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Although I hear and read their name everywhere, I'm not that familiar with Voxtrot, other than the non-stop Smiths references and that one EP I got off of Emusic. Still, I was excited to have the chance to catch them while I'm here in San Fran, especially since I have another engagement when they play D.C. in a few weeks.

Keeping with my recent posts while I'm out of town, I'll have to keep this somewhat quick. My kneejerk reaction: Voxtrot sure lived up to the hype for me. Great tunes, a burgeoning stage presence, engaging name it, they've got it. All the teenage girls standing next to me during the show (and there were A TON of them) wanted to have the lead singer's babies right then and there. Seriously. They have some serious crossover potential as far as that's concerned. Also, their bassist looks like Paul McCartney, Hoffner bass and all. I'll let you decide if that's a positive or a negative.

[MP3] Voxtrot | Kid Gloves
[MP3] Voxtrot | Trouble
[MP3] Voxtrot | The Start of Something

On Tuesday, I had dinner & drinks (she had dinner, I had drinks) with fellow music industry refugee SFist Krissy, and she called the venue, The Great American Music Hall, her favorite in the country. I'm not sure I'd agree (I'm pretty spoiled with the 9:30 Club - which has it's faults, but is still great), but I would be remiss if I didn't give TGAMH its collective propers. Great sight-lines, top notch sound, nice staff, friendly vibe, photographer friendly camera policy. It's kinda like a West Coast Bowery Ballroom. Color me impressed.

Sound Team 1

Sound Team 2

During said get-together with Krissy, she mentioned that Sound Team was recently dropped from Capitol, which was news to me. But after seeing them again, I can see why. I want to like this band, but their lack of anything resembling a hook in their songs makes it very hard. They're the anti-Supergrass, great verses in search of a decent chorus. I would be hard-pressed to hum a single tune they played last night. Also, no "Your Eyes Are Liars." WTF?

Au Revoir Simone

Au Revoir Simone weren't really my thing either. Top notch harmonies, but the whole recreating Pet Sounds with organs and drum machines thing got old really quick.

Tonight: Pela and Mary Timony at Bottom of the Hill.

PS - I have no idea how the photos look, so I'm just putting them here and not on Flickr. Now I know why people don't use Dell Laptops to edit photos. I'll have edited photos up on Flickr sometime next week.

I have to make this quick since I am swamped with work and I still need to go through all the photos I took at last night's Voxtrot show (which is much harder on my work computer since I don't have Lightroom loaded on it).

Here is a sampling of the photos I took on my first day in town. I got to my hotel around 3:00, did some work, checked email and then went out wandering around, mostly in the financial district and the waterfront. It's really chilly here. Very glad I packed my coat. Not the type of weather I am used to in May.


I'm off to sunny San Francisco for the week on business. You know, I really haven't been away from home enough this month (that would be three of May's five weeks on the road, for those counting at home). This should be more fun than Vegas though. I'm hoping to catch Voxtrot on Wednesday and Pela on Thursday. if you're going to either of those shows, gimme a holler.

I don't know about you guys, but I was a good American over Memorial Day weekend. I travelled, ate some awesome BBQ, saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (a big flaming pile of meh) and played some tennis. Good times.

In fact Mr. Pink is the only one not very happy right about now. After being away all weekend, I had to break the news to him that I would be gone all week. He wasn't very happy, as you can see.

I put up some more photos from Europe before I left on Friday. Unfortunately I'm not going to have time to do my witty little write ups.
[Photos] Brussels
[Photos] Brugges
Still to come, Cologne and the Rhine River Valley.

In closing, I give you your moment of (kitten) zen.


Yesterday morning I bought the new Feist album, A Reminder, via iTunes and gave it a spin during my morning commute. It still might grow on me, but my first impression is that it's too lo-fi and not as hooky as her debut record, but I digress...

