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May 13 2007

Chili Cookoff Recap Preview

All my photos will be up soon and there will be a full recap tomorrow on DCist, but I couldn't resist posting this photo, which I'm thinking is the best shot I've ever taken.


And guess who I saw wandering around during the show? None other than D.C. United's Bobby Boswell and Clyde Simms. After The Bravery's set, I went over and introduced myself and after we chatted for a bit, they were gracious enough to let me take a photo.


I first spotted Bobby earlier in the day due to his Freddy Adu shirt. Apparently he had to wear it because he lost a bet with one of the DC101 DJ's. Read all about it on Bobby Boswell dot com. Vamos United!

**UPDATE** Here's the Flickr slideshow.

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