll take My Bloody Valentine comparisons all day long. It's better than Toad the Wet Sprocket or something like that.

The first time I heard Carnavas, it reminded me of Gish, which is one of my favorite records.

I think that's because it has alot of big fuzzy guitars on it and I guess when you think about it, there aren't a whole lot of bands that are doing that right now. It's more that jangley, dancey, Strokes-y guitar, so maybe that makes it more of an easy comparison. It's just what happened when we started playing together, there was definitely no thought that we were going to make "the new Gish," you know? Honestly I haven't heard Gish in probably 10 years. It's just one of those things. Everyone needs something to grab on to, and that seems to be our thing. It's an easy comparison to make for a lot of people. I don't really think of it as slanderous or anything. It's bound to happen.

The band has been together for a while now, like five years, and you're just now starting to take off. Do you feel like this attention is a long time coming or is it more of a natural progression?

None of us have really thought about it that way. We'd done some demos with some friends of ours in 2001 or 2002 that was every song or song idea that we had, and we didn't really feel like any of them were done. So we just kept playing and figuring out what we wanted to do and what we wanted to sound like and eventually a few different labels approached us about putting something out. So we were like "Oh yeah, we better do that." I think we're at a point now where we can out forward a pretty good representation of what we are. We were just playing so much that we never really though "Oh fuck, we have to get a record out." We were playing alot and it was fun and it was what we like to do. So when it was presented to us, we decided that we should probably record something and put some shit out for real.

What's it like being an up and coming indie band in L.A.? In New York the blogs are hyping new local bands every week, whereas L.A. doesn't have as big a blog community or online presence. Did it help to be left alone for so long and be given time to grow?

I think so. We've noticed that alot of the blogs in New York, and not in a detrimental way, but it reminds me of the press in England, where they find a new band to champion pretty often. I don't want to call them fickle, they're not like the NME,they're just horrible. But there seems to be alot more of the championing of those kind of bands whereas in L.A. maybe since it has the reputation of being the place where shitty bands go to make it big, maybe people don't pay attention to bands from L.A. as much. And in a way, that's kind of nice, not having someone constantly looking over your shoulder.

And that gives you time to develop before you have hundreds of people coming to see you play.

I think it's much nicer that way. If people want to talk about us, great. We're not going to collapse in front of them. We've been doing this long enough that we know how to play shows.

Earlier this year some friends and I went to see an unnamed, over-hyped band from Brooklyn in concert and they were horrible. It was one of the worst shows I've seen in a while. They could barely play their instruments.

It's funny because I heard a few of the songs from their record and I really liked them but then we saw them on Conan last night and I don't know if I really get it. They were all just standing there and I...I just don't know.

Yeah, so my friend wrote a spot on review calling them out on this bad show and some people commented that we should take it easy on them because they'd only played x number of shows up to that point. But that didn't stop them from going out on tour and charging people $15 or $20 to see them play.

There shouldn't be apologists for that. With live shows, you're selling a commodity of sorts. You're presenting yourself as someone that's going to entertain people for an hour or whatever. And if you're going to charge people $20, tell me you've played more than six shows together. I don't want to slag off on other bands, but that is kind of weird. There's been a couple of instances that we've come across that's kind of like that where we were wondering where all the press was coming from. It's much more interesting to me when you go see a band that you've never heard of. Where we're from in L.A., you go to venues just like people in other parts of the country go to bars. Cover charges are like $5 and you just go see bands. Sometimes you want to go see them because you've heard of them and sometimes you just go with a bunch of friends. We'll just go get a drink and see if anyone good is playing. Those nights are the most fun, when you see something that makes you say "Holy fuck, where did these guys come from? They're amazing."

What's the scene in L.A. is like?

It's weird. And I mean that in a good way. The places that I end up going to most of the time, It's all over the map. Like this band Darker My Love that are this crazy, super freaky, fuzzed out, awesome droney space rock and The Movies, who have this awesome 80's Talking Heads kind of vibe. And here I am using the same comparisons that we were talking about earlier, but...[laughs] There are alot of really great bands. Like the Cold War Kids, they're great. We tried to get our label to sign them and now like every major in the world is courting them. We toured with them a bit and they're awesome. There is a band whose live show is fantastic. They're really fun. There's always good stuff in L.A. if you know where to look. We get slagged of alot by people saying there's no scene here, but they just don't know where to look.

As mentioned earlier, the Silversun Pickups have a few West Coast dates left on their current tour before a short break and their tour with Viva Voce at the end of September. You can visit their media section or their MySpace page for MP3's, audio streams and videos.

Other interview by information leafblower:
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Doing the linkage a day early this week because I hope to have my Silversun Pickups interview ready for tomorrow.

Stream the Wax on Radio track "When In Rome."

