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The first Tibetan Freedom Concert in San Francisco
The NC State Basketball Arena
The Reading Festival
The First Union Center in Philiadelphia
Field Day at Giants Stadium
and The Backstage at the Black Cat. Capacity approximately 150.

Above are the venues where I've seen Beck perform. Actually, he got hurt at Field Day and didn't perform, but I'm going for scale here, so work with me.

Last night's Beck show was pretty incredible. Half of the set was his new record, the other half was requests from the crowd.

I had to sign a photo release to take pics at the show, so head on over to DCist to read all about it.

Even though I got to bed really, really late last night, I can't complain. I caught The Decemberists and Beck in a matter of hours and got to cover both shows. Not bad for a crappy little music blog.

I have info from a very reliable source that Beck will playing a surprise set at the Black Cat tonight. He'll be taking the stage sometime around midnight. I have no idea what this means for the Apples In Stereo show already scheduled.

Don't forget, you heard it here first!

**UPDATE** Here's the review of the show.




It wasn't pretty, but United pulled out a 1-1 draw with the New York Red Bulls yesterday and advanced on aggregate. Matt has the words for DCist. Clint Dempsey and the New England Revolution come to town on Sunday for the right to advance to the MLS Cup finals. So my two weeks of death just added another event.



I had a pretty hectic weekend. On Saturday I saw five bands in three different venues. The best band I saw? Pela. So much awesome. More on that later.

Tonight is The Decemberists at the 9:30 Club. You can listen along on NPR around 9:30 or so. Photos and such tomorrow.

Slightly related: I'm still loving this Shins CD.

I got home from a hectic night of concert and venue hopping at about 12:30 (or was it 1:30 because of the time change?) and flipped on ESPNews to unwind a bit before hitting the hay. Red Auerbach was on the screen explaining his coaching philosophy and I knew exactly what that meant. Red died yesterday at the age of 89 after a heart attack. Just a few days before the Celtics season opener, which had planned to attend. It would have been his 58th opening day with the club. Respect.

Red Auerbach, the man that created Celtic Pride and the Celtics organization as we know it, was the greatest coach and front office executive the game has ever seen. His accomplishments are legendary. 16 championships, nine as a coach, another seven as general manager. He drafted Chuck Cooper, the NBA's first African American, named Bill Russell as the NBA's first African American coach and was the first coach to ever start five African Americans. In 1956 he traded two of his best players to the St. Louis Hawks for the second pick the NBA draft. The first pick belonged to Rochester Royals, so Red talked Celtics owner Walter Brown into booking The Ice Capades, which Brown also owned, in Rochester for a week long stint in exchange for allowing the Celtics to grab Russell. The rest is history.

Aurebach created the "sixth man." He drafted Lary Bird as a junior in 1978, a year before he would suit up for the Celtics. In 1981 he traded the first and 13th picks in the NBA draft to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Robert Parish and the third pick in the draft, which turned into Kevin McHale. To this day, that trade is considered the most lopsided in NBA history. Later, he traded Gerald Henderson for a first round pick that would eventually become the late Len Bias.

Here's my favorite passage from today's Boston Globe:

In 1984, Auerbach was invited to coach an old-timer's team in the 1984 All-Star Game and was ejected for arguing with the officials. In his early years as the commissioner of the NBA, David Stern would joke to friends that he felt his real first name was Stupid because of all the conversations he had with Auerbach.

Red Auerbach, dead today at 89. I never met the man, but he brought me great joy throughout my life. Of all the sports teams I root for, the Celtics are my first true love. Rest in peace.

More coverage:
Boston Globe
NY Times
Washington Post
Red Auerbach on Wikipedia

Noel Gallagher on Aol's The Interface. What. A. Great. Interview.

He also does killer acoustic versions of "Slide Away," "It's Good To Be Free," and "Whatever." Go check it out right now!

Here's the photogallery.





Ever go to a show thinking you're on the list and you aren't? Ever have that happen twice in one night? I did last night.

Ms. Smith and I made our way to the Black Cat just after 9:30 and waited in line for a bit, where we were met by Martin and Nora. When I got up to the ticket counter I was all like "I'm on the list."
[list guy checks the list] "Umm, no you're not."
Me: "Sure I am, check again."
Him: "Nope. Don't see it."
Me: "Check again. I'm on there. Is there a label list?"
Him: "You're. Not. On. It."
Fuck. Alot of good interviewing the band did me. Still, it's not like I'm not going to go, so I went to the ATM and ponied up for two tickets and went upstairs and got a spot up front.

