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Be Cool

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Wayne Coyne on creating your own happiness. Raise your hand if you knew he worked as a fry cook for 11 years at a Long John Silver's. [thx Tankboy]

Extra credit: Be cool to the pizza dude.

Best blog fights of 2006. Early favorite for best blog fight of 2007? How about everyone v. Movable Type or Six Apart v. Auttomatic.

See! Oasis don't slag EVERYONE off...Plus, they have great taste.

An entire album? Sweet!

Portishead make live return? More please!

No one cares!

Here's a list of songs sampled by Daft Punk. [thx Kottke]

Chalk one up for David Geffen. He’s back.

Ever been to an SNL taping? Me either, but Popcandy and the world famous Nummer went recently and wrote up their experiences. Sounds fab.

This is great if only because I just found out what "Animal Style" was during my trip to NYC.


Some MP3's for you:
[MP3] Lets Go Sailing | Icicles
Touring with Elvis Perkins. Check them out on MySpace.

[MP3] Field Music | Sit Tight
Check them out on MySpace.

[MP3] Bang Gang | Find What You Get (Shout Out Out Out Out Remix)
Check out the band and the remixer on MySpace.

Stream the new track by The Stooges.

Watch the video for "Helicopter" by The Stills.

Watch Money Mark's video for "Pick Up the Pieces."

Watch Placebo's "Meds" live at La Cigale

NYC Photos

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Things have been so busy around here that I never got a chance to recap my recent trip to NYC. It's too late now to give you a full recap (like you all care) but suffice to say it was a lot of fun. Both Ms. Smith and myself got to catch up with some old friends, eat some good food and walk around acting like tourists in a city I used to call home.

The first night we were there, we met up with some blogging friends and went bar hopping on the L.E.S. In the span on about half an hour we ran into (in order) Josh Hartnett, someone I used to do business with at my first job in NYC but had never met in person and a current co-worker that lives here in D.C., all in different bars. Only in New York.

One of the best things we did was buy tickets to go to the Top of the Rock, the observation deck on top of Rockefeller Plaza. It was hella cold out, so there weren't many people up there and we felt like we had the place to ourselves. The views up there were magnificent, especially at night. Highly recommended. My only complaint was that they didn't have any 30 Rock swag at the NBA store. Boo!

Check out more photos over on Flickr.


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If you're the squeamish type, you definitely don't want to click here to see the horrible knee injury suffered by the Clippers' Sean Livingston last night. Wow.


I am so ready to jump back into all things Ted Leo. I listened to Shake The Sheets so much that I got burned out on him a bit, but I am totally salivating over his upcoming record.

Accordingly, tonight Starz Cinema (East) is airing the Ted Leo documentary "Dirty Old Town: Ted Leo/Pharmacists vs. Coney Island" as part of their monthly series "Musiac". Hottness. I have this DVD and watch it every now and again. I was at the show too, one of the first I went to post knee surgery.

The Touch and Go website has more details.

After seemingly going out every night last week, I was looking forward to some serious couch time this weekend, but first I had to hit the late show at the 9:30 Club on Friday night. Unbuckled alumni Middle Distance Runner got the rare opportunity to headline a show at the city's premier rock club so I had to go and snap a few photos.



Energetic pop rockers The Dance Party (above) opened the show and while their music, sharp and shouty with choruses like "Yeah Motherfucker Go!," doesn't do a whole lot for me, they were fun to watch and very photogenic.



The lads in MDR put on a great show, at least for the bit I stuck around for. They went on a little after midnight, and I am an old man, so I didn't stay for their entire set. But they broke out a few new tunes that were great, and like I told the band in an email yesterday, at least they can say with a straight face that they drew the same size crowd at the 9:30 as Scott Stapp. Rock.

See all my Middle Distance Runner photos here.
See all my Dance Party photos here.

Saturday I finally got some down time and caught up on most of the TV I missed during the week, went out to a nice dinner with Ms. Smith in Crystal City at Bebo and met up with some family who were in town. Sunday I watched the snow fall and cooked some pasta. Ms. Smith and I finally watched Hustle and Flow (better than 8 Mile) and the Oscars. Let me go on record saying the Academy isn't doing me any favors when they're still doing interpretive dance pieces and are only at the Best Editing award at 11:45 in the p.m.

