Ex Imac To The Next

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As soon as I decide to give up hope for Core2Duo laptop and give in an buy a 20-inch iMac (I figure it will make photo editing MUCH easier), Apple goes and announces new MacBook Pros. Oh well, those were out of my price range anyways. The last time I spent over $1600 on an iMac was back in 1999 or 2000, when I got one of these. Now compare those specs to my new machine. Wow. Anyways, my new iMac should be here by the end of next week! Also, my current machine, an eMac, will be for sale shortly at a very good price. It did a great job in between my iMac purchases. If you want to give it a new home, let me know.

All that and you forget to mention that he's a good bartender to boot? For shame.

The Twilight Singers cover Massive Attack.

So Graham Coxon, when can we expect the Blur reunion? Graham: "I'm better than Blur." Ok then, no time soon.

Wrong. The correct answer is "Black Star." Thanks for playing!

It's educational!

New ...Trail of Dead.

Wait, D.C. is in the greater Baltimore area? I thought it was the other way around?

You Ain't No Picasso give locals Middle Distance Runner some well deserved love.

Moz in Chi-town in November? And this is the only US date? Argh. Nice try Moz, but I'm much to smart to make that kind of road trip to see you play. You'll invariably cancel two days before the gig.

Stink Palm-gate, Day Two. What were we talking about again...

Like Woah.

Am I the only one that really enjoys The Sports Gal's weekly sidebars on The Sports Guy's site? I thought so. Moving on...

WOXY just cued up Travis' "All I Wanna Do Is Rock." Nice choice.