Time To Get Away

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Got a full weekend ahead of me. Tonight is a toss up between Asobi Seksu at Rock and Roll Hotel or staying home and watching Veronica Mars on DVD. I think we know which one will win.

Tomorrow, however, is chock full of excitement. Celtics at Wizards early, and Catherine's birthday party late. Killer squirrels need not apply. w00t!

NBA hair watch blog.

That's some serious traffic.

Let's compare: Bad...Good. Pay attention Pitchfork.

Belief. That’s been left out of the rock star equation. We no longer believe in Bono. It’s the phony glasses, and his urge to save the world. He doesn’t seem to be playing to us anymore, rather to a higher class of people, in control of the universe.

Sorry we lost your cat in the cargo hold for 3 weeks.