Watch some Neil Young videos from his new project "Living With War":
After The Garden (Quicktime)
Families (Quicktime)

Watch the video for The Rapture's "Get Myself Into It."
Download the Prince Language Disco Edit of the same track.

The Cold War Kids did an in studio performance for Day Trotter.

Kasabian is streaming their new record over at their MySpace page. Lets hope it's better than their first single.

The Guardian talks to Frank Black about the Pixies documentary loudQUIETLoud and lists the other rockumentaries that went wrong.

Watch Glenn Danzig getting punched in the face. [via Status Ain't Hood, who is totally on point about Girl Talk.]

Airport rules 'costing musicians.'

Holdout bands give in to iTunes.


So I had planned to do a post on Mew today, but it seems like the rest of the blogosphere beat me to it. So go read up ion them atthe following places:

- Mew on AOL's The Interface podcast. The group performs live in the studio and there is also an interview.
- Culture Bully has the Interface broken down as MP3's.
- Chromewaves on Mew, with some downloads for you.
- GVB on Mew.

Honestly I can't decide if their record (Thanks Peabs!) is brilliantly over the top or a bombastic hodgepodge of falsetto vocals and prog-rock extravagance. Honestly it probably falls somewhere in between. It has it's moments but it also loses me in some places. My favorite track of theirs is "Special," which you can go here to download.

Natalya was nice enough to lend me her copy of Mew's The Zookeeper's Boy EP which has a brilliant b-side which I offer to you:
(MP3) Mew | Am I Wry? No


Aside from the Snakes On A Plane movie going extravanganza I laid low this weekend. SOaP was awesomely bad. It was kinda like a porn in the fact that they just got right ot the plot. We were on the plane with the snakes being released like 10 minutes into the film. There was no messing around. If you haven't seen it yet and want to, I recommend getting alot of people together(We rolled in about 20 deep on Friday) and having a few drinks beforehand.

I did watch the two USA Basketball games over the weekend. The team looked much better yesterday v. China. The Purto Rico match was a little rough at times but they pulled it out. The US team was hitting their jumpers more in the second game and their halfcourt offense was working much better. 'Melo is playing great and my jaw drops every time the cameras focus in on Dwight Howard. Dude is HUGE. Also, Shane Battier is the man, get over it. He's perfect for this team.

And on the other end of the spectrum Boston Red Fizzle.

The National on their upcoming DC show:


"We are [also] playing Washington D.C. again since we only played there once during 'Alligator' touring and that wasn't really fair, considering we hit most other places twice or even three times," [Bryce] Dessner says.

Boo-ya-kasha! I love the interweb. Can we all agree to some sort of blogger pact that if you interview The National you'll promise to ask them about this? And yes, I sent in my own interview request. [link via Chromewaves]

Looks like I'll finally get to see Broken Social Scene.

Related: I got my Massive Attack at the 9:30 Club tickets yesterday! I'm going on Thursday.

New Diplo remix.

New Car Stereo (Wars) track.

A good Factotum review! (Thx Ms. Smith) Peep the trailer.

Hubba hubba [via Goldensizzle]

Jeezy Creezy.

Hilarious! Interesting. Go Sox!

Snakes on A Plane in Gallery Place tonight. Who's in?

DCeiver just pointed out that I missed Bukowski's birthday yesterday. And right he is. Apparently I did the same thing last year.


Well, that's the bad news. The good news is that Factotum (caution:audio) opens this weekend in some markets. It hits DC next Friday. E Street Cinema anyone? Beers beforehand, obvs.

The movie has been panned in pretty much every review that I've read, but it's not like that will stop me from seeing it.

Since I don't have a poem for you, check out some quotes over at Wikiquote.

Of course you can always check out my Bukowski archives.


That's right, next Thursday at Saint-Ex. Be there.

This makes way too much sense for it to ever happen.

I'l assume that, just like everyone else on the planet, you loved The Spinto Band's "Oh Mandy." If so, go get five other Spinto tracks.

I'll also assume that, just like everyone else, Bloc Party really clicked for you when you heard the Phones Disco Edit of "Helicopter." Well, Phones (aka producer Paul Epworth) fancies himself as a recording artists now. He's named himself Epic Man and has released his first track, "More Is Enough." Shockingly, it's pretty ace. Head over to Good Weather For Airstrikes to grab it.

Initial CMJ performers announced.

Stream the new Ghostface track, "Man Up," from the Saints Row soundtrack:
Windoze Media

Stream the new Black Keys track, "Your Touch":
Windoze Media

Stream the new TV On The Radio track, "Wolf Like Me":
Windoze Media

Soulwax (aka Too Many DJ's + friends) has a new track called "Miserable Girl." Download it.

