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It seems KG (the famous one, not me) is heading to Boston in a trade that immediately makes the Boston Celtics title contenders in the weaker than weak Eastern Conference. And yet, I'm quite a bit apprehensive about the whole proposition. Mostly because we're giving up seven (!!!) players to get KG, one of those being Al Jefferson, a future break-out star and my current NBA man-crush.

Here's our bench right now:
Tony Allen (recovering from extensive knee surgery)
Brian Scalabrine (Ouch)
Gabe Pruitt (rookie)
Glen Davis (rookie)
Brandon Wallace (rookie)
Yeah. Not good.

But what is good is that the C's will be able to sign some veteran talent now that they have three Hall of Fame players on the roster which makes Rajon Rondo's inability to shoot a big "So What?" Garnett could average 25 and 12 in the East for the next two or three years. The Celtics will be on national TV and I won't have to buy the NBA cable package. Unless I want to watch Al in Minnesota.

So why aren't I happier about this?

Two words: Doc Rivers.

Even though I don't agree with his entire article, The Sports Guy makes a good point about the contracts involved heading to Minny:

" Basically, McHale traded one of the best 25 players ever -- at the tail end of his prime!!! -- for Jefferson (a free agent in two years), one year of Gomes (a free agent in '08, when he'll be leaving treadmarks on his way out of Minnesota), a harmless pick and a do-over for a pick he never should have traded. Last month, McHale walked away from the No. 5 pick in the deal. This month, he couldn't even get Boston to throw in Rajon Rondo."

If Minny doesn't re-sign these guys, they're not getting much out of this.

It's also worth noting that this deal pairs up Ray Allen and KG, two guys that would have been teammates years ago if Allen hadn't have been dealt on draft day for some geezer named Stephon Marbury.


Christian Gomez, where you been son? Gomito showed up last night and looked very much like the reigning MVP of MLS. he pretty much ran Mexico's Club America out of RFK in the first 45 minutes. United ended up winning 1-0, scoring early but leaving out that annoying opposition goal that gums everything up in the second half. They now travel to Houston on Wednesday. Win and they're through to the knockout round of SuperLiga.

Brian Namoff got back on the pitch last night which was a welcome sight for United. Although, Marc Burch better not be the one sitting down when Namoff returns to the starting lineup. Ya heard?


Tonight brings us an early drinkathon at the D.C. Sports Blogger Happy Hour (which I never got around to making a flyer for - sorry Jamie).

The late drinkathon brings us to a house party on or around O street. Tomorrow morning's gonna hurt.


Still waiting on word about my White Stripes tickets, they are playing at GMU's Patriot Center.

If that falls through The Velvet Lounge has an excellent show that will be my back-up plan. Donny Hue & the Colors, Nethers Nikki solo and the Griznar Musical Collective. Donny Hue & the Colors features Aaron and Mike of Nethers and Olivia and Randy from Washington Social Club. I still haven't seen Nethers perform this year (!!!!) and this looks to be my best chance for the foreseeable future. Plus Nikki and Olivia are two of my favorite artists (if not my two favorite artists) in the city, so I'm hoping I can maybe see both shows.

[MP3] Donny Hue & the Colors | Real Long Time

After sleeping in, I have a sports filled night ahead of me. I'm thinking about heading out The Goodman League in the early afternoon to see if I can get a spot for the 7 p.m. game which is supposed to feature Agent Zero v. Kevin Durant. Like Woah. D.C. United face Mexico's Club America at RFK in Superliga action at 8 p.m.

No rest for the weary!



I'll be posting my photos from Whartscape next week, but until then, here's a shot of Spank Rock, who turned in the best set of the weekend (even though I only stayed for like 5 songs of it). He was awesome. But don't take my word for it. Butterteam has some audio from the performance.

Also for your listening pleasure:
[MP3] Robbers on High Street | Married Young (The Glass Remix)
New album out now.

[MP3] OFFICE | The Ritz
Album out 9/25.

[MP3] Sea Wolf | You Are A Wolf
Touring with Nada Surf in October. Album out 9/25.

[MP3] Parts & Labor | Fractured Skies
Parts & Labor need a new drummer. Seriously. Their's just left to become EIC of Paper Thin Walls. Send them an email if you're interested.

Lastly, in honor of Beyonce's recent tumble at her show in Orlando, I give you this cover song:
[MP3] The Magic Numbers | Crazy In Love


Click for bigger version.


More of the same from D.C. United last night. Score early, give up a goal late and try (in vain) to finish with a flourish. They missed a few too many open chances for my liking. Someone needs to put the ball in the net.

Read Matt's DCist review here.

They'll try again on Sunday against the Mexican club America at 8 p.m. at RFK. I'll be there.

Some of the musical treats that have appeared in my inbox over the last week or so.

Stream Bishop Allen's new record.

[MP3] Chromeo | Tenderoni (Etienne de Crecy remix)

Download an MP3 of "Burn My Shadow" by UNKLE (featuring Ian Astbury of the Cult)

Head over to Ambulance LTD.'s MySpace page to preview some songs from their forthcoming record. In other news, I finally signed up for a MySpace account, mostly so I can see who is stealing my photos. I feel dirty.

Watch The Dirty Projectors do one of those crazy "Take Away Shows." I saw DP at Whartscape and they were pretty good.

[MP3] Eastern Conference Champions | Box

[MP3] The Deadly Syndrome | Eucalyptus - Apparently, these guys are L.A.'s version to Le Loup, in that they've played a handful of gigs and have big buzz.