My beloved Nethers played a new song early in the set but their show was kinda up and down from there. They stuck to their straight up folk tunes, as opposed to the catchy, hooky goodness of "Mir Ill" and "Hung Herself In A Birdcage." That said, my love for their epic track "Migratory Birds" knows no bounds. I lovelovelove it. I think I've heard them play it at least eight times this year. It gave me goosebumps the first time and it did again last night. So, so good.

You can stream Nethers' album In Fields We Will Lie right here.

Nethers didn't finish up until about ten till 11, so Ms. Smith and I decided to rush over to the 9:30 Club to see the first few songs of The Rapture before coming back to the Cat to finish up the night with The National. So we hightailed it up U Street and ended up running into Mike Grass, Heather and Sommer at different points along our trip. Small town, D.C.

So we get to the 9:30, I go up to the window, give them my ID and tell them "I'm on the list." And I know I am because I can see my name. Whew. Then the list guy asks me, "Do you have a ticket?"
Me: "No."
Him: "Because you've got a photo pass here but no tickets."
Me: "Seriously?"
Him: "Yeah, there's a zero in the tickets column."
For fuck's sake. He was nice enough to show me the list so there wasn't much I could do. I might have thought about buying a ticket if I hadn't already bought two concert tickets I didn't plan on spending money for. But I did, so my portfolio will go without Rapture photos for the time being.

At that point we headed back to the Cat. I was even more pissed off at this point because we gave up our spot up front and I was sure we would miss "Secret Meeting," which The National generally open with (at least they did the one time I saw them previously). Fortunately that wasn't the case. They were midway through their first tune when we got back there and then they played a positively lovely version of "Secret Meeting." The night got considerably better from there.

Let me be the 3,476th blogger to go on record as saying The National are really fucking good. Transcendent at times. Last night I was struck by how U2-y their sound is. I mean Unforgettable Fire U2 (i.e.good U2), not "One, Two, Three, Fourteen" U2. I couldn't get over how beautiful "All The Wine" was. It's really understated on Alligator but live, it packs a wallop.

I'm really glad the band made the effort to come to D.C. and give us another show. It was (almost) worth the wait. And late in the set, Matt said "Oh yeah. Someone reminded me to make sure we say we definitely don't hate D.C. We spend every weekend here." So yeah, that was pretty awesome.

Some goodies I found online today:
[mp3] The National | All The Wine (live)
[mp3] The National | Cherry Tree (live)

I got home late so I didn't get many photos up on Flickr today, so watch for those sometime in the near future.

New Spoon!

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Stream "The Book I Write" from the Stranger Than Fiction Soundtrack:

Windoze Media
Glorious Quicktime

Also, Brooklyn Vegan has a Lady Sov remix by Spank Rock for you to download.

Lastly, stream "History Song," the new track by that poof Damon Albarn's new group The Good The Bad and the Queen.

Noel and Gem will be performing a special invitation only acoustic show to celebrate the release of Oasis Stop the Clocks best of album in Los Angeles on Thursday November 9th. The performance will be preceded by an advance screening of the Oasis road movie Lord Dont Slow Me Down.

We have 50 pairs of tickets for this unique invitation only night to give away to lucky oasisinet friends. For your chance to receive a pair of tickets please email your name and address including ZIP code to before midnight Sunday October 29 PCT putting "Oasis Oasisinet LA" as subject of the email. Lucky recipients will be notified by email within 48 hours.

Important: recipients MUST collect their tickets in person by presenting valid ID at the El Rey Theater box office, 5515 Wilshire Blvd, LA, CA. Box office hours are between 10.00am and 6.00pm Monday October 30th thru to Saturday November 4th . Failure to pick up tickets by 6.00pm Saturday the 4th November will result in loss of entitlement.

Doors open 7.00 pm, due to special nature of the event strictly no admission after 7.45 pm

Two videos for The Dears:
Whites Only Party
Ticket To Immortality

Stream Forward Russia's track "Nine."

Lollapalooza will be in Chicago through 2011.

Fluxblog on Oasis. I'll (hopefully) have more MP3's next week.

Blur artwork by Banksy sells for over 60,000 pounds.

Stereogum sells out? Hey, I would too.

Andy Taylor quits Duran Duran. Again.

Here is my schedule for the next week or so:

Thursday, Oct. 26th: The National w/ Nethers @ Black Cat, then The Rapture @ 9:30 (late show)
Friday, Oct. 27th: Hopewell and Longwave @ RnR Hotel, then Spank Rock @ the Black Cat
Saturday, Oct. 28th: Lady Sov @ 9:30 (early show) then De Novo Dahl, Bound Stems, Bishop Allen, Forget Cassettes, Pela @ DC9, then Girl Talk @ Black Cat
Sunday, Oct. 29th: D.C. United v. NY Red Bulls @ RFK
Monday, Oct. 30th: Decemberists @ 9:30 (tentative)
Tuesday Oct. 31st: Rest. And packing.
Wednesday, Nov. 1st: Fly to Las Vegas for work
Thursday, Nov. 2nd: Vegas baby, Vegas!
Friday, Nov. 3rd: Vegas baby, Vegas!
Saturday, Nov. 4th: Fly backfrom Vegas. Also Celtics @ Wizards @ MCI Center
Sunday, Nov. 5th: D.C. United playoff game?
Monday, Nov. 6th: Rest?
Tuesday, Nov. 7th: Margot & the Nuclear So & So's @ Black Cat

and so on and so on. So expect lots of photos over the next two weeks.