I have a less hectic week coming up, but on slightly. Heat @ Wiz on Wednesday, D.C. United v. Olimpia on Thursday (very much looking forward to the start of soccer season!), Hawks @ Wiz on Friday and The Thermals at the Black Cat and on Sunday the Golden State Warriors are in town in the afternoon and the Scissor Sisters play the 9:30 later that night. They were amazing at V Fest over the summer so I'm looking forward to seeing them again and not having to run around and take photos of other bands.

Watching the Oscars while editing some photos from the weekend and I had this thought:

It makes me very happy to hear M. Ward's music used in a commercial.

It makes me incredibly sad to hear The The's music used in a commercial. Again. The Dockers one was bad enough.

Jahidi Panties!

Jarkko Explains The Wonders Of Bacon!

Last night was my first night out with my newest photo taking device, hence the sometime spotty exposures. That and the 37 Bud Lights I drank. But now I don't have to carry my 30D around with me everywhere. I'm confident I can master the drunken blogger Wu-Tang photo style soon enough.

A few more photos here. And, as promised, The Bog has a full list of the attendees.

Oh No!

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birddj.jpg From Celtics Blog:

"Multiple sources (including WEEI) are reporting that Dennis Johnson has died from a heart attack today. "

This makes me incredibly sad.

One of my favorite Larry Bird quotes went something like this, "I don't have to take the last shot. But if I don't, the ball better be in the hands of DJ."

Wikipedia quotes Bird as saying Johnson was "the best I've ever played with".

He was just 53 years young.


Deadline Day

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It's NBA trading deadline day! W00t. Let the deals commence! Actually, with the whole Oden / Durant thing still up in the air, I don't think there will be many deals today. The two players most likely to be traded, from what I have read, are Mike James and Mike Bibby, who might be dealt for each other in a three way deal sending Drew Gooden to Sacto. It'll be interesting to see if the Kings move Bibby, if only because they are in D.C. tonight to play the Wiz and I might get to go into a locker room where someone has just been traded! Developing...

Also, I think the C's will stand pat this year, unlike the last three years. Although it appears Delonte West has traded his (psycho) girlfriend for a woman to be named later.

The Sports Blogger Happy Hour was a rousing success last night. Lots of people showed up and I got to put quite a few faces to blogs, which is always nice. I'm too lazy (and busy) to link to everyone that came, so hopefully someone else will do that for me. The Bog has been promising a post on last night's events, so I'll update this when it's online. Also, my Moo Cards were a big hit last night. Best.

D.C. United got their season off to a great start last night. Can't effing wait for the game at RFK on March 1st!

Veronica Mars, not canceled (yet). If they take this show off the air I'm seriously going to be so pissed. Everyone has told me that Tuesday's episode was great (Ms. Smith sent me a text while I was at the game that said "best. Veronica. ever.") so I can't wait to finally watch it tomorrow on my DVR. So until then, breathe not a word! Thx to Chromewaves for the original link.

So Kings game tonight, Middle Distance Runner at 9:30 Club tomorrow and real content next week. Promise.


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More meetings and such today at work, so head over to DCist where I recap the hilarity that ensued after the Wizards took down the Timberwolves last night. Or if you prefer your writing well thought out and less obtuse, check out the Bog's coverage of the same story.

PS - Come drink with us tonight!


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The USA will get to see the mighty Mozzer live starting April 27th. He'll embark on a 40 date North American tour, details still TBA. My guess is he comes through D.C. in early May, which is when I'm going to Europe. Bah.


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The D.C. Sports Bloggerati will be holding court tomorrow at the Rhino Bar in Georgetown from about 7 p.m. until whenever. Come one, come all.

Updates may be sparse today. I'm on the back end of an office move and have a ton of work to do. I do hope to get my photos from my weekend in NYC developed later today, (that's right, FILM!), and hopefully Flickr will stop acting weird at some point and I will be able to upload them without having them turn into someone else's photos. I'll post a full recap when I have some time.

Also, I missed all the All Star shenanigans over the weekend, so I'll have to read Mr. Irrelevant's coverage and catch up. I DVR'ed the dunk contest, so I can't wait to see this. Like woah!