One song that really jumped out at me though, is track 10, "Brandy Alexander." Check the lyrics:

Though I'd like to be the girl for him
And cross the sea and land for him
On milky skin my tongue is sand until
The ever distant band begins to play

He's my Brandy Alexander
Always gets me into trouble
But that's another matter
Brandy Alexander

He's my Brandy Alexander
Always gets me into trouble
But that's another matter
Brandy Alexander

Though you know what I love most of him
I'm walking on needles and pins
My addiction to the worst of him
The low moon helps me sing

I'm his Brandy Alexander
Always get him into trouble
I hide that I'm flattered
Brandy Alexander

I'm his Brandy Alexander
Always get him into trouble
I hide that I'm flattered
Brandy Alexander

Goes down easy
It goes down easy [7x]

Brandy Alexander [4x]

The reason that this song jumped out at me is Brandy Alexander is the name of the protagonist in Chuck Palahniuk's excellent third novel*, Invisible Monsters. Here's a plot summary via Amazon:

Welcome to the world of perverse self-mutilation, insane coincidences and extreme makeovers speckled with violent acts and prescription drugs. After surviving a gunshot wound that destroyed half her face, Shannon meets the vivacious Brandy Alexander, whose glamorous nature seduces her into traveling cross-country in a delightful and ironic crime spree. In typical Palahniuk fashion, the story leaps about in an erratic and initially bewildering manner, but ultimately makes sense.

Always gets me into trouble? Check.
My addiction to the worst of him? Check.
I hide that I'm flattered? Check.

From the book:

"The nurse leads me past in my cardboard slippers, my tight bandages and deep funk, and Brandy Alexander looks up at the last possible instant and winks. God should be able to wink that good. Like somebody taking your picture. Give me joy. Give me fun. Give me love."


You can read and online graphic novel of Invisible Monsters over at Chucky P dot net.

* It was actually the second novel he wrote, but it didn't get published until after Fight Club and Survivor.

That is, if we would have been forced to watch this. No Keith Mars, no Logan and no Wallace (who was seriously underused in Season 3).

And no, I haven't watched the last two episodes yet, so don't say anything about them. Tonight hopefully.

Thx to Goldenfiddle for the link.


Still numb from last night. I'm afraid to go on the interwebs. I just can't look at Greg Oden's mug right now.

The optimist in me says the Celtics will still be pretty good next year, Al Jeff is a 20-10 guy now, PP is still PP, Rajon Rondo will get the keys to the car and maybe, just maybe, Gerald Green will start to get it. Add in someone like Corey Brewer or Brandon Wright and we'll improve quite a bit. But then the pessimist in me keeps crying out "FOR FUCK'S SAKE! This is what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket!" over and over again. Well, if nothing else draft time should be full of suspense for Celtics Nation. Do we keep the pick or trade it? How will Atlanta screw up this year? Will we be able to capitalize?

I'm really, really glad I went out last night. It was much better for me than sitting at home and stewing over this all night. Many thanks to Ms. Smith for expertly talking me down off the ledge as the night wore on.

Due to the draft debacle I missed Le Loup's set. Let's just assume they were awesome and move on. I did see The Rosebuds, and they were pretty great. Very peppy and full of energy and every song had some sort of "la la la," "oh oh oh," or "yeah yeah yeah." Right up my alley! They just started their tour, so be sure to check them out when they roll through your hood. Here's a taste of their musical stylings:

[MP3] The Rosebuds | Bluebird

OK, now you're just piling on.

You too. Argh! Make it stop!

Reasons Not To Sign With The Major Labels.

William Orbit brought electronica into the mainstream and gave Madonna back her cool. Now he's ditching the synths altogether in favour of an orchestra.


Worst case scenario. Wonderful system you have there Mr. Stern.


The Mighty Mozzer turns 48 today.

[MP3] Morrissey | You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

[MP3] Morrissey | That's Entertainment

Also tonight is the NBA Draft Lottery (looking at this just makes me shudder) and the *sniff* series finale of Veronica Best. I'll be DVRing the latter, however, as I'll be at the Rock n' Roll Hotel taking in locals Le Loup (just signed to Sub Pop imprint Hardly Art) and The Rosebuds.

Also, let me be the latest person to congratulate D.C.'s own Georgie James for signing with Saddle Creek Records. That's huge! New record later this year. Can't wait!

A bunch of stuff that has been languishing in my "to Blog" pile...

MrPink-7235.jpg Here's an e-card from Dungen highlighting their upcoming record and featuring a downloadable MP3.

