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Re: The reunion of the James gang. If someone put a gun to my head (please don't) and said to me "All right you effing Gemini, Mr. I-have-to-have-two-of-everything, no good, talentless blogger. I want you to tell me your favorite song of all time. Not two, just one," well, we'd probably be there for a while while I weighed my options. But this song might very well be the pick:

[MP3] James | Sometimes (Lester Piggot)

I also found some live goodies on my hard drive:
[MP3] James | Runaground (live)
[MP3] James | Laid (live)

Let me be the 48th person to welcome both the Gorilla and Peabs back to the interwebs. Both were sorely missed. Flazzum!

They nuked Valencia! I finally get to watch 24, Heroes and Veronica Mars tonight. So my embargo on these shows lasts one more day. Shhhhhhh.

Does anyone else read Lefsetz Letter as obsessively as me? Good stuff. To wit:

Oh, I liked Robbers On High Street. And the Modest Mouse track wasn’t bad… But listening to the Shins you’ll wonder what all the hype is about. Hell, CD sales aren’t only off because of iPods, this stuff just doesn’t grab you, not unless you’re hooked to begin with.


CDs can no longer sell even 70,000 copies a week. Let me put that in perspective… In a country of 300 million, that’s less than .03%!! Even MTV, with its historically low ratings, would have to shut down if that few people were watching. Sure, somebody is interested, but not MANY!


Oh, and the Suns? They laid the smack down last night. Like woah. It was unreal, but a joy to behold. Steve Nash is The Maestro.


Jeffro said:

Sometimes = amazing goodness!

gorilla said:

Thanks for the linkage!

EF Matt said:

I think my favorite James song might be "Out to get you". but then i also love LOVE everything on Seven. which is an album I highly recommend putting on while you clean up your apartment.

Donkey Kong said:

James are regal...thou' Tim Booth is annoying when he dances.

I suggest the James-Eno produced record "Wah Wah" record for a late night vibe. Also, James have some of the most incredible b-sides ever. "Van Gogh's Dog" is a tune that springs to mind.

Melina said:

Agreed: "Sometimes" is one of the best songs ever. Muy awesome. Thanks for the link to's kinda addicting to read his stuff.