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My name is Jesus! YEAH!!
And I am the man! YEAH!!
'Sup with these questions?! YEAH!!
About Danny's plans?! ROLE CALL!!!!

I like it. Some people are unhappy with the deal, but I think that's mainly because all of the other names that were being thrown around as options for us (KG, JO, Marion, 'Shard Lewis, etc.). But I'm sick of playing for three years from now. I want the Celtics to be relevant again. And now they are.

And we didn't give up the farm in the process. We still have Al Jeff and Gerald Green, so we're set for 4-5 years from now when the young 'uns are ready to take the torch.

I'm not worried about Allen's age either. He's more Reggie Miller than Mitch Richmond.


That's not John Squire. Obvs.

Me as a Simpsons Character

Make yours here. Post a link!

Duke claims NBA's best alumni class.

That's right, Mike Krzyzewski has done the previously unthinkable -- produce elite NBA talent. Not only is Coach K exceeding UNC's pro production, his proteges are improving once in the pros, a trademark of the NBA players schooled in the "Carolina Way" by Dean Smith....

During the 2006-07 NBA season, Duke had more players in the league than UNC (13 to 12), more starters (seven to five), and since 1997 has sent more first-round picks than the Tar Heels (12 to eight).

As for tonight's draft...I'll miss most of it while I'm at RFK covering the D.C. United game (which is on ESPN! Look for me on the endlines in a white hat).

The best rumor I've heard today? Last night Seattle offered Ray Allen to Boston for Theo and the fifth pick. Sign me up.

[Cheers to MDT for the Duke link]

Fuck! This certainly screws up my weekend plans.

The official press release:

Boston, MA (June 27, 2007) – Morrissey regrettably had to end his show at Boston's Bank of America Pavilion last night after 30 minutes due to a throat infection that made it impossible for him to continue. The audience of almost 5000 strong experienced a fantastic opening 7 numbers that included classics "The Queen Is Dead" and "The Last Of The Famous International Playboys". In the intro to "National Front Disco" Morrissey explained to the audience that he was ill and said "unfortunately it will not just be the emotions cracking tonight but my voice as well."

Three songs later he was unable to continue and the show came to a close. Morrissey was seen by a doctor immediately and put under strict orders not to sing for 3 days. As a result the shows in Northampton, Mass tonight and Philadelphia on Friday night have also been postponed. It is hoped that new dates will be announced for each city in the next 48 hours. All tickets will be honoured for the new dates. The tour will continue in New York at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night as scheduled. More information to follow.

On the bright side, I wouldn;t have been totally crushed if I would have been at the show last night. At least I would have heard "National Front Disco" and "Disappointed."

Yet another hat tip to Brad for the above info.

The Mighty Mozzer retired after just five songs last night in Boston, due to "David Letterman throat."

According to reports, the Boston show will be rescheduled at a later date and all tickets from last night will be honored at the new show. Tonight's show in Northampton, MA has also been canceled. Check Live Nation's website for rescheduling news.

Hopefully Moz bounces back real quick-like, since I just added Homdel, NJ to my Morrissey road trip, which is scheduled to start Friday in Philly. *shudder*

There's more to life than Morrissey, you know, but not much more.

[Many thanks to proud new poppa Brad from Bradley's Almanac for the heads up. As if he didn't have enough things going on...]

Some guy that goes by the handle of No Mas ( maker of the unquestionably awesome 1981 t-shirt) has a really cool interactive art exhibit that centers around the NBA lottery. Check it out tomorrow if you're in NYC.

Players I definitely wouldn't pick:
J.R. Reid
Sebastian Telfair
Trajan Langdon
Will Avery
Terry Dehere
Sharone Wright
Eric Montross
Khalid Reeves
Ed O'Bannon
And so on...

[via Catchdubs]

Also, There are too many Celtics trade proposals flying around right now for me to comment on. I think my head is going to explode.

Is Captain Rock getting back in the saddle? The Verve are reforming and touring the UK in November. Like woah.