Also, I'm totally not a fan, but the new Shins record is pretty damn incredible.


My interview with Matt Berninger of The National is up over on DCist. Matt was extremely nice during our interview and he really opened up and talked about how much he hates me, D.C., Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the Yankees, the follow up to Alligator, Bruce Springsteen, touring and Nethers*. I can't wait for their D.C. show on Thursday!

* Disclaimer: Matt doesn't hate any of those things at all. In fact, he really likes them. Except for the Yankees. The whole band hates the Yankees. Sweet!

Here's an excerpt:
I remember reading about the tour you did together [with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah] when they were opening for you and supposedly everyone was coming to see them. What was that like? I know you guys are friends...

The first few shows of that tour were really awkward because between when we set up the tour and when we hit the road, they blew up and became a phenomenon...I'd say there were four or five shows where that happened and you could really tell that half the crowd had left. But at the rest of them, we didn't get that feeling at all. But we kind of just swallowed it and said that's the way it's going to be and I think we played really well. I think ultimately we ended up getting more attention than we would have if we'd have gone out without them...And after that tour, we suddenly started getting the feeling that more people were paying attention to us than before. But during the tour, between the two bands, it was just constant joking. They were ribbing us and it was a really playful thing. We've been talking about potentially doing another tour in the Spring with them.

Go read the whole thing. I'll (hopefully)be back later today with The Linkage.


As soon as I decide to give up hope for Core2Duo laptop and give in an buy a 20-inch iMac (I figure it will make photo editing MUCH easier), Apple goes and announces new MacBook Pros. Oh well, those were out of my price range anyways. The last time I spent over $1600 on an iMac was back in 1999 or 2000, when I got one of these. Now compare those specs to my new machine. Wow. Anyways, my new iMac should be here by the end of next week! Also, my current machine, an eMac, will be for sale shortly at a very good price. It did a great job in between my iMac purchases. If you want to give it a new home, let me know.

All that and you forget to mention that he's a good bartender to boot? For shame.

The Twilight Singers cover Massive Attack.

So Graham Coxon, when can we expect the Blur reunion? Graham: "I'm better than Blur." Ok then, no time soon.

Wrong. The correct answer is "Black Star." Thanks for playing!

It's educational!

New ...Trail of Dead.

Wait, D.C. is in the greater Baltimore area? I thought it was the other way around?

You Ain't No Picasso give locals Middle Distance Runner some well deserved love.

Moz in Chi-town in November? And this is the only US date? Argh. Nice try Moz, but I'm much to smart to make that kind of road trip to see you play. You'll invariably cancel two days before the gig.

Stink Palm-gate, Day Two. What were we talking about again...

Like Woah.

Am I the only one that really enjoys The Sports Gal's weekly sidebars on The Sports Guy's site? I thought so. Moving on...

WOXY just cued up Travis' "All I Wanna Do Is Rock." Nice choice.

In yet another sign of my approaching senility, I find it harder and harder to figure out who is who on the ever-expanding indie rock landscape. I'm always confusing one band for another (and this is off the top of my head):

Brakes, The Rakes, The Grates

The Cassettes, Cassettes Won't Listen

Cloud Cult, The Cloud Room

Dirty Pretty Things, Death By Sexy, Dirty On Purpose

Wolf Eyes, Wolf Parade

Wolfmother, Guitar Wolf

Guillemotts , Two Gallants

Califone, Calexico

Catfish Haven, Hootie and the Blowfish (just kidding!)

The Black Keys, Black Heart Procession, The Black Angels

Rock Kills Kid , Boy Kill Boy

Mates of State, Hope of the States

The Noisettes, The Pipettes

Engineers, Editors

French Kicks, King of France

Mya, M.I.A., Sia

Pony Up, The Ponys

There's also a band I keep confusing with TV on the Radio, whose name escapes me at the moment. I'll add more as I think of them. Feel free to add your own in the comments.


United travel to the Meadowlands in New Jersey today to face the New York Red Bulls as the MLS Playoffs (finally) get started. gives us 11 things to watch in the MLS Playoffs and also previews the East and West.