I put on a hell of a show last night at DC9 if I do say so myself. We had a good crowd considering there is a sheet of ice blanketing the U Street corridor. And while I would have liked it if more people showed up, the upstairs was pretty crowded and there were never more than three people at the bar downstairs during the show, so everyone that came out came to see the rock. And good lord did Pela bring it. Wow! You really need to go see them and be prepared to rock out when you do. I kept comparing them to a cross between the Old 97's and War-era u2 before the show, but they reminded me more of The Hold Steady last night. Great tunes and a big, fuck off rock sound. They were insanely great. When their set was done, the crowd wouldn't let them leave. They ended up playing three extra songs, including a cover of the Pixies' "Holiday Song."


These United States were no slouches either. Jesse and Co. put n a very engaging show that veered from slow country jams to full-on boogie workouts. Best. People were coming up to me all night saying how much they liked their set. I can't wait to see them again. John and Laura, our resident DJ's for the evening, played New Edition and the Geto Boys, so hey, what more can you ask for?

I declare Unbuckled 5 a success!

You can see all of my Unbuckled 5 photos over on Flickr.

I have a pair of tickets to giveaway to the Malajube show at the Rock n Roll Hotel here in D.C. on February 21st. I can't make it that (more on that later), but I'm here to hook up one lucky reader.

w/ Snowden & The Vita Ruins
Rock n Roll Hotel
Washington D.C.
Wednesday, February 21st

To enter, all you have to do is send me an email and tell me the record you're most looking forward to hearing this year. I'll pick a winner on Monday.

Here are some Malajube MP3's for your listening pleasure:
[MP3] Montréal -40 C
[MP3]Ton Plat Favori
[MP3] Pâte Filo

Yay Music!

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Central Village has a new Kings Of Leon track.

Fluxblog has new Feist.

Mr. Brightside has new tracks by Arcade Fire and Maximo Park. (thanks Kegzies)




These pictures of Noel and The Incredible Durst (aka Greybeard McGillicudy) have absolutely nothing to do with my long rumored Oasis post below, but since they are from the year 2000, it's high time they made their way onto the intertubenets. I took these when I was stalking Noel backstage at the 2000 Reading Festival. He had just finished giving a TV interview when Durst came up and asked him for an autograph, that being the little white piece of paper Fred's clutching.

Now then, where was I? Oh yeah. I've had the Oasis "collection" Stop The Clocks for a while now, and while it's wonderful to have all those hits on a two disc set, I find myself thinking more about all the songs that were left off the album. Outside the no-brainers, Noel got a few things right - "Slide Away," "Songbird" - but there were too many misses on there - "Half The World Away," "The Importance Of Being Idle" - for it to be the definitive Oasis collection, at least as far as I'm concerned. I am one of the biggest Oasis fans ever, but many of the big hits leave me wanting more. It's the album tracks that do it for me. So I made a mix of the best songs that were left off Stop The Clocks and overall, at least for me, it's much more fun to listen to.

The Swamp Song

The Hindu Times (above)
A Bell Will Ring | Live, Summersonic Festival, Osaka 2005
Columbia | Live at Knebworth, 8/11/1996
It s Getting Better (Man!!) | Live at Air Studios, 1997
Cigarettes & Alcohol | Live , Glasgow Barrowlands 2001
Stop Crying Your Heart Out | Live 2002
Roll With It | "Live", Top of the Pops (With Noel on vocals and Liam on guitar. Classic.)
Turn Up The Sun | Live, Manchester 2005
Cast No Shadow | Noel, Live
Love Like a Bomb | Live on TV
Hello | Live at Glastonbury, 1995
D'You Know What I Mean? | Video
I Can See A Liar | Live on Letterman
Stand By Me | Noel & Liam acoustic
Lord Don't Slow Me Down

To me, this is a much better collection of Oasis songs in the way that Extras is the perfect companion album to The Jam's Greatest Hits. It fills in the blanks for anyone that doesn't want to go back and buy (or download) all their albums. I mostly stayed away from the b-sides because they've already been collected and showcased and there are so many great album tracks and leftover singles to choose from. It's a fucking travesty that "The Hindu Times" wasn't on Stop The Clocks. It's one of the best songs Noel has ever written (especially if you've ever heard the horrible original version, which was all about how he hated Meg). Watch the video footage above and tell me you don't want to be in the middle of Wembley pouring beer all over yourself while you sing along to that song. Ditto for "D'You Know What I Mean?"