From the NME:

The Verve are set to reunite for a winter tour.

The original band of Richard Ashcroft, Nick McCabe,Simon Jones and Pete Sailsbury have got together for the first time in almost a decade.

In a statement, the band have announced they were: "Getting back together for the joy of the music."

It is believed they will take a summer break and then return to the studio to complete their next album.

While this is certainly intriguing, I'd be more excited for this if Mad Richard hadn't spent the last few years becoming a house-trained pussycat, writing music for married people. That said, I certainly got chills when Ashcroft graced the stage with that lot of students during Live 8:

Can he become Capitan Rock again? Can he make The Verve relevant again? Hell, can he even make music that's relevant again? I hope so, but if The Verve aren't at least going to be as good as the following two videos, don't bother:


Quite the weekend. Coolfer came down for a visit, so we did it up like proper tourists. I took him to the Museum of Natural History (where I took the above photo) and the National Archives on Saturday afternoon. That evening we grabbed Mike Grass and went to Ms. Smith's pad for some pre-game burritos. Later that night we watched the Nats lose to the Land of Cleve Indians when Nook Logan got picked off of third for the last out. Nice one. We (we being everyone that was still drinking - I was driving) ended up at Wonderland for a nightcap.

Sunday, after some lady rear ended the leafmobile (only minor damages and no one was hurt) we took in the zoo during the morning and then Mike and I went to watch the first half of the Gold Cup final right after Coolfer hopped on the bus back to NYC. At halftime I wandered over to the Warehouse for the DCist photog meet-up/happy hour. I stayed there for a few hours before heading home and crashing. Whew.

Here's the game winner from the Gold Cup. Nice one!

Lastly, Okkervil River have announced a date at the Rock n' Roll Hotel on Sept. 30th.

[MP3] Okkervil River | Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe

Oh, I almost forgot. Some of my photos are up over on Express today.


Fuck yeah! The tour starts in D.C. Can't wait.


9/4 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
9/6 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
9/7 - NY, NY - Webster Hall
9/8 - Montreal, QC - Osheaga Festival
9/9 - Toronto, ON - Virgin Festival
9/11 - Chicago, IL - Park West
9/12 - Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line Music Cafe
9/14 - Denver, CO - Monolith Festival
9/15 - Salt Lake City, UT - Club Sound
9/17 - Vancouver, BC - Richard's On Richards
9/18 - Seattle, WA - Chop Suey
9/19 - Portland, OR - Berbati's Pan
9/20 - San Francisco, CA - Fillmore
9/23 - San Diego, CA - Streetscene
9/24 - Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern

Ticket pre-sales begin Tuesday, June 26th at 10:00 AM.
Tickets will be available at:
Fans will also have the option to pre-order a Deluxe Edition of 'An End Has A Start' when purchasing tickets.
EDITORS will also be doing a special outdoor performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, July 26th, which will air on ABC that evening at 12:00am (11:00pm central).


It's Friday. I'm exhausted. I could barely keep my eyes open last night. So what did I do about it? Went to two shows. Tried to see Le Loup at the Velvet Lounge but I was running late and it was already packed by the time I got there. I listened to one song while I was standing on the stairs and decided the 20 people also perched on said stairwell constituted a fire hazard and Le Loup aren't worth dying over. That and some really sweaty and VERY smelly bike messenger decided to start rubbing up against me. Yuck.

So off I went to the Black Cat to check out The Slip. I wanted to like them but in the end I gave up after about four or five songs. Don't believe anything you read about them ditching their jam band past for their new-found pop glory. Lies. They kept doing this "Let's see how many weird sounds we can coax out of our guitars" thing before every song that was just driving me crazy. I wanted to grab the collar of the lead singer's shirt, yank him down to my level and yell "Just fucking get on with it already!" The 20 minutes they made us wait after they set up before starting their set was also pretty ridiculous considering there were maybe 75 people there. On the plus side, they have their own lights as part of their show (their gear was crazy insane, the guitarist and bassist each had two HUGE groups of pedals) so I finally know that it is indeed possible to have some sort of light show at the Black Cat. Although, for the record, the Cat has been much, much better with the lights the last few shows I have seen there. But I digress...