The game is at 2 p.m. and I'm probably heading to Trusty's to catch the game with the Screaming Eagles.



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Behold the latest cash grab alternate road unis for the Washington Wizards. I vote Fugly. meh.

We Are Scientists are playing the Black Cat in December. I missed them last time around, so maybe I'll go check out this gig.

Jarvis Cocker takes over as guest editor for the Observer and initiates a round table discussion with Nick Cave, Beth Orton and others. Highlights:

Nick Cave: People have been married to my music ... and I just don't think it would be very cool for them to switch on the TV and "The Ship Song" comes on a Cornetto ad or something.

Paul Morley: All those things we thought were important ... they've been co-opted by the capitalist world to give what it has to sell the illusion of hipness and cool, so that the whole world feels as if they're in on the revolution and that they're hip and they're cool. But the meaning of it has been sucked dry. I blame Busted. Before Busted there was no guitar music anywhere; it had been wiped away by pop groups and by Pop Idol ...

Nick Cave [quietly, to Beth Orton]: Who are Busted?

I got a copy of the new Wowee Zowee reissue last night (and in the interest of full disclosure, Beggars/Matador, unbenkowknst to me, bought an ad on my site for said CD this morning) and am really loving it. I was going to post some MP3's for everyone to download, but Pitchfork has done it for me. P4K, good for MP3's, not so good for photos or puncutation. Head over there to download a live version of "Fight This Generation," (my fave song by Pavement), a live version of "Heckler Spray/In the Mouth of a Desert" as well as "Rattled By The Rush." Sweet! And of course, click on the ad for more info.

Ooh, I almost forgot. I interviewed Matt from The National yesterday and we had a great conversation. I learned why they hate Washington D.C. (they don't) and we talked about their new record and that tour with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. I'll have it up next week.


Cool it now! This Celtics shirt over at Undr Crwn is just about the hottest thing I've ever seen. I must have it. I also like this Celtics shirt and this Bullets tee. Some good stuff here for everyone, like all you Kobe haters.

That said, what's up with giving these losers their own shirt. What about Bobby, Grant, Christian, Thomas and Brian? Or Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike and that other guy?

Noel Gallagher

As you might guess, I have a bad case of Oasis on the brain. Between the near constant emails from their website in anticipation of the release of Stop The Clocks, the new song in the preview for their tourfilm Lord, Don't Slow Me Down, and the (scary) realization that I've been following my favorite band's triumphs and tribulations for TWELVE Effing YEARS, well I hope you'll bear with me as I try and take this all in. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was riding around Greenville, North Cackalacka listening to the brand new Cigarettes & Alcohol single on endless repeat.

Last night I was rustling through the last three unpacked boxes in my apartment and I opened my box of bootleg CD's and shuffled through them. I have a ton of Oasis stuff and I started listening to a few of my many Oasis gigs. I think my favorite era was in 1995-1996, when they were releasing a new single every few months, Noel was at the heights of his songwriting powers and they still had Mark Coyle behind the mixing board doing their sound. Back then Noel used to do a short acoustic set during the tail end of the gig and that always my favorite part of the show. I am an unabashed Liam fan and he makes the band for me, but sometimes it's nice to dial it down a bit and hear the songs as Noel wrote them. So, for your downloading pleasure, I present the three songs that Noel did acoustically from what I'm guessing was the October 14th gig at the Orpheum in Boston (my copy doesn't have the exact date). I saw them four days earlier in Baltimore.

[MP3] Noel Gallagher | Wonderwall

[MP3] Noel Gallagher | Morning Glory

[MP3] Noel Gallagher | Cast No Shadow

The above pic was from August 25th, 2000 when I travelled to England to see Oasis perform at the Reading Festival. Oasis played the first night of the festival and I spent most of the day stalking Noel around the backstage area and taking photos of him. I met up with the Super Furry Animals the next day to see them play and then went on the tour bus with them that night to see them play Leeds the next day. It was a hell of a weekend. I have more photos that I'll post next week along with some more MP3's.

The Chief speaks the truth about The Smiths...Also, I just realized that if Marr is going to tour with Modest Mouse in the future, I'll have to go see them since he is the only member of the Smiths that I have yet to see perform live.

, ,


Stream the Black Keys track "Just Got To Be."

Stream Mew's Apocalypso and The Zookeeper's Boy, both in Quicktime. New Mew tourdates:

16 - Seattle, CA - Neumos
17 - Portland, OR - Berbati's Pan
19 - San Francisco, CA - Popscene
21 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey
23 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theatre
25 - Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line
26 - Chicago, IL - Double Door
30 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl

Stream the Tahiti 80 track "Changes." I loved their first record Puzzle.

Gorilla vs. Bear has the latest mix from DJ Never Forget.

