Some Days Are Better Than Others

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Woke up 20 minutes late yesterday and barely made my flight at Dulles. That was stressful enough. But I made it and once we were airborne I strapped on my headphones and settled in for the long flight. Some guy in the row behind me was snoring loudly after about five minutes, but I just tried to ignore it.

About two hours later, right as Lady In The Water (truly the worst. movie. ever.) was reaching it's "climax" the snoring guy sitting behind me starts shaking violently in his seat. His eyes roll back in his head and blood starts spurting out from his mouth. He's obviously having a seizure, or worse a heart attack or stroke. At 25,000 feet. Everyone around him starts freaking out and calling for the stewardesses. They're useless and ask for any trained medical professionals on the plane to help out. Two people step forward, one of them repeating "This is not good," over and over. Snoring guy is still shaking and making choking sounds. At this point I truly believe he is going to die.

Luckily that was not the case. Long story short, it was only a seizure. They gave him some oxygen and eventually he regains consciousness but he has no recognition of what happened. He keeps asking "what's all over my shirt?" It was his blood. He was soaked in it. We had to make an emergency landing in Kansas City to get him medical help. The whole ordeal was one of the scariest things I've ever seen.

Eventually, we made it to Vegas where I promptly lost money betting on the Celtics and the Knicks. That's what I get for betting on Isiah. I also developed a splitting headache and went to bed at 7:30 p.m. local time. Am I party animal or what? Now it's just after 5 in the a.m. and I've been up for about an hour. Hello jetlag! Also, the guy in the suite next to me is blasting Nine Inch Nails. Lovely.

More from Vegas later.


Wharman said:

That exact plane scenario happened to me a couple months ago. I'll agree it was really scary but I didn't end up in Vegas.

Back in high school I was on a bus with my classmates after a school trip when the bus driver started having a possible heart attack, so we had to pull over somewhere between Dulles and Baltimore. I was one of the people with first aid training, so a friend and I sort of had to take charge of the situation until the ambulance arrived. I later learned he was okay, but still scary. But also not in the air, and no spurting blood, so automatically less scary.

Amanda said:

My dad's in Vegas right now too. You guys should hang out. He's generally got pretty good luck, maybe he could rub off on you. Hope your trip improves!

tom said:

Spurting blood? Jesus. Glad it worked out okay, for you and for him.

Uncle Grambo said:

Holy shit! That's got to be the craziest airplane incident since John Lithgow saw that gremlin out on the wing of the plane!

melina said:

"head like a hole!"...sorry. that was bad.

The Uncle said the same thing I was thinking re: plane bloodbath scene. Dang! It read like a total Twilight Zone episode for sure.