The Zutons are back! Check out their media player. I slept on them last time, but that won't happen this time around, if only for their insanely hot horn player. Yes I have a slight crush on her.

Sorry for the brevity today. My blogging/lunch time was taken up with my Silversun Pickups interview. I should have that sometime later in the week.

Banksy in Brooklyn!

Global warming leads to more summer festivals.

Interpol to Capitol.

Lollapalooza drew in over 166,000 people this year.

The Red Sox won't make it to the postseason.

The case for Wily Mo. Tough call. I'm a Trot guy, he's repping the North Cackalack! When I was in high school, my town's Legion baseball team was pretty good (I didn't play but many of my friends did) but Trot's Wilmington team would always beat us. They weren't the better team, but they had Trot and he was the best player on the field. He was crazy good back then.

The whole time this "Rock Star: Supernova" show has been on TV, I kept thinking there was already a band with that name. Turns out there was. And they are suing CBS.

Making money off of Mel. An interesting look into how much those photos of Mel Gibson drinking at the bar before his arrest are worth.

Speaking of photos, Poor Boy George.

How Comcast is picking your pockets. On Saturday, el WaPo reported that Comcast is raising rates $2 per customer in the DC area due to the new, Nationals carrying MASN network. But the rate hike goes into effect with three weeks left in the season. So we have to pay for the Nats all summer when their season is over. Totally fair. Oh, BTW, none of the other four area cable providers raised their rates when they picked up MASN.

Sweet! Peel sessions CD's from Pulp and Gene due soon.


Silversun Pickups on WOXY. I'm doing a phone interview with them tomorrow. If you think of any good questions, leave a comment or drop me an email.

On Saturday, a bunch of us in the (past and present) DCist crew got together to see off Ryan before his big move to London. Ryan was a big part of DCist's recent growth and he's a damn good writer. The site is definitely worse off without him, but we'll manage. I wish him all the best across the pond.


I saw my favorite DC band again last night. Nethers went on late and I was a bit cranky because I haven't slept very good this week (even though I bought a new bed last week) but Nikki West and company never fail to put me in a good mood. They played another new song which I quite liked, but I think they are dropping the wrong songs out of the set to make room for the new stuff. I need (want) to hear "Mir Ill" and "It's An Islaind" dammit. Luckily for me, they played yet another great version of "Migratory Birds," easily my favorite song of theirs. After seeing the band six or seven times already this year (I'm too lazy to look it up in the archives) this song never fails to give me goosebumps. Love love love it. Here's the recorded version.

(MP3) Nethers | Migratory Birds*

NYC peeps, they are opening for Josh Ritter tonight at South Street Seaport. Go check 'em out!!

* Dot Mac seems to have changed their file naming structure, which is news to me. Please leave a comment if you have problems with the MP3. Thanks. Or just go buy the record from Insound.

My set at iPod Jukebox last night:

1) If Looks Could Kill - Camera Obscura
(Get a live version here)

2) Consolation Prizes - Phoenix
(Download the MP3 here)

3) Car Radio - Spoon

4) Ghostface Observatory - Car Stereo (Wars)
(Go here to download it)

Natalya and I got home in time to watch Project Runway (her) and The Wire on HBO on Demand (me).

New Brazilian Girls MP3 for your listening pleasure:
Download "Jique"

New-ish Aberdeen City mix:
Download "God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me" (Steve Lillywhite mix)

Interesting setlist (Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before!) in Mozlo. Come to the effing US already!! I have vacay saved up and everything.

Sigh. No DC date for Harvey Danger.

Timbaland. Modesty is not his strong point.

Quintessential Irishmen u2 move their financial affairs to the Netherlands to avoid Irish taxes. Because they obviously don't have enough money. Hey, if it's good enough for the Stones...

Sad. I went to a few Madonna recording sessions there. The collection of platinum records on the walls in the lobby was simply INSANE.

The moral of this story? If MTV approaches you about a reality show, just say no.

Hi-Lar-Ious, but watch out for that audio. BTW, audio for website 1998.


Has Steve Jobs lost his magic?


New Dan the Automator!

Lollapalooza downloads from Sleater Kinney and Sonic Youth. Looks like Lolla was tons o' fun, and yes, I am jealous that they had better weather than Pitchfork.

Will Zach Braff go two for two with his indietastic soundtrack compilations? His new one looks fairly promising (Turin Brakes!) but at least Braff has the good mind to just say no to Nickleback.

So apparently Hawthrone Heights aren't a bunch of racist douchebags, it's their label that was sprouting all that "down with hip hop" rhetoric. So the band is suing their label, Victory Records. Also worth noting in the article, HH has made over $10 million in revenue for the label behind this record but still have not recouped! Jeezy Creezy.

DJ Shadow tours everywhere but DC. Boo! Hiss!