Meldoy Nelson has the details of the upcoming PJ Harvey Peel Sessions disc.

Billy Bragg on NPR. [via Chromewaves]

If you’re not stealing music, either you’re the most law-abiding person on the planet, or you’re lying.

Better. Of course, it's more like "Photo," not "Photos." That said, editing is your friend, people.

The birth fo the iPod.

Injustice at the D.C. United wards banquet.

In case you're not paying attention (or, if like me, you haven't seen a second of preseason NBA action and it's absolutely killng you), Rajon Rondo is pretty effing good. Here is the visual evidence.

Make sure you check out Matt in full effect.

I'm assuming everyone's seen it by now, but above is the new Oasis video for "The Masterplan." Not my favorite Oasis video, but animated Liam is pretty cool. Plus, it's better than the ridiculous "All Around The World" video. I would have paid money to be there when Dayton & Farris tried to explain the whole "green screen" thing to Liam. Priceless.

The hammer bed!

Leafblower faves Goldie Lookin' Chain to spread peace, goodwill and leisurewear on their next UK tour.


Anyone else jumped ship from Bloglines to Google Reader?

Here are my photos from Sunday's D.C. United game.

Duke's Greg Paulus broke his foot and will be out for a while. I'm really looking forward to this year's Duke team. Coach K tends to do his best work when everyone thinks he'll have a down year. I'm also glad to not have to deal with J.J. Redick backlash all year long.

In case you forgot, Steve Smith runs things.

Pretty crazy.

Some people play fantasy sports. I like to play Fantasy Business., like me, think Catfish Haven sounds just like Hootie and the Blowfish.

[MP3] Catfish Haven | Crazy For Leaving


Still editing my photos from yesterday's D.C. United v. Chicago Fire match at RFK, won by Chicago 3-2. I'll have them up over on Flickr, as well as a DCist game recap, a little later today. In the meantime, here are a few pics of ESPN sideline reporter Brandi Chastain.



10.18.06 - Milvale, PA (Mr. Small's Theatre)
10.19.06 - Indianapolis, IN (The Vogue)
10.20.06 - Atlanta, GA (Variety Playhouse)
10.21.06 - Knoxville, TN (Bijou Theater)
10.22.06 - Nashville, TN (City Hall)
10.24.06 - Dallas, TX (Gypsy Tea Room)
10.26.06 - Austin, TX (Stubb's BBQ)
10.27.06 - Houston, TX (Warehouse Live)
10.28.06 - New Orlean's, LA (Voodoo Music Fest)
10.29.06 - Birmingham, AL (Work Play Theater)
10.31.06 - Tallahassee, FL (The Moon)
11.01.06 - Fort Lauderdale, FL (Culture Room)
11.02.06 - St. Petersberg, FL (Jannus Landing)
11.03.06 - Charleston, SC (Music Farm)
11.04.06 - Asheville, NC (Orange Peel)
11.06.06 - Baltimore, MD (Sonar)
11.07.06 - Washington, DC (9:30 Club)
11.08.06 - Providence, RI (Lupo's)
11.09.06 - Philadelphia, PA (Electric Factory)
11.10.06 - Cleveland, OH (House of Blues)
11.11.06 - Ann Arbor, MI (Michigan Theater)

via The Tripwire.

Even if he doesn't exactly like Paul Pierce. In any case, Esquire's interview with Gilbert Arenas is pure gold.

It's my first year, and I'm finally starting to play. I'm getting comfortable. I'm averaging, as a starter, sixteen, six, and six. And then I run up against Gary Payton. First time in my career I'm happy to get subbed out of a game. That's when he was still the Glove, and he's just doing everything, anything. He's posting up our big. He's grabbing and pulling the ball. Any time he gets close to me, I'm picking the ball up. He's just got me screwed up. So he has eighteen points in the first period. And he comes up to me, he's like, "Rookie, you're lucky I'm not an A. I. type of player or I'd have forty on you." And coach subs me out. Woo! I run off the court and I'm like, "Oh, my God. Eighteen points! I'm glad I'm out. All right, Bobby Sura. Go get 'em, tiger." I never said one word to G. P. But now, after that game, I got him every time. I think it's something in my mind about what he did to me that first year. He embarrassed me so bad. As soon as he thinks about sticking me, I go at him. I know he's slower than me, so I have to take advantage of that. That's my mentality: This is your chance.