I (shamefully) failed to mention that Pela's debut album, Anytown Grafitti, was released earlier in the month. You need to pick up this record. They rocked the house when they played Unbuckled earlier in the year. I'm hoping to see them next week when I head out to San Fran.

[MP3] Pela | Lost to the Lonesome

One new record I can't wait to hear is the new Mogwai record. It's a soundtrack from the "Zidane" movie. Here's an MP3:

[MP3] Mogwai | The Black Spider

Stream the new Art Brut track "Direct Hit."

Here are some MP3's from Fields, who I keep hearing good things about:

[MP3] Fields | Song for the Fields
[MP3] Fields | If You Fail, We All Fail

Here's a new track from The Mendoza Line:
[MP3] The Mendoza Line | Aspect of an Old Maid

Kegzies over at Dead Flowers has great posts about Ride and Hurricane #1 you should check out if you want to bone up on your Britpop precursors and also-rans.

Embed Flickr slideshows with flickrSLiDR. Can't wait to try this out.

Editing Disney video to explain copyright. Pretty awesome.

Going, going, gone?

Only about 33 hours until the NBA Draft Lottery decides the fate of the Boston Celtics franchise for the next 10 years or so. No, I'm not nervous. Not at all. Argh.

Antwerp, Belgium
Sea Ray - Stars At Noon
Accommodations: Emporer's 48, a two room bed and breakfast run out of the town home of artist and photographer Bart Michielsen and his cat Chance. We stayed here because Bart sounded like an interesting guy and we wanted to try out all sorts of places during our trip and I'm glad we did. Bart's place was lovely and he was a great host. It's a bit off the beaten path, yet only eight or so blocks from the Grote Markt and the waterfront. There were roughly 50 bars within stumbling distance from his place. We went to as many as we could. Each morning Bart serves a fully stocked breakfast and both mornings we stayed there, we got to chat with the couples that were staying in the other room. The only drawbacks with Bart's place is that 1) you have to share a bathroom with whoever is staying in the other room and 2) the rooms are on the fourth floor of a four floor walkup.
Best Bar: There were soooo many is Antwerp, but the best was the last one we went to. The second night we were there, we were a bit restless after dinner and drinks and wandering around trying out different bars. At the end of the night, we decided to have a nightcap on the way home in one of the bars near Bart's place, away from the Grote Markt. Soon we found ourselves in the tiny Cafe Le Kat with seven other patrons, two of which were friends with the bartender. I was overjoyed to find out they had Hoegaarden (pronounced Whogaarden in Belgium - also, Duvel is DOOvel, not duVEL) for the low, low price of Euro 1.70. That was such a good deal that I had three (even though I didn't necessarily need any of them at that point). Best. The bartender was super friendly as well, even though we were obviously tourists in the locals bar. That place had the same vibe and feel as O'Connor's in Park Slope, only with a better ceiling.
Best Meal: Our lunch at Cafe Zuid, near the Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst (Museum of Contemporary Art) was wonderful, but the frites we had later that night at Fritbot Max were to die for (look at all those toppings!). So best. We ate them in a drunken haze outside in the Grote Markt, at the base of the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal church, which was built over the course of about 200 years, starting in 1351. We enjoyed every last bit.
Sights Seen: Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst (lots of Peter Paul Rubens), Mirr Street shopping, waterfront, City Hall, Grote Markt, a slew of bars and cafes.
Best Bit: The whole town. Ms. Smith and I loved Antwerp. It was my favorite city on the whole trip, which is funny because we went there on a whim. I saw that there is a Photo Museum there so I decided we should go and see it, but we never actually made it there because Bart said it wasn't all that (which was fine, because there was no way it could top the World Press Photo Exhibit). Antwerp is basically Manhattan's Soho and Meat Packing Districts thrown together and turned into a city with a bunch of architecture dating back to the 1300's. The people in the city were young and vibrant, and it made going out a lot of fun. There are two big squares at Grote Markt, one in front and another off the back, filled with cafes and bars and since we were in town over a Friday and Saturday and the weather was superb, every place was hopping. There was also this network of back alleys and side streets branching off from the two town squares and they were lined with bars as well. Lets just say there was never a shortage of places to go. I can't recommend Antwerp highly enough. We loved the city and promised each other we'd come back someday.