"Columbia" wasn't the first Oasis song I ever heard, but the first one that really grabbed me, mostly because of the way Liam sings "There we were, noweeeehaweeeeahhhhh". You're fooling yourself if you don't think "Love Like A Bomb" is the best track off of Don't Believe The Truth. It's scary to think that five years from now Liam could be the band's chief songwriter, or at least Noel's equal. "Hello" is a criminally underlooked track from Morning Glory. Maroon 5 liked it so much they covered it live. Yes, it's as bad as you think it would be. Worse. And I'm sure anyone that's heard the full version of "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" will tell you it's quite simply the best thing they've done in ages.

Now that I think about it, it's clear why Oasis isn't on the same level as they were in their mid-to-late 90's heyday. Aside from the obvious things, marriage, money, fame, etc. that is. They haven't written a decent slow jam in 10 years. "Don't Go Away" and "Stand By Me" were their last good ones. They still write corking stadium suitable rock anthems, but it's the slower songs like "Wonderwall" and even "Champagne Supernova" that gave the band their crossover success, especially here in the States.

And while Oasis was slipping, other bands took notice and copied what the band was doing and ran with it. Travis famously asked "What's a Wonderwall anyways?" on their record The Man Who, but what is that record but stripped down Wonderwall- influenced, acoustic flavored rock? They've made a career out of copying Noel (and for the record, I'm a fan). Coldplay took the same formula, added some piano and applied it to their music for the masses. Songs like "The Hindu Times" give Liam a chance to show his stuff, but it will never be as popular as "Don't Look Back In Anger."

I'd venture a guess that the reason Noel can't write the slow hits anymore is that he's a) rich and b) divorced. He writes rich man's rock now. He has anything his heart desires. It must be hard to write songs for the common man when you reach that point. Which is why Liam will be the one to push this band forward. He's still honing his song writing craft, and after comparing "Little James" to "Love Like A Bomb" or "Guess God Thinks I'm Abel," it's hard not to be excited about Oasis album number seven.

When a website that's supposed to fight for the little guy basically admits they steal photos, many of them copyright protected, from Flickr for their for-profit website. And when people call them on it, they say tough shit.

I wonder if they'll do a post on themselves?

**UPDATE** It looks like they've taken the post down! Who do they think they are, the GOGblog? Click here for a scan of the original post. Sadly I don't have any of the comments.

**UPDATE #2**
Consumerist has apologized and has created a Flickr group from which they will use from now on. Nice one.

Major propers to Henry Abbot over at daily read True Hoop. ESPN just bought his site. From now on Henry's work will be appearing on their bandwidth. Someone over at the Worldwide Leader is paying attention.

Read it here yesterday, read it on Idolator today. Unattributed, obvs.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence, right?

Anyhoo, if you want a copy of the song, grab it on their dime. The citizens of the Hype Machine maxed out my bandwidth until the 16th.

Organized Moo I survived Orlando and made it back to D.C. over the weekend. And by survived, I mean that I did not:

1) Collapse and die at a Florida casino.

2) Get arrested for attempted murder at the Orlando airport after driving for 9 hours in a pair of diapers.

3) Die at the animal shelter fire.

4) Get arrested for child porn while working at Disney.

So I guess that means it was a good trip! Dude, Florida is nutty.

I ordered some Moo cards before I left and they arrived Saturday. Be warned, if I see you this week, I'll probably slip you one. And there's a good chance I'll see you this week, as I have a hectic schedule.


Unbuckled 5 @ DC9!
Pela w/ These United States
Only $8. I put this show together, so you better come out and represent.

Lily Allen @ 930

Saturday & Sunday


As you might guess, I'm totally swamped at work today, so here are some MP3's to keep you busy:

[MP3] Sloan | Another Way I Could Do it
I played this song constantly while I was in Orlando. You really need to buy the new Sloan record. It's teh awesome.

[MP3] Keane | She Sells Sanctuary
Yes, this is a cover of The Cult. it's 10x better than you'd think it would be. Thank Torr for this beauty.

[MP3] Lily Allen v. Stone Roses | Waterlily
LDN meets Waterfall. Brilliant.

Believe it or not, I wasn't into the Britpop when I went to college back in the halcyon days on the early 90's. The grunge revolution was at hand and I was all about Seattle and the Beastie Boys. Yes, Kurt Cobain turned me on to Teenage Fanclub, but other than the odd Ned's Atomic Dustbin CD, that was about as close to Britpop as I ventured.