The subject is playing NBA 2K6 on Xbox 360 in the players' lounge at the Verizon Center before going in for yet another off-season shooting session. He's come an hour before the gym opens, as usual, and in these moments he will take on all comers at Xbox. He won't just beat you. He will beat you by as many points as you want. Just name the amount. He treats it like a golf handicap. For this game, he's giving away two hundred points to his friend John, who has flown in from L. A. for a visit. It's the Cavs versus the Wizards all over again, except this time Gilbert has the Cavs. He knows every kink of NBA 2K6—and how to exploit it. He has shifted LeBron to guard and put his team in a game-long full-court press. He is playing against his video-game self and doesn't like the way John is using him. "You gotta get me square to the basket," he says as the Game Gilbert misses a shot from twelve feet. "You gotta get two point guards in there." There's a minute and a half left, and Real Gilbert is up by 191. Then Game Gilbert gets a steal and throws a long pass—only to have LeBron pick it off. "Sorry, Gilbert," says Gilbert. "You can't stop the King." As the game ticks down, the Cavs and Gilbert—Real Gilbert—are up by 201. John has the ball and is running the clock down for the final shot. At the last second, Antawn Jamison flips in a layup that makes it 331–132. John screams, circling the room, knocking magazines here and there. The man just got beat by 199 points and is ecstatic. Gilbert shakes his head.

On Getting Paid...

I never look at my check. I learned that lesson my first year. I got my first stub, and it said $16,000. And I'm like, "That's what I'm talking about! I'm rich!" And I'm dancing and having fun, and then something told me to look over at Antawn Jamison's stub. It said $360,000. I look back at mine: sixteen. Three hundred and sixty thousand?! That's my whole year right there—in one check! So I asked Bobby Sura, "Man, how much you make?" Bobby Sura said, "Mine says $5 million. I get mine up front." I'm like, Whoa. I never looked again. Not once. Not even tried.

On getting drafted in the second round...

The subject steps out of his dressing closet holding a list he keeps there of every player in the 2001 NBA draft who was selected ahead of him. All thirty. He runs his fingers down the page. He has scratched out each player who is no longer in the league. "Hmpff," he says, pausing on a name. "I got to get the pencil out. Utah. Raul Lopez? Ain't seen him much lately."

More over at DCist. The brilliant Wizznutzz also weight in here and here.

If it's the NBA pre-season, the Celtics must be making a trade. Danny sent little used Dwayne Jones to the Land of Cleve for the rotting corpse of Luke Jackson today. I would wager another deal is in the works. We have like 6 SF/SG's.

When Idolator started, I thought they were going to do more posts like this, not post lame MP3's and write about Danzing. For her part, Jen strikes back and calls out that cozy Gawker / Curbed relationship. Booyakasha!

Not to be outdone, Brandon Flowers wants you to know that the Killers are a much better representation of America than Green Day is. At least Brandon's finally picking on someone his own size. Now let's all sit back and watch Tre Cool beat his lilly-livered ass.

Air America files for Chapter 11.

Nov. 17-18: Los Angeles (Gibson Amphitheatre)
Nov. 20: San Francisco (Bill Graham Civic Auditorium)
Nov. 22: Denver (Fillmore)
Nov. 25: Detroit (Masonic Temple)
Nov. 27: Toronto (Ricoh Coliseum)
Nov. 29: Camden, N.J. (Tweeter Center)
Dec. 1: New York (Madison Square Garden)
Dec. 3: Fairfax, Va. (Patriot Center)
Dec. 5: Atlanta (Gwinett Center)

via Billboard.

I was really disgusted and disappointed by the news coverage of the whole Cory Lidle plane crash yesterday. It seems like every news outlet kept endlessly comparing it to 9/11, when to me it seemed a little more JFK, Jr. I guess I didn't learn much from 9/11 because when I heard what happened, my first thought was "Wow, some inexperienced pilot must have crashed his small plane into a building," which was, you know, exactly what happened. ESPN News was still running this as "breaking news" as late as 10 p.m. last night, at least four hours after the fires were extinguished. That's completely ridiculous. Seth Mnookin caught some choice words from CNN during this whole thing.

That was the bad TV roundup from last night. Except for the seemingly endless stream of commercials, Lost was a little better(the whole "Red Sox win the World Series" thing was HI-LAR-IOUS) and 30 Rock was pretty damn funny. I think it's a testament to the SNL writers that Tracy Morgan was never as funny on that show as he was last night. Not even close. And I'm a sucker for Alec Baldwin when he does the whole straight-laced comedian thing.

Ack! Grambo's pulling a Sports Guy! It's the end of an era in D'town. BTW, Go Tiggers.

WOXY is playing The Hold Steady's "Party Pit" pretty regularly and I'm really digging it.

This may not appeal to anyone outside the Metro D.C. area, but the semi-new D.C. Sports Bog is easily the best blog I've read by an honest to goodness reporter. Mr. Steinberg totally gets it. His whole Arenas series from training camp was hilarious and he also gives D.C. United some love as well. Also, he has a category for Beer and Cheese. Good stuff.