Veronica Mars has been canceled by the CW. I'm sad.

I was a little disappointed last night when I got to the venue and my Arctic Monkeys photo pass said "Support Only." Disappointed, but not surprised. I'd heard that the Monkeys were a bit protective about photos at their shows (as is their right). Oh well. At least I got to take photos of Be Your Own Pet. I saw the Nashville foursome open for Sonic Youth last year and walked away impressed. They were just as good last night. All of their songs sound the same to me, the thump-thump-thump-thump of the bass drum propelling the rest of the group to go crazy on stage while they plow their way through song after song. But their energy and enthusiasm is infectious and a joy to behold. I love watching them perform, they're the perfect opening band. You definitely have to bring your A game on-stage to follow them.

As for the headliners, they did just that, and while I enjoyed the show, I wasn't blown away. First, the positives: They played just about every song from their first two albums - something like 19 in total - opening with current single "Brianstorm (I love it when bands play the hits early in their set). They are super tight on stage and have talent way beyond their years. "Teddypicker" sounded wonderful. Alex Turner reminds me of a young Paul Weller with a bit of Richard Ashcroft's cheekbones thrown in.

Unfortunately, some of their positives also worked against them. After the first half hour, a lot of the songs started to sound the same, which is why I like Favourite Worst Nightmare much more than their debut. Songs like "Do Me A Favor," "If You Were There, Beware" and "Old Yellow Bricks" show nuance and subtleties nowhere to be found on their debut, and those songs go a long way in breaking up the repetitive monster mash of big bass lines and noodley surf-guitar heroics that beat you over the head for the majority of the show. Oh, and they didn't play "505." Jerks.

As I said earlier, I enjoyed the show, but much like the few times I've seen Bloc Party live, the Monkeys just left me cold. Concert nirvana was not reached. I guess the overwhelming hype is clouding my view a bit, but I have no idea why the kids are going batshit crazy about a band that sings about "tracky bottoms tucked in socks." But then again, 10 years ago I went ga-ga over a bunch of geezers from Manchester singing "I know a girl called Elsa / She's into Alka Seltzer," so who am I to talk?

City: Amsterdam
Soundtrack: Mew - Frengers & The Zookeepers Boy EP
Accomodations: Hotel Alexander - Nothing fancy, but nothing to complain about. Smallish room with a bed, small table, TV, wardrobe and a safe. Bathroom was fairly large with a nice shower. Our room was off the back of the building, so it was nice and quiet. They also had an elevator, which, as I would learn later on in the trip, was huge. Nice breakfast buffet in the morning. People in Amsterdam like chocolate sprinkles on everything, even especially toast.
Best Bar: I didn't write down the name of it, but on the back end of the Leidseplein we found a little corner bar that had board games and decks of cards for all the patrons. The service was fast and friendly, the Duvel was cheap and it seemed to be mostly locals. There were two big windows in front, so the ventilation was great, a rarity in the city. They also had a cat that sat in the front window. Awwwww. We ended up there both nights we were in town.
Best Meal: Italian at Pasta Pino. I had Spaghetti Bolognese and it was delectable. I was surprised at how many Italian pizza joints and Irish bars Amsterdam had. They're like Quiznos here in the States. One on every corner.
Sights Seen: The Flower Market, The Old Church, The New Church, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Red Light District, many, many bars.
Best Bit: It goes without saying that the Anne Frank House was incredibly powerful. I still remember doing reports on The Diary of Anne Frank in fourth or fifth grade. It still resonates (thanks to Ms. Obrien - my English teacher). But the best thing we did in Amsterdam, hands down, was the very last thing we did in town. We saw a flyer for something called The 2007 World Press Photo Exhibition and it took us a while to actually find it, but it was worth the hassle. It was, for me, probably the best thing we did the entire trip. The exhibition is basically a collection of award winning press photos from the last year from all around the world, covering a wide variety of subjects - news, sports, nature, etc. Each and every photo that was included was simply incredible. It gave me tremendous inspiration. It's no coincidence that my travel photos got much better after I saw this exhibit. Also, it was fitting that they were showing these in the Oude Kerk (Old Church) because that's what seeing these photos was for me, like going to church. I walked out of there one highly motivated photographer. It was impossible to see those images and not be inspired. You can see all the photos at the Exhibition website. Some of my favorites are the jewish settler v. the police, prayers at a ruined mosque, film watching in Africa and Crouchy. Seriously, this was one of the most powerful things I have ever seen. I couldn't buy the book fast enough.
Random Thoughts: We took it pretty easy in Amsterdam. Ms. Smith had a job interview as soon as we got back, so we couldn't really do any funny stuff. But we did drink. A lot. Mostly in the Leidseplein, a great little town square with tons of bars and lots of outdoor seating. This place kind of set the tone for our whole vacation. In every town we went to, we'd find the happening town square, plant ourselves outside at a cafe or bar, drink heavily and do some people watching. Did I mention it was 80 degrees and sunny every day of our trip? I actually got sunburnt. Not a drop of rain to be had.