My freshman year at ECU, my next door neighbor in Belk dorm was a guy named John Smith. Everyone called him Jellybean (long story). He was from Charlotte, aka "the big city." He listened to Ride, The Smiths and a whole bunch of bands with weird accents that I had never heard of before. He more or less turned me on to Morrissey. But the first CD of his that I couldn't stop listening to was Reading, Writing and Arithmetic by The Sundays. This CD changed my whole musical landscape. Pretty soon I got a CMJ sampler with a song called "Live Forever" on it and away I went. If it wasn't for Jellybean, this blog might be all about Mudhoney and Skinny Puppy. I also had a huge, huge crush on Harriet Wheeler, so that didn't hurt.

Also, quick story. The second night we were at college, Jellybean got hammered while we were out party hopping and went back to the dorm by himself. He forgot his keys so he did what any trashed college kid would do, try to climb up into his second story room and enter via the open window. Unfortunately the AC unit he started climbing on to make it up there belonged to the RA of the dorm, who was female. Oh, and did I mention that Jellybean took off his jeans, which were too tight, to make his climb easier? The RA thought someone was trying to break into her room and sexually assault her, so she called campus police. And when they showed up, Jellybean soon realized he didn't have his ID on him. The cops would ask him his name and he would said "John Brown." They didn't believe him. "No, seriously, what is your name?" etc. This line of questioning went on for quite some time.

It eventually got worked out and he didn't get in (much) trouble, but from that point on, I knew living beside him was going to be an adventure. And it was. Ah, college.

I like short hair Thom much better than 80's hair metal Thom.

The Archers of Loaf performing "Form and File" and "Scenic Pastures" on Australian TV. Fuck The Police, this is the reunion I want.


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Greetings from sunny, warm Orlando. I have a ton of work to do, so here are a few photos from my trip to the US Botanical Garden over the weekend.




More here.

Ms. Smith and I found some time to make out first trip to the D.C. Fish Market over the weekend. They had all kinds of interesting things there.




I also took some photos of the Capitol and the Botanical Garden. I'll post those later in the week.

D.C., like much of the rest of the East Coast, is effing freezing today. Luckily I'm headed to Orlando tomorrow for a business trip. Let's take a gander at the weather down there:


Mmmmmmmm...toasty. What about the weather here in town?


Enough said.

So...the Super Bowl. I thought the Bears were supposed to have a good defense. Yet, they had all sorts of problems tackling anyone last night. I guess it's easy to be that overrated when you play in the NFC North. It's the NFL's version of the NBA's Atlantic Division.

Related: Everyone is going bananas over Prince's halftime show. I thought it was ok, but I spent most of it wondering why he decided to cover "Proud Mary" and the Foo Fighters. That was just weird. He has enough killer material in his own catalog, why resort to playing other people's stuff?

Lefsetz speaks glowingly of the performance and hammers his point home with this:

But today we learned, it was proven, that NOTHING compares with music. No sport, no video game. There IS no competition for the entertainment dollar when music is done right.

It hasn’t been done right in a long time.

Oh, and I still hate Greg Paulus. A typical Wojo-like performance. Has a decent game and then folds in the clutch. When does he graduate again?

I also caught Kobe v. Agent Zero over the weekend. I begrudgingly have to admit Kobe played an amazing game and the Lakers got the W. Also, Andrew Bynum: surprisingly good. Chuck Klosterman was there covering the game for the NYT. I kept trying to think of a reason to go over and introduce myself to him, but I ultimately drew a blank.

Isiah Thomas's worst trade.

Sadly, the Arctic Monkeys won't be naming their sophomore album Lesbian Wednesdays. That would have been sweet.

Also, Chris Martin on Extras? Totally hilarious.

Apparently they spend their time on shooting contests and wager five figures on the outcome. Full story here, via the always awesome Washington Sport Bog.

Wizards v. Lakers tips off in 12 minutes and 24 seconds.

Mr. Clean

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I think Mr. Pink must have ready my post from yesterday. When I got home last night, he was hard at work cleaning the kitchen floor!



Don't worry Mr. Pink, you're still my guy.

[MP3] Morrissey | I Knew I Was Next
[MP3] Morrissey | Human Being

Here's Moz's set list from last night:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Ganglord / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / William, It Was Really Nothing / Irish Blood, English Heart / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Girlfriend In A Coma / Everyday Is Like Sunday / In The Future When All's Well / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / Let Me Kiss You / The National Front Disco / Dear God, Please Help Me / How Soon Is Now? / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Life Is A Pigsty // Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice

Bad Omen?

