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Feb 22 2007

Deadline Day

It's NBA trading deadline day! W00t. Let the deals commence! Actually, with the whole Oden / Durant thing still up in the air, I don't think there will be many deals today. The two players most likely to be traded, from what I have read, are Mike James and Mike Bibby, who might be dealt for each other in a three way deal sending Drew Gooden to Sacto. It'll be interesting to see if the Kings move Bibby, if only because they are in D.C. tonight to play the Wiz and I might get to go into a locker room where someone has just been traded! Developing...

Also, I think the C's will stand pat this year, unlike the last three years. Although it appears Delonte West has traded his (psycho) girlfriend for a woman to be named later.

The Sports Blogger Happy Hour was a rousing success last night. Lots of people showed up and I got to put quite a few faces to blogs, which is always nice. I'm too lazy (and busy) to link to everyone that came, so hopefully someone else will do that for me. The Bog has been promising a post on last night's events, so I'll update this when it's online. Also, my Moo Cards were a big hit last night. Best.

D.C. United got their season off to a great start last night. Can't effing wait for the game at RFK on March 1st!

Veronica Mars, not canceled (yet). If they take this show off the air I'm seriously going to be so pissed. Everyone has told me that Tuesday's episode was great (Ms. Smith sent me a text while I was at the game that said "best. Veronica. ever.") so I can't wait to finally watch it tomorrow on my DVR. So until then, breathe not a word! Thx to Chromewaves for the original link.

So Kings game tonight, Middle Distance Runner at 9:30 Club tomorrow and real content next week. Promise.

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