All together now...Ra-jon Ron-do clapclap clapclapclap! I am absolutely dying to watch some Celtics preseason action. Went to Summer's on Tuesday but the game was blacked out. Stupid, useless TV rules.

Dime Mag let some bloggers do their NBA season preview. Pretty hott. I'll have my thoughts onthe Wizards up on DCist sometime soon.

Justin Timberlake MP3s! OMG! My Old Kentucky Blog has MP3's of Justin live from Maida Vale.

Hey, look. The same photo four fucking times. Good thing they decided to show us all of those. That post was definitely enhanced by that.

GooTube, the end of DRM?

Largehearted goat.

The Slip are on tour with My Morning Jacket. Check out some of their MP3's:
[MP3] The Slip | Even Rats
[MP3] The Slip | Children of December

Locksley are supposedly hot shit because as many as two bloggers said so. I still haven't listened to their CD, but here's an MP3:
[MP3] Locksley | Why Can’t I Be You (Why Not Me)

Download a Micah P. Hinson track
[MP3] Micah P. Hinson | Jackeyed

Also, listen to Micah P. Hinson's BBC session.

Stream Beck's "Dark Star" (Dave Sitek from TVOTR Remix).

Go get the new M.I.A. track.

Go get the new Jay-Z track, along with a BBC sessions track by The La's and a great cover by the Kaiser Chiefs.

Go get some great remixes of tracks by The Gossip (I'm really digging that one, love the oohh-oohh-oohh refrain), Snowden and The Klaxons.

Fluxblog has new tracks by The Walkmen and Tanya Donnelly.

Check out the Mojave 3 Quicktime player. You can hear songs from the new record and see the video for "Breaking The Ice."

Check out new MP3s, an album stream and music videos from Pretty Girls Make Graves.

Watch the video for the Blood Brothers track "Laser Life."

Check out Radio Indie Pop to hear selections from Billy Bragg's new box set.

Watch the video for Teddybear's "Cobrastyle."

WOXY is now back on the air. But it appears my favorite DJ is no longer on the staff list. Quoth Moz: "Nothing's changed / I still love you, oh, I still love you / Only slightly, only slightly less than I used to."

Hey Noel...No shit!

Ted Leo album news.

I'm Aaron Sorkin and you're not. Last night's Studio 60 was fun TV but I still feel it's missing that spark. At this point it feels like Sorkin is just rehashing old Sports Night scripts. Hopefully that will change in the future.

Does HBO influence the networks, or do the networks influence HBO? Does the body rule the mind, or does the mind rule the body ? I dunno...


Slightly better. Only slightly. OK, I'll stop.

Kim Jong-il Says the Darnedest Things.

New MacBooks on the way?

Mark Cuban still thinks Google is crazy for buying YouTube.

Make your own pop art.






Caught the next to last regular season game at RFK on Saturday night. United controlled the first half but gave up a goal in the first 90 seconds in the second half and never recovered, losing 2-1. I'm sick of them acting like babies when they don't get the calls from the refs. They'll be playing well and then the ref will miss one call and they spend the rest of the match complaining. Just play the game.

The Revs have a pretty good squad. Clint Dempsey, footballer of the year, is a TOTAL BADASS. He was far and away the best player on the pitch on Saturday. Some English team is going to pick him up after the season (MLS has already denied him a transfer, but I believe his contract is up) and he's going to flourish in the EPL. Dude has skillz. He did this insane bicycle kick in his own penalty box, clearing the ball after a United corner kick. Later in the game, while he was working his way down field, Dempsey flicked the ball over the guy that was guarding him and just went on his way towards the goal. It was bananas. So yeah, he's good.

On the United front, it was good to see Alecko back in action. I shot photos from the opposite endline I usually use and the United subs were warming up all around me in the 2nd half. At one point I looked to my right and Alecko was right beside me, stretching. He's no taller (although he's much bigger) than me, which totally blows my mind.

More coverage over at DCist (with more photos by yours truly) and The DCenters. See all of my match photographs here.



I caught Yo La Tengo at the 9:30 Club a week or so ago but never had a chance to upload my photos. I didn't stick around for the whole show but what I heard was much better than their set earlier this summer at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago.


Thanks to Matt 5500 for spotting the latest in a growing number of Pitchfork typos in today's Pet Shop Boys album review. He's guessing they meant "worth noting" and I have to agree. Am I gonna have to make a separate category for Pitchfork typos? If anyone else spots one, send it along.

Maybe if another blog wasn't so busy trying to become the new Entertainment Weekly while showing us all what great tastemakers they are, they could get around to doing the things they laid out in their ballyhooed "manifesto" and calling P4k out on this stuff. But it's not like anyone's sticking around to read them...

