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I don't want to keep hyping my forthcoming Oasis post too much for fear that it'll just end up being a letdown, but it's coming. But not today. I got a bit sidetracked last night when, during my research for said post, I came across the following on Youtube. Behold video of the very first Oasis show on American soil last show on their first ever American tour, the October 29th, 1994 gig at the Wetlands Preserve in NYC (capacity 500). [Editor's note - As reader Ian kindly points out, my reading comprehension skills are somewhat lacking. While the band's first ever US show was at the Wetlands, it was on July 21, 1994. Me read good one day]

Holy fucking shit. Does it blow everyone else's mind that they were ready for much, much bigger venues at this point, just three years and 50+ gigs in?


Stuff like this, quite frankly, is what video iPods were made for.

1) Rock n Roll Star
2) Columbia (above)
3) Fade Away
4) Digsy's Dinner
5) Shakermaker
6) Live Forever
7) Bring It On Down
8) Up In The Sky
9) Slide Away
10) Cigaretes & Alcohol
11) Married With Children
12) Supersonic
13) I Am The Walrus
14) Rock N Roll Star (Encore)


Ian said:

According to the Oasis gigography you link to, it seems they performed in the US about 15x in Sept and Oct of 1994 prior to the Wetlands. The night before at Maxwell's. Regarding the Wetlands, it was a great place and were very lax when it came to fake ID's. Think I started drinking there when I was only seventeen. Many great shows. All around great venue. Smoking a bong and doin whippits in the downstairs lounge, ahh youth gone wild.

leafblower said:

Ack. Right you are Ian. Duly noted. I was reading it the wrong way. They list the last show first. Thanks for the correction.

I went to the Wetlands alot when I lived in NYC too. I saw the Manic Street Preachers play a CMJ gig there right after Everything Must Go was released.

redboy said:

damn, nice find son! i saw that same tour at local 186 in allston mass... an even smaller venue and the band had gotten into a fist fight right before they went on stage... ahhh memories :)

redboy said:

oooo accroding to that gig-ography i was at their first US show! who knew! (and yes, it fucking ruled)