A quick general note. I'm going to try and get the recaps for each city we visited up in the next week or so (otherwise, I'll probably never do it). I tried not to go crazy posting all my photos (I took close to 1600 for the whole trip), just the best, because I hate when people post every travel photo they take. So bear with me.

As if waiting for the NBA Lottery wasn't bad enough, I still have to deal with this crap until Thursday.


One of the wonderful (or horrible, depending on your POV) things about iTunes is that because of the sheer amount of music most of us have, your library tends to have a few undiscovered little gems hiding in plain sight, songs you added long ago and never listened to. And when they get served up, occasionally they make you perk up and say "This is fucking awesome, but who the hell is it?" and when you see who it is, you're all like "Really?"

This happened to me a few weeks ago. The song was "The Children of December" by The Slip. I saw The Slip open for My Morning Jacket last year at the 9:30 Club, but didn't remember much about them other than their funny hats. I had another song of theirs, a happy-go-lucky space-rock jam named "Even Rats" that I liked, but for some unknown reason, I never listened to "Children of December." But when I finally did, it made me sit up and take notice. The song sounds like Matt Pond PA playing a long lost Sloan song and it is, in a word, brilliant.

Anyway, I gave them the short shrift when they came through last year, so I'm going to have to do some research and get some more of their stuff. In the meantime, here are those two songs for your listening pleasure:


[MP3] The Slip | Children Of December

[MP3] The Slip | Even Rats


I had the most amazing weekend, mostly because I got to sleep in MY OWN BED for three consecutive nights. Bless. I also saw some killer shows.

Saturday was the DC101 Chili Cookoff, which was a nice primer for the upcoming summer festival season. Silversun Pickups, who seem to be playing D.C. once a month lately, played another great set, playing a few different songs than when they opened for Snow Patrol. If we're not careful, "Lazy Eye" could very well be the song of the summer, even though it's a year old.

The Bravery were next and I was excited to hear some of their new stuff, but sadly, most of it was fairly meh. It seems like all the new songs are a big fat chorus wrapped around some flimsy verses, like they wrote the songs backward or something. I liked the new single "Time Won't Let Me Go" better live than the recorded version, so it wasn't a total loss. They played a few "hits" from their last album too. "An Honest Mistake" still sounds great to my ears.

Buckcherry were next, and they were all flash and no substance. They look awesome but have no songs, except for "Lit Up" which brings back fond memories of the late 90's. Catherine said she had never heard of them, so here is their big hit if you're in the same camp:

[MP3] Buckcherry | Lit Up

Jet were Jet. I hate them and find them terribly derivative, but got a few good snaps of them all the same. The slideshow above is just a sampling of what I got on Saturday, so if you want to see all my photos, check out the Flickr slideshow.

I was supposed to finish up Saturday by seeing The Kooks at the 930, but upon arriving at the venue, they only left one ticket and no photo pass, so I gave the ticket to my DCist compatriot Abby and let her have at it. I went home and went to bed. I was beat.