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Ruh roh. It appears that Bobblehead Jarvis Hayes is just as injury prone as the real thing. Well, at least Antawn Jamison doesn't need surgery. He's still out at least three weeks though.


Congratulations to Caron Butler, 2007 NBA All-Star. Looks like all that campaigning paid off.

In other news, Paul Pierce is set to return in about a week. I'm all for getting Oden or Durant, lord knows we need them, but losing 13 in a row is unacceptable.

Also, Rod Dyachenko, traded back to D.C. United. Rock!


I don't read much anymore, mostly because I find this site is more entertaining and gets me my sports fix just fine. And if the "World Wide Leader" keeps this crap up, I won't be going back for quite some time. I can't say I've ever loaded their homepage and thought to myself, "You know what this site needs? More ads! The video player in the right well just isn't enough. It would be great if they started putting ads right in the news headlines! That wouldn't be obnoxious at all. " If only I needed a new MP3 player...


| |

Pitchfork has a Dean & Britta MP3 if you want to check it out.

Bradley's Almanac has the recent Sloan show from Boston up for your downloading pleasure. He's also got a live recording of "Ill Placed Trust" from 15 (!!) years ago. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.

LA Weekly interviews Morrissey, mostly about cats and graves:

Was your cat maimed?

No, but he was very, very old, and he was arthritic, and he couldn’t go to the toilet properly and I would have to take him to the toilet, I’d have to do everything, but he was very, very happy, and as long as he was with me, he was thrilled to death. So, I held him at the last moment when they inserted the needle and, uh . . . I cried for hours and hours and hours. This sound came out of me, this sound of despair when he went, and I’d never heard it before.


Because I thought I’d be — I thought I could completely handle his death and I’d be fine. I’d look after him, I’d make sure everything was okay, and I’d make sure that his transition was as easy and comfortable as possible. And I howled.

I mean, I still have moments where I grieve again, out of the blue — does that happen to you?

Of course! Of course! You miss your pets. You miss Sir Doo-Dah or whatever his name is . . . You miss them and you feel for them, and my cat was an incredible character. He wasn’t merely a cat, he was beyond human. He had the most incredible personality, an enormous personality, and as tough as, as they say, old boots, and I still miss him, I really still miss him. Sorry, I’m boring you stiff...

Yep, sounds about right. I still think about Jarvis from time to time. Well, I guess i should tell Ms. Smith right now that cat #4 will be named Sir Doo-Dah. That's teh awesome. Cat #3's name, in case you're wondering, is going to be Mylo. But don't worry, I'm very happy with cat #2, he's not going anywhere and I expect he'll be around for a long time. And yes, I'm a big dork. Moving on...

On a slightly related note, here's an MP3 of the new Stooges track:
[mp3] The Stooges | Idea of Fun

The Sports Guy loves him some Sports Bloggers, but only certain ones. Nice one Jamie.

UVA basketball, trying so hard to be relevant. And failing miserably.

David Aldridge is back at the Philly Inquirer! Yay!

Bloggers made Agent Zero an All-Star?


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I don't want to keep hyping my forthcoming Oasis post too much for fear that it'll just end up being a letdown, but it's coming. But not today. I got a bit sidetracked last night when, during my research for said post, I came across the following on Youtube. Behold video of the very first Oasis show on American soil last show on their first ever American tour, the October 29th, 1994 gig at the Wetlands Preserve in NYC (capacity 500). [Editor's note - As reader Ian kindly points out, my reading comprehension skills are somewhat lacking. While the band's first ever US show was at the Wetlands, it was on July 21, 1994. Me read good one day]

Holy fucking shit. Does it blow everyone else's mind that they were ready for much, much bigger venues at this point, just three years and 50+ gigs in?


Stuff like this, quite frankly, is what video iPods were made for.

1) Rock n Roll Star
2) Columbia (above)
3) Fade Away
4) Digsy's Dinner
5) Shakermaker
6) Live Forever
7) Bring It On Down
8) Up In The Sky
9) Slide Away
10) Cigaretes & Alcohol
11) Married With Children
12) Supersonic
13) I Am The Walrus
14) Rock N Roll Star (Encore)