Whenever I play records, he just curls up and takes a nap.

[Thanks to Ms. Smith for the link.]

Why is everyone running around acting like the new Kasabian record is Sam's Town Volume 2 ? I got a copy of it last week and I quite enjoy it. I think it's on par with their debut record (three or four killer songs, one or two other decent tunes and the rest kind of meh). From the reviews I read I expected a trainwreck of epic proportions, but nothing could be further from the case. Also, the two songs they've picked for singles are two of the weaker tracks on the record. The second half is chock full of dancey goodness. So to celebrate, I'm giving away some Kasabian goodies:

- full length "Empire" cd
- 10" vinyl
- Kasabian playing cards
- "empire" cd single
- 7" "L.S.F." vinyl single that comes wrapped in a huge poster

To win, all you have to do is email me and tell me the name of Kasabian's biggest fan.

Roger Daltry @ Virgin Fest

Two new tracks from The Who!
[MP3] The Who | Tea & Theatre
[MP3] The Who | It's Not Enough

The Kooks are getting alot of press lately...
Watch their EPK.
Stream the track "Eddies's Gun."
Watch the video for "Eddie's Gun."

Here's a track by The Stills for your downloading pleasure:
[MP3] The Stills | Monsoon

The band My Latest Novel is from Scotland and they have a record coming out soon. Here's a track for you:
[MP3] My Latest Novel | The Reputation of Ross Francis

Listen to I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness play a four song set at the Rolling Stone offices. You can also watch their video for the track "The Owl."

Stream the Badly Drawn Boy track for "Nothing's Going To Change Your Mind."

I had the pleasure of attending a screening of The Departed last night all the way up in Bethesda and it was fucking awesome. Easily Scorsese's best work in a long, long time. Two actors I have a great deal of contempt for, Leo D. and Marky Mark, were both great in this film as was the criminally under-rated Alec Baldwin. And anytime Jack gets the space to do his thing, it's fun to watch. I think I like Jack even more since he refused to wear any Celtics gear during the film (It's set in Boston). Definitely make plans to see this movie, and hang on tight during the ending. Wow.

Continuing yesterday's post (hey, I'm not above beating a dead horse), I just don't get Pitchfork's photo based concert review posts. The reviews are all well and good, I just think it's curious that the photos get the main billing when they are generally pants. The images they post are rarely more than passable and look like they were taken on a 3 year old Canon Powershot. Couldn't Pitchfork get a photographer with a decent set up to tag along with the reviewer and take some shots worthy of the bandwidth from mightiest indie rock news source in all the land?

For the record, I'm not trying to say that I'm Mr. Super Duper Blogger Photographer Extraordinaire. I take lots of photos with my camera(s) and have improved alot from the beginning of the year, but I will be the first person to say I have a LONG way to go before I start to get a big head about my photos. But if and when it happens, you'll be the first to know.

Yay! Yeserday was Celtics Media Day! The season tips off four short weeks from now. Even better, the Wiz open at home against the C's.

Hey, if it's October, it must mean the A's get the first game (10 o'clock in the a.m. on the West Coast) and the Yanks get the primetime slots. Whatevs. For the record, I'm pulling for Red Sox West The Dodgers.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Like Woah.

A music blogger's personal manifesto. I have some thoughts on this whole thing that I've been meaning to put together, and hope to soon, as soon as I'm done beating dead horses.

Can you spot the error in Pitchfork's review of Mansun's Legacy: The Best of Mansun?


Not as egregious as the last time I caught them fucking up, but still...Does anyone read these things before they go up?

And not even 10 minutes ago I left a comment (which doesn't seem to want to show up - or maybe they won't post it *shrug*) saying "Sports bloggers ripping The Sports Guy is about as tired as MP3 bloggers ripping Pitchfork."

Can I get a show of hands of people that fell off the couch laughing at that truly horrible performance by The Killers on SNL? They are one of the most over-rated bands on the planet. Just horrible.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, I give you Britt Daniel on the AOL Interface.

The Futureheads have cancelled their U.S. tour, but the Cold War Kids will be soldiering on without them.

AOL has some good albums available for streaming this week. Cold War Kids, Beck and a few others.

Quoth Mac Bunnymen: "We'll go in the middle of the arena so everyone can see the back of your head. We're going to do that with an orchestra and play 'Ocean Rain' (1984 album) from start to finish, plus other songs, but that will be the kind of centrepiece of the gig."

The world's worst mp3 blog would look like this.

Dehyping Identity Theft.

The Secret Lives of Baseball Card Writers.

Count me among the masses that don't get this whole Apple wants to own the term "podcast" legal thing. PS - they won't win.

Lastly, big ups to Jess Blueprint/Gawker! Congrats.