Sunday I grabbed Ms. Smith and we headed over to Artomatic to take it all in before it closes this weekend. However, after about two hours, we gave up after only seeing the sixth floor. There's alot of art to see over there. Hopefully we'll make it back this week before the show closes. The rest of the day was spent doing laundry and watching my DVR (Paul Rudd on Veronica Mars was teh awesome!) before taking in the LCD Soundsystem show at 930 later that night.

I wouldn't call myself a huge LCD fan by any means, and to be honest, the amount of hype they're getting from NYC was turning me off on the band a bit, but holy shit, they brought the noise last night. It was one of those shows where the band plays for over an hour and you're having so much fun it feels like only 10 minutes. And the best part of it was the usually stoic D.C. audience was totally letting their hair down and absolutely turning it loose. Most everybody in the club was dancing, even old men like me. I was proud to be from D.C. last night.

The only bad part of the night was the guy standing next to me, who felt the need to provide commentary to his friends through the first few songs, dropping gems like "It's like punk AND disco," along with "It's crazy. Rock and roll YOU CAN DANCE TO," like this was a concept never before introduced to society as a whole before last night. Jeezy Creezy. But I digress...Believe the hype about LCD Soundsystem, the live show anyways. Can't wait to see them again at Virgin festival in August.

[MP3] LCD Soundsystem | Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (live)

Also, they dropped "Daft Punk" with the third song last night. I love it when bands play their hits early in the set. Best.

All my photos will be up soon and there will be a full recap tomorrow on DCist, but I couldn't resist posting this photo, which I'm thinking is the best shot I've ever taken.


And guess who I saw wandering around during the show? None other than D.C. United's Bobby Boswell and Clyde Simms. After The Bravery's set, I went over and introduced myself and after we chatted for a bit, they were gracious enough to let me take a photo.


I first spotted Bobby earlier in the day due to his Freddy Adu shirt. Apparently he had to wear it because he lost a bet with one of the DC101 DJ's. Read all about it on Bobby Boswell dot com. Vamos United!

**UPDATE** Here's the Flickr slideshow.

Last night, after winning 60 bucks on slots at Paris, Las Vegas and wandering around the Strip drinking crappy draft beer while trying in vain to get a hold of a decent beer (seriously, the beer selection in Vegas casinos is teh suxxor), I came back to my room at the relatively early for Vegas 11 o'clock (effing jetlag) and checked my email before hitting the sack. In it was a message from someone named "Teddy" that basically said, in a somewhat playful way "'Treading water?!?' Do you have any idea how hard I worked on that you no good so and so..." I'm thinking to myself, "Who the fuck is this? I don't know anyone named Teddy." And then a light went off and I realized who it was.

That email was from Ted Leo.

He was emailing me about an unrelated matter and I guess he was poking around on my site and found my half assed review of Living With The Living. Ouch. Imagine trying to explain to one of your favorite artists why you aren't really feeling their latest release. Let's just say I was backpedaling like a motherfucker. Luckily for me Ted was just taking the piss and we've exchanged emails since then. Best.

Seriously, I ask you, how can you not heart Ted Leo?


He's on tour in Europe right now, but next time you see him, tell him "Fuck information leafblower!"

While I was in Europe, the lineup for the Virgin Festival at Pimlico was announced and, while it's not exactly a slam dunk, it's still pretty good and strong enough not to make me regret not ponying up for a flight to Chicago for Lollapalooza. Of course, it doesn't hurt that many of the bigger bands on the lineup are playing both festivals.

Here's how the lineup shakes out:

Day 1

Amy Winehouse / Beastie Boys / Ben Harper / Booka Shade / Cheap Trick / Danny Tenaglia / Sasha & John Digweed / Felix Da Housecat / Fiction Plane / Fountains Of Wayne / The Fratellis / Incubus / LCD Soundsystem / Miguel Migs (Petalpusher) / Modest Mouse / Paolo Nutini / Peter Bjorn And John / The Police / Sander Van Doorn / Shout Out Out Out / TV On The Radio

Day 2

311 / Bad Brains / The Crystal Method (DJ Set) / CSS / Deep Dish (Dubfire and Sharam) / Dieselboy & Andy C / Girl Talk / Infected Mushroom / Interpol / James Zabiela / M.I.A. / Matisyahu / Regina Spektor / Smashing Pumpkins / Spoon / Velvet Revolver / Wu Tang Clan / Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Chris Cornell was originally announced as part of the lineup but has since decided to pass. Accordingly, chatter on the 9:30 message board says there are still a few more bands to announce.