Add Secret Machines to the list of bands avoiding DC on their next tour, although after hearing their new album, maybe that's not a bad thing. It must work better live, because it sounds pretty lifeless on CD.

Anyone have the Mew album? It's next on my "to buy" list. I think I'll buy the MP3 version so I don't have to look at the awful cover art. Who approved that? Seriously.

I want to go! I 've never heard them play "December," although it was on the set list for the gig I saw them play in 1993. Sadly, they didn't play it. Bandwagonesque is easily in my Top 10 Records Ever list. Best.

This makes me want to buy a Macbook, but I keep telling myself to wait for version 2.0.

Related: Steve Jobs unveils the Mac Pro.

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Ah Monday. I did nothing over the weekend. Absolutely nothing. And it was good. I spent a majority of Saturday and Sunday lounging by the pool, reading my new copies of Q and MOJO and trying not to get too sunburned. So much awesome, especially after the hectic July I had.


I did, however, get my shit together long enough to go see the Silversun Pickups last night and I am glad I did. They were pretty amazing, especially given the venue. The Black Cat's backstage really isn't designed or configured to deal with a band like that. And that's not neccesarily a knock on the room as much as an observation wondering what a band as accomplished as this was doing in such a small room with its junior PA system. I knew we were in for a good show when the SSPU's wheeled their amps onstage. They were as big as the stage was.


Let me go on record now saying this band is going to be huge huge huge in a very short amount of time. They have a big sound made for large venues. They'll be blowing away the bands they're opening for soon enough. The set they played last nigth could have easily gone over like gangbusters at the 9:30 Club. The songs are fast, LOUD and tight, propelled by their drummer, a dead ringer stylistically for Dave Grohl. He was just punishing his snare drums. The band has tons of hits; "Kissing Families," "Lazy Eye," "Dream At Tempo 119," "Well Thought Out Twinkles," etc. I was most impressed with the lead singer's voice. On record it sounds uber-processed, but he has the live pipes to back it up. Bottom line: go see this band when they come through your town. And get ready for a big rock show, even if it's on a small scale. I still stand by my Smashing Pumpkins comparison, but I mean it in a good way. Gish-era Pumpkins, before Billy disappeared up his own ass. Sorry for the craptastic pictures, the light in that room is pretty much nonexistant.

Crackers United has better pictures and a smiliar review from their recent NYC show. Check Myspace for some SSPU sounds.

"I'd rather poo in my mum's Sunday roast than have Danger Mouse produce a Portishead record." I second that emotion.


Above is the new OK GO video for "Here It Goes Again." Much like their last video, it's pretty cool and features the band and their crazycool dance moves. It's a great example that you don't need a six figure budget to make a eye-catching video (something I had a long conversation about last week, more on that later). But, I wonder how long it will be before "OK GO, the band" starts being known as "OK GO, the band that dances around in all their videos" and they get recognized for (and only for) their video kitsch factor. It's a slippery slope. Do it once and you're brilliant. Do It twice and your milking it. Three times and you obviously don't think you have anything else going for you. [via Rock Insider]

Who's Clutch? Basketball Jesus or Big Papi? I imagine you can guess which side of the fence I'm on here.

Looking at the NBA television schedule. The C's are on national TV just once (plus one ESPN game and seven on NBA TV)! Bah.

He deserved it.

Stream the new Idlewild OutKast track "Idlewild Blues." (Windoze Media)

Stream the new Black Keys track "Your Touch." (Windoze Media)

Download the new Rapture track "Get Myself Into It."

Watch the video for the Steve Lillywhite-ified version of Aberdeen City's "God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me."

Sleater-Kinney's show at the 9:30 last night had to be rescheduled for Thursday after Fire Marshall Bill shut the show down due to a possible transformer fire or some shit like that. Georgie James says hi.

Holy Shit! This Ghostface v. Ghostland Observatory mashup is the. best. thing. ever. Wow. I've listened to this like 12 times already today.

Anyone else less than enthused about the new Kasabian single?

Great moments from the now defunct Top of the Pops.

When I talked about the songs that should be on the upcoming Oasis collection but won't be, I never thought to include "Live Forever." Tracklisting here.
PS - It's "Fookin'"

USA Today took in Editors performance at the 930 Club last week. And they used a stock photo. If they needed great photos from that gig, all they had to do was holler at me. In all fairness, they had a pretty great shot from the gig that ran in the print version that was not included online. Still, Leafblower Photos are much cheaper than Getty Images.


In lieu of actual content today, I will instead provide more links to the event I attended over the weekend, which you are no doubt already tired of reading about.

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PS - The National @ Black Cat on Oct. 26! I am so rerquesting an interview from them. Thanks for the heads up Ryan.