I took some photos with my new lens (happy birthday to me!) last night but decided I didn't want to stay up and edit them. Maybe this weekend.

J. Freedom of the Lake's review of Wednesday's National show is much more eloquent than mine and hits the nail on the head. I'm pretty sure I was standing in front of the WaPo photographer for the first few songs. We have similar photos.


Free Peter Saville-ish fonts.

The great blogger mock draft of 2007. Cool idea. yes, I'm on top of the whole KG-to-Boston, wait nevermind, saga. We don't need him. He won't put us over the top (Doc Rivers is still our coach). I'd rather keep Al Jefferson and just make the pick at #5.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh...Don't tell Ms. Smith. We're going to Philly in a few weeks.

Ha. Everyone else can fuck right off, I guess.

While I am very excited that the Furries have added 'Northern Lights' and 'Torra Fy Ngwallt Yn Hir' back into their set, dudes need to retire 'God! Show Me Magic' and 'Do Or Die.' Perhaps next week I will do a post on what I consider to be the perfect SFA set.

Check out Editors perfomring "Racing Rats" on Jools Holland:

, ,

After The National played their first song at the 9:30 Club last night, they did the headlinerly thing and thanked the opening bands for playing with them. And then Matt Berninger said "Happy Birthday Kevin." Who the fuck is this Kevin dude and why is he ruining my birthday? No buzz.

Seriously though, I've had a rough last week and a half or so at work (for reasons I won't get into) and on the way to the show last night I told Ms. Smith that I hoped I would feel better at the show, watching the band play. I was wrong. I was in a much better mood before the show even started after hanging out with everyone that came out to help me celebrate my birthday and eat cupcakes. Chatting and hanging with my friends was just what the doctor ordered. So thanks everyone. I needed that.

As for the show itself, it was very good but not great. Loyal readers know that I heart The National and their new record, but it seemed last night their weaknesses outdid their strengths. Through most of the set, they just seemed like five guys onstage playing instruments. Their sound was very thin and they had problems filling up the room. The pacing of the set was a bit suspect as well. Most of the more uptempo numbers were held back for the latter half of the set, which made for a low key start to the show. The new record - full of slow, brooding numbers - certainly contributed to that effect. Also, no "All The Wine." WTF?

There were some outstanding moments, none of which I can remember directly because I was slightly to fairly drunk. There were quite a few songs that had me dancing around like no one was watching. One of the songs off of the new record got a new arrangement and it sounded great, but I can't remember which one it was. "Lit Up" and "Mr. November" got the chatty Cathy's standing all around us to shut the fuck up and actually watch the show.

Other than this Kevin fellow "ruining" my night, I hereby declare my 33rd birthday a success!

NPR streamed last night's show on the web and you can go to their site to hear the show in it's entirety.


| |


I'm old. Come pre-game with me tonight at DC9 sometime around 8ish. Ms. Smith will be bringing the cupcakes. Kick ass show to follow shortly thereafter.

I've been on an R.E.M. kick lately, the first one I've had in quite some time. Join me:

[MP3] R.E.M. | Orange Crush (Live 1989)

[MP3] R.E.M. | Academy Fight Song (Live 1989 - Mission of Burma cover)


Here are some of the MP3's burning a hole in my inbox...

[MP3] Elvis Perkins | All The Night Without Love
Elvis just played Bonnaroo and is doing a short West Coast tour at the end of the month. Here's his homepage.

[MP3] The National | Fake Empire
The show at the 9:30 Club on Wednesday is now sold out, so come celebrate my birthday at DC9 beforehand and see if you can scam a ticket while you're there.

[MP3] Voxtrot | Kid Gloves
Yes, this is old. But they're out on tour. Go see them.