Overall, the lineups for the festival circuit in general is kinda lacking this year. Lolla is meh, same for Pitchfork. I can't ever see me going to Bonnarroo, no matter how great the lineup is, because leaf doesn't do camping. I'd have to say the best festival lineup of the year has to be the newly announced Austin City Limits which has somehow booked all of the available heavy hitters in one place.

I get all jump-up-and-down happy whenever I think about the very real chance of doing this in two months. I just hope that he 1) keeps "Disappointed" and "National Front Disco" in the set and that he 2) doesn't play either of them in the first three songs of the set because I would rather not be working when I spontaneously combust with joy.

Yes, I am filled with anticipation, and it is most delicious.

PS - the new slideshow interface on Flickr is pretty cool, but it's running real slow for me so far.

PPS - I just realized he played "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side" last night. Holy Fucking Shit.

Alternate post title: Damore, You Can Just Skip This One

Depending on your tastes, Saturday's DC101 Chili Cook-Off either got considerably worse or much better with the addition of indie rock whipping boys The Bravery. Count me among the latter. We've been through this all before, but I'm a fan and am curious as to how their upcoming album, produced by Brendan O'Brien, will sound. I'm hoping it will be better than The Music's abysmal Welcome to the North, although I have to say most of the material I've heard so far has been middling mid-tempo indie meh. Drummer Anthony Burulcich recently said The Sun and The Moon will see the band "branch off and get experimental - slow tempo songs, mid tempo. We all sing background harmonies on this record as well." Hmmmmmmmm...

Here's the band's new video for "Time Won't Let Me Go."

Slightly related: This probably only interests me, but it wasn't so long ago that I thought photos like this were pretty good. Yikes. I've come a long way in just two years.

I'm back at the office today but tomorrow I'm heading out to Vegas for the rest of the week. Funny thing is, after drinking myself silly in Europe for the last 11 days, I'm in no mood to hit any bars, and I'm pretty much broke from the trip, so perhaps I'll be the first person ever to go to Vegas and not drink or gamble. Oh, who am I kidding? I have to put some money (one way or the other) on the Warriors, right?

Also, on Saturday I'll be shooting both the DC101 Chili Cook-off and The Kooks show later that night at the 9:30 Club. So hang in there. Real content will return shortly.

I'm down to 53 emails in my inbox (not counting the 273 that were awaiting me at work this morning), and my Bloglines count is down to an almost manageable 2155. Whew.

I was still jet lagged on Sunday so I started editing all the photos I took on vacation. I should have all that stuff for your consumption sometime next week.

Here were two things that I found on the interweb over the weekend while I was trying to catch up:

Someone (other than me) actually wrote the following sentence: "If there were a course on concert photography, Kyle (aka leafblower) would be a likely candidate to teach it."

Also, Chuck Palahniuk's Choke has been optioned and pre-production on the movie will start in June! Sam Rockwell will star as the protagonist. I ordered a copy of Rant right before I left, but the Post Office is holding all my mail and I won't be able to get it until next week. Boo!

As if I didn't have enough going on over the weekend, I took in D.C. United's win over Chivas USA at The Bobby yesterday. Here are a few pics:





You can see the entire photo set here.

effingspammers.jpg Email totals like this make me nauseous. Effing Spammers. Now you know what I'll be doing for the next day and half. And you all thought blogging was glamorous. I am officially accepting suggestions for a new spam management tool (or tools) in Movable Type and your help is appreciated.

I am back in D.C. after 12 long hours of traveling today. What did I miss?

I'm happy to report on that we had a wonderful time and didn't see a single drop of rain on the entire trip until we landed at National today.

I missed Mr. Pink terribly and he is very glad to have me back. So much so that he won't shut up. I can't bring myself to tell him I have to go to Vegas on Tuesday. Many, many thanks to Amanda, Jason and Michele for looking after the little guy when I was gone.