Sleep Is Overrated

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Here is my schedule for the next week or so:

Thursday, Oct. 26th: The National w/ Nethers @ Black Cat, then The Rapture @ 9:30 (late show)
Friday, Oct. 27th: Hopewell and Longwave @ RnR Hotel, then Spank Rock @ the Black Cat
Saturday, Oct. 28th: Lady Sov @ 9:30 (early show) then De Novo Dahl, Bound Stems, Bishop Allen, Forget Cassettes, Pela @ DC9, then Girl Talk @ Black Cat
Sunday, Oct. 29th: D.C. United v. NY Red Bulls @ RFK
Monday, Oct. 30th: Decemberists @ 9:30 (tentative)
Tuesday Oct. 31st: Rest. And packing.
Wednesday, Nov. 1st: Fly to Las Vegas for work
Thursday, Nov. 2nd: Vegas baby, Vegas!
Friday, Nov. 3rd: Vegas baby, Vegas!
Saturday, Nov. 4th: Fly backfrom Vegas. Also Celtics @ Wizards @ MCI Center
Sunday, Nov. 5th: D.C. United playoff game?
Monday, Nov. 6th: Rest?
Tuesday, Nov. 7th: Margot & the Nuclear So & So's @ Black Cat

and so on and so on. So expect lots of photos over the next two weeks.

Also, I'm totally not a fan, but the new Shins record is pretty damn incredible.


Peabs said:

Jesus. Quite the lineup! You should acquire a speed addiction just to keep up with all the bovsness.

The Shins record is a solid B+.

melina said:

the rapture! tonight! jealous.

Dan said:

I wish I had that much energy. I used to, not sure where it went. I did see the Decemberists last night and, while perhaps not as great as past times that I have seen them, it was quite good.

jillian said:

don't forget to feed your girlfriend's cat this weekend too!

Joe said:

How can you go the National and Rapture when they both go on around the same time?

Good question. I was hoping the Rapture were going a little later...but we'll see.