[MP3] Calla | Bronson
Touring in late July - early August. Check their website for details.

[MP3] Scout Niblett | Dinosaur Egg (live)
Also touring in July. At the Rock n Roll Hotel on July 14th.

Watch the new Polyphonic Spree video for “Running Away.”

The Cribs just announced a US tour for July and August. Watch the censored version of the video for "Men's Needs," or you can watch the uncensored and NSFW version. Not listed in the link to said tourdates, an August 11th show at the Black Cat here in D.C.

Check out the 1990's eCard. I have the album and find it decidedly meh after one listen.

Records I'm digging but can't seem to find the time to write a proper review for:

Mystery Jets / Zootime - Didn't bore me after two listens. Liked the vocals and all the tempo changes.

BRMC/Baby 81 - Love this record although most everyone else seems to hate it. I don't have any of their previous work, so it's not derivative to me. Sounds a lot like the JAMC. If rock radio had any taste, they'd be playing half of these songs. Some serious cross-over appeal here.

Spoon / Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga - If you don't like Spoon by now, there's not much I can do for you. I love this record. No killer single like "2 Sides of Monsenior Valentin" but the album as a whole is better. Reminds me of Girls Can Tell (aka the best Spoon record).

Art Brut / It's A Bit Complicated - More of the same but I doubt anyone is complaining. Less singing and more talking from Eddie this time, but the wit and the hits are still there. Nicely sidestepping the sophomore slump.

Editors - An End Has A Start - I LOVE this record. It's like they've been listening to Snow Patrol and said "We can do better than those poncey geezers" and went out and made a bonafide arena rock record. Holy Christ, this record is hugehugehuge. The guitars soar and the choruses are right on their tail. Great stuff.

The Bravery - The Sun and The Moon - A big, flaming pile of meh. As bad as everyone thought the last record was, this is worse. All the hooks and guilty pleasure-ness is nowhere to be found. Between this record and the last effort from The Music, if I was a young band, I would stay the fuck away from Brendan O'Brien.

The events leading to Oceanic Flight 815's crash, in succession.



I love this photo for so many reasons. Crowd shots of the Barra Brava and Screaming Eagles at the end of games are the best. I need to put these in a collection or something.

D.C. United thoroughly dominated a depleted Chicago Fire team at RFK on Saturday. Read all about it on DCist. Full photo set below.

I wonder if these guys support and approve of this. While they are most definitely down with Okkervil River, I can't help but think they would not approve of lending their name to any music festival that does not include The Hold Steady. Or maybe Wolf Parade. Perhaps I should summon the awesome power of the information leafblower!

Happy 10th Birfday (tomorrow) OK Computer. Until today I hadn't listened to this record in ages, but after giving it two consecutive spins on my iPod, I put forth the two immutable truths:
1) OK Computer is a classic record, but The Bends is still better. You absolutely cannot convince me otherwise.
2) OK Computer is probably the best sounding headphone record ever made. It sounds heavenly on my iPod and crappy $40 Sony earbuds. Respect to you, sir. Have I ever told you my "Meeting Nigel Godrich story?" A quick check of the archives, says no. I really need to write that up for posterity's sake. It's a doozy.

Winner of headline of the day?
No alarms and no surprises, pliés. You know, about the Radiohead ballet? Get it? Nevermind.

Speaking of Birfdays, mine is next Wednesday. Yes, next week the worlds oldest music blogger gets even older. Trust me, it's more traumatic for me than it is you. Since I already got what I asked for, what I want is for you to come to the show and come get a drink with me beforehand at DC 9. Rock!

Speaking of Nevermind. Totally overrated. So is Meat is Murder. And Pet Sounds. And Marquee Moon. And a bunch of other "classic" records.

If you do one thing today, you really need to watch this nutter pushing Robbie Williams off the stage during one of his shows. Hilarious. And while you're at it, be sure to watch the two interviews with Liam where he calls the new batch of Brit bands "indie shitheads" and someone asks him a question about The Darkness and he replies, "WHO?" Awesome.

