Surely You Jest

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Is this serious?
It can't be, right?
Is it April Fools in November?
They should rename that column "Misshapes 4eva!"

God, I don't miss New York. Good luck with that Grambo.

Anytime Ultrawrrrst opens her mouth, I am of the opinion she and Jen were seriously miscast back in January of 2005.

[via Natalya]


the g said:

funny, i didn't know JT Leroy DJ'd, too.

Peabs said:

One the many reasons why I have boycotted NYC for life. Shmears.

Uncle Grambo said:

Worst Jackson since Stonewall.

Well he is just a baby, though he is sporting that new gwen stefani look. So, he's certainly on point.

matt said:

"I think he's the best DJ in the whole circuit—not counting the people who've been around for 10 years, like Junior Sanchez or Tommie Sunshine," Ultragrrrl says. "He understands music. He understands how to get the crowd going, what makes songs go together. He's technically very good. It's always funny. When you are out somewhere and you think, 'This DJ is really good,' and then you look over and then you see—it's Jackson.' "

jesus christ. did the word DJ change meanings recently?

terrancefairchild said:

The Justice.... I'm the just not the cool enough to understand the ironic the underpinnings....