Seriously. Other than opening for the Pixies in Maryland (a scant two weeks after the Pixies did two nights at DAR), they've never played a D.C. date. A disappointing trend that will continue on the forthcoming MP tour.

July 11th – Great Scott – Boston, MA
July 12th – Webster Hall – New York, NY
July 13th – LaTulipe – Montreal, QC
July 14th – Mod Club – Toronto, ON
July 15th – Double Door – Chicago, IL
July 17th – Varsity Theater – Minneapolis, MN
July 19th – Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO
July 20th – Club Sound – Salt Lake City, UT
July 22nd – Chop Suey – Seattle, WA
July 23rd – Richard’s On Richard’s Cabaret – Vancouver, BC
July 24th – Doug Fir Lounge – Portland, OR
July 26th – Popscene – San Francicso, CA
July 27th – El Rey – Los Angeles, CA
July 28th – The Casbah – San Diego, CA

Monsters Are Waiting will be opening on all the dates above.

Mika-3403.jpg Last night a few tickets to see Mika at the 9:30 Club fell into my lap, so I grabbed Ms. Smith and we went to see what all the hubbub is about. Unlike most of the people there, I wasn't that familiar with his work, I have a five song EP that I listened to a few times but his stuff never really grabbed me. Live, his show is basically what would happen if Rufus Wainwright mainlined some speed and Fun Dip and sang Scissor Sisters covers all night. I felt he was a pale imitation of this guy and really couldn't get past that in order to enjoy the show. Oh well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Ms. Smith disagreed, saying she felt the exact opposite. She doesn't get the SS at all, but really enjoyed Mika's showmanship and boundless energy. The sold out crowd at the 9:30 certainly enjoyed the show. Most people were singing along and dancing up a storm. If nothing else, it was nice to see an audience in this town enjoy themselves so much.

On a completely unrelated note, posts like this are exactly what blogging was made for. Enjoy.

Celtics trade rumors and proposals are flying fast and furious on many a Celtics message board. Do we want to trade Theo, #5 and Gerald Green to Atlanta for Joe Johnson, Shelden Williams and #11? What about a sign and trade with Seattle netting Rashard Lewis for only Theo and Delonte West? Maybe Shawn Marion excited you more? He can be had for a package similar to the proposed deal with Atlanta. My head's about to explode at the possibilities. Could not landing one of the top two picks in the draft be the best case scenario for us?

Vote for Ben Olson's goal as MLS Goal of the Week! Vote, damn you! If you want to see photos from Sunday's hot United on Red Bull action, just go here.

Huffington Post, when you need a quote for a contentious sports story, who do you turn to? A blogger credentialed by both MLS and the NBA, that's who.

Kristen Bell, aka Catherine's new best friend (nope, not jealous AT ALL), hearts Veronica Mars.

Related: Veronica Mars, Season Four?

OMG! Big fucking robots are coming!

The new Paulie Walnuts Sopranos spin-off.

What’s the final price of a concert ticket? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS!

That the best Sopranos article and discussion I've seen today is happening over on Deadspin. You know, the sports blog. Will also gets cool points for referencing Raising Arizona (aka the best. movie. ever) in his Gilbert post.

As for the Sopranos finale, I loved it. The last five minutes had me so stressed out I thought I was going to puke. And that my friends, is good TV.


Glowing Gruff

Via Frank (who got to see Buffalo Tom over the weekend), and from the bandwidth of NME:

Gruff Rhys has confirmed a tour of the US and Canada kicking off September 19 in Philadelphia.

The Super Furry Animals frontman will support his album 'Candylion' which was released in the US earlier this year via Conor Oberst's Team Love label.

The dates in question:
Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brendas (September 19)
Washington, DC Rock N Roll Hotel (20)
New York, NY Hiro Ballroom (21)
Brooklyn, NY Union Hall (22)
Boston, MA Museum of Fine Arts (23)
Toronto, ONT Rivoli (25)
Chicago, IL Schuba's (27)
Seattle, WA Crocodile Café (29)
Portland, OR Doug Fir (30)
San Francisco, CA Swedish American Hall (October 2)
Los Angeles, CA Rec Center Studios (3)

This is all well and good (and I'm sure it will be a blast), but I'm waiting with baited breath for the band to tour. I'm hearing early '08. New album in August. Stay tuned....


Big win for United today. More on that later.

Full Nelly Furtado in concert photo set coming soon below. I'll have a full review up on DCist later today.

I got home from dinner with Ms. Smith around 10 last night, fed the Mister and settled in for some channel surfing between basketball, soccer and National Team soccer but my cable and internet were out. Apparently my whole neighborhood had an outage. Thanks Comcast! So I totally missed Lebron sucking and I didn't see Clint Dempsey find the back of the net. That was bad, but I also didn't see this, which is probably for the best. I hate ESPN. I'll be making the trip to Babylon Futbol Cafe in Arlington over the weekend to take in the Gold Cup matches there.

Also notable, assuming there are no ticket snafus like I experienced for Bloc Party (not on the list) and The Bravery (on the list, but didn't find out until this morning), I will be shooting my first ever arena show tonight when I travel out to the Patriot Center to see Nelly Furtado and Kenna. Should be interesting. Does Nelly F. do anything off of her first record, or does she completely disown it?


I was browsing the KEXP blog today after they announced that leafblower faves Pela recorded a live, in-studio performance that will be broadcast next Monday in the a.m. when I found this. How awesome does this sound?

July 14:
Good/Bad Archive Project & 9003 KEXP presents Rock Lottery 3- a benefit for The Vera Project featuring members of Tall Birds, Aqueduct, Raz Rez, The Lashes, Harvey Danger, Damian Jurado and many more! at Neumo's
Doors: music starts 10PM
Age: 21+

Twenty-five hand picked musicians meet at 10:00AM at the evening's performance venue. These volunteers are organized into five bands through a lottery based chance selection. The five different groups are then released to practice at different locations. The musicians have twelve hours to create a band name and three to five songs (with a one cover song limit). The bands will then return to the venue and perform what they have created in front of a waiting audience. The twenty-five musicians included in this experiment are carefully selected in an attempt to represent a wide variety of musical styles. This event will bring together many facets of the music community that may seem incompatible, as well as musicians whose interests may conflict. The challenge for these participants is to try and go beyond their personal and musical differences and work together to create a unified group project that still contains the personal styles of each of its members.

Best! Anyhoo, a few photos from Pela's show last week in San Fran are up over on Flickr. Also, according to KEXP and unbeknownst to me, "In fact, Pela’s first EP 'All In Time' was released by Brassland, co-owned by The National’s Aaron Dressner, and Pela guitarist Nate Martinez sometimes tours with the Brooklyn compatriots." Pela + The National? Wow.

Pela is also playing the KEXP BBQ in August, which may provide Ms. Smith and I the excuse we've been looking for to make a trip to Northwest.

San Francisco-8805.jpg

Another busy day at work for your truly. Luckily for you (not necessarily for me, since I have a ton of stuff to still go through) I have plenty of photos to keep you busy in the meantime. Here are all of my non-concert related San Fran photos and a song that I had in heavy rotation while I was out there. It goes without saying that I loved my short visit in the Bay Area. It was also nice to catch up with Matt and Jason from 1115 dot org.

Speaking of, you seriously need to check out Matt's photos from the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. I love this one.

[MP3] Primal Scream | Kill All Hippies
[MP3] Primal Scream | When The Kingdon Comes (featuring Paul Weller)

I included the second track, a b-side featuring Paul Weller that sounds A LOT like The Who's "Can't Explain" for no other reason that I am absolutely loving that Jam at the BBC double disc set I got. It's straight fire. I'll post a track or two from that sometime soon. Wow.

Also, if you don't have this record, it's going to be hard for us to be friends. Seriously. It's that good.

Movable Type 4 is out in Beta. They're also going open source.

Hopefully this means good things for MT. I'm going to give it a shot before deciding if I jump ship to Wordpress.

Saturday, after a hellish five hour flight that landed half an hour late, Ms. Smith was nice enough to cook me dinner and take me to see Smoosh and The Pipettes at the Black Cat. My energy level was running low when we entered the venue, but luckily both groups had plenty of energy to spare (the less said about the opener, Monster Bobby, the better).

The Pipettes are, as some are wont to say, the sound of one pan flashing, but no matter how you feel about the group, they put on a great show. There were plenty of choregraphed dance moves to go along with the group's throw-back, doo-wop sound, and best of all, the girls seemed to be enjoying themselves. The crowd certainbly did. Think of them as the female Art Brut. You either get it and totally love it or you don't.

For me, Smoosh was the standout act on the bill. And not in an "Awwwwww, cute" kind of way. They had some great tunes and held their own on a musical level. They are seasoned veterans, despite their respective ages, and their set left no doubts with the audience. Their stage manner could use a little work, although I imagine that will come with age. The singer looked around and smiled nervously whenever she wasn't singing, in a kind of "Wow, there are a lot of people here. Hope I don't screw up" kind of way. But if I had braces and was up on stage belting out some killer tunes, I'd probably be the same way. Seriously, nitpicks aside, I walked out a fan. You should definitely catch them when they come through your town. Here are the remaining dates:

06-07 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
06-08 Minneapolis, MN - 7th St Entry
06-10 San Diego, CA - Casbah
06-11 Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
06-12 San Francisco, CA - Popscene at Rickshaw Stop
06-14 Seattle, WA - Chop Suey
06-15 Vancouver, British Columbia - Plaza Club

[MP3] The Pipettes | The Burning Ambition of Early Diuretics [via Pizfork]
[MP3] Smoosh | Find A Way

Amoeba 003copy

Amoeba 005copy

Amoeba 006copy

The one question every San Francisco native has been asking me all week is "Have you been to Amoeba yet?" I got it so much I joked about making a shirt that said "Not Yet. (But thanks for asking)" or something like that. I also kept telling everyone that while I was sure Amoeba was great and all, I was pretty sure I was past the point of ever being excited about going to a CD store ever again. I don't think I've bought a physical CD in at least 6 months, if not longer.

Well..that whole not getting excited thing? I was wrong.

The selection at Amoeba is mind blowing. They have three copies of every CD you could ever want (except for this one, which I couldn't find anywhere, although maybe I should have checked the DVD section). I was definitely a kid in the candy store. I didn't have much space in my camera bag for a lot of stuff, so I went with quality over quantity for my purchases. Here's what I got:

Spiritualized - Royal Albert Hall October 10 1997 Live
Out of print. Price paid: $7.99
Elbow - Cast of Thousands
With special CD ROM featuring 11 live songs. Price paid: $7.99
The Jam - Live at the BBC
Double disc set. Price paid: $9.99

Hard to beat that. All three I've been trying to track down for a while and they had multiple copies of each. Name any recently released album and the had at least two used copies ready for you to purchase for under $10. Needless to say D.C.'s glaring lack of decent places to buy CD's really hit home yesterday.

I'm going to try to get my Pela photos up later today, but at this point, I'm totally frustrated by the slow as molasses wireless connections I have here. It took me like 30 minutes to upload these three photos to Flickr.


Tonight I'm hoping to take BART to Oakland and catch the A's v. The Twins. If I was back in D.C., I would definitely be going to see Nethers play the Black Cat. I haven't even seen my beloved Nethers play a single time this year! I am seriously in withdrawl. But you should go and tell me how it was. They're going to play some new stuff!

I have two other shows to see over the weekend, however. The Pipettes and Smoosh on Saturday and Bloc Party on Sunday. Expect lots of photos next week.