Apparently an interview I did last year with John Vanderslice is causing some among the "media elites." At least according to Popmatters (scroll down a bit). Sweet.

Speaking of interviews, I conducted another awesome one yesterday with Ed Lay, the drummer from Editors. Unfortunately I had a technical malfunction and my tape recorder only recorded my questions during our chat and not his answers. Worst. Still, I'll try and make something of it and have it up soon. It's a shame too, because he was incredibly nice and had some great thoughts. And I'm not just saying that because he thought the name "information leafblower" was "brilliant."


Pitchfork had a writer at the festival while I was taking photos. I still haven't had the time to put down my thoughts about the event, but he's pretty spot on with his report.


Whartfest in Baltimore. Wow.

2 days,
3 huge gigs,
26 bands seen,
over 200 miles driven,
2 full memory cards
and all I have to show for it is my photo set over at Pitchfork.

As for you Pitchfork readers clicking through, welcome!

Here is some of my recent photo work:
Travis at the 9:30 Club
The National at the 9:30 Club
Le Loup and XYZ Affair at DC9
Georgie James, Middle Distance Runner and These US at the Black Cat
The Pipettes and Smoosh at the Black Cat

Also, you can always see my work over on Flickr.


And that new rule is from now on I'm keeping my fucking mouth shut until after the fact whenever big things happen or I get big news. Otherwise the news keeps getting rescheduled. First the Morrissey gigs and now the thing yesterday, which I can't talk about because it might still happen. But I digress...

Not sure what everyone else's plans for the weekend are, but I'll be heading to the land of people that don't drive so good, aka Maryland, to take in Whartscape, which gets shadier and shadier the more I find out about it. If there are no posts on this site on Monday, call the cops. But since I'm a music blogger, I guess I'm duty bound to go check out Dan Deacon. Seriously though, seeing Spankrock should be fun.

One show I'm sad to miss on Sunday night is the Bishop Allen show. DCeiver won't freakin' shut up about them. They're his [insert name of whatever band I'm obsessing about this week].

Here are some MPfree's of theirs:
[MP3] Bishop Allen | Rain
[MP3] Bishop Allen | Click Click Click Click

Did anyone else watch the MLS All-Star game last night? If not you missed the interview with David Beckham at halftime. The one in which he said he probably wouldn't play on Saturday against Chelsea. While he was saying that ESPN ran a graphic on the screen that said "Will make his U.S. debut Saturday v. Chelsea." So I guess this weekend we'll find out who's really running things in the Beckham camp.

Two other news items of note, both regarding photography.

First is the NFL making photographers wear vests with sponsor logos, which is total BS. That's a good way to be seen as impartial, no? Wearing a vest with Reebok and Canon logos on it?

Second is the whole Band of Horses hates cameraphones, which I totally agree with. I always find it funny how publicists stress to me "NO FLASH" whenever I get a photo pass at the 9:30 Club. I never say it, but the people they really need to worry about are everyone with Point and Shoots and cameraphones. They're the ones snapping away with their flashes. Not the "pros"* (with a few notable exceptions). I also can never understand why people standing at the back of the venue try and take pictures on their cell phones. They're way too far away from the action and it just comes out as this big unidentifiable glob of bad lighting. And yes, I am a camera snob.

At the same time, I realize that more and more people are bringing their cameras to shows and it can get annoying. That said, I rarely go to a show without my camera. DSLR's are fairly cheap now and more and more people are getting into photography. I'm not sure what the breaking point is going to be, but we'll get their soon.

For bigger shows, I just try and get my shots and get out of the way so people can enjoy the show. That's why I don't mind the "First three / no flash" rule at concerts for photo passes. I can never tell you what happens during the first three songs of a show I'm shooting, because I'm busy working and not really paying attention to the music. At the Travis show I totally forgot they played "Writing to Reach You" because they played it third and I was too busy working my way to the center of the venue to get a better vantage point to stop and listen. So I totally buy the "People are too busy messing with their cameras to enjoy the show" argument. But after the third song, I put my camera away and enjoy the show like everyone else. In most cases I also move to the back of the venue, so if I grabbed someone else's spot while I was battling for position up front, I can give it back to them. People are generally cool with that and I certainly try and be as unobtrusive as I can be (given the fact that I have all this gear hanging around my neck and waist). There are right ways and wrong ways to go about all of this. I guess what I'm trying to day is get your shots early and then put everything away and enjoy the show. A win/win for everyone.

* Please note I don't consider myself a "pro." I always tell people I'm a professional amateur, which I think is about right.

Got two pieces of great news today!
But you won't find out until Friday at the earliest.
Maybe tomorrow.
It'll be worth the wait.

Some MP3's that found their way to my inbox:

[MP3] White Rabbits | The Plot
The White Rabbits are touring with The Cribs and they will be hitting the Black Cat on August 11th.

[MP3] Blitzen Trapper | Sci-Fi Kid (Principal Participant 'Kingswood' Remix)
Blitzen Trapper is at the Rock n Roll Hotel with David Vandervelde on Sunday, July 22nd.

Also, absolutely loving the Dappled Cities remix over at The Tripwire. Go get that shit and put it on repeat.



Yesterday I told Ms. Smith that I was "stupidly excited" about going to see Travis last night, but at the same time I was worried that I was setting my expectations too high. I shouldn't have. They put on one of the best shows I have ever seen that the 9:30 Club. I had trouble sleeping last night because I was so energized by the show. I'm still pumped now as I write this.

Normally I absolutely abhor it when bands play "greatest hits" sets. But when it's been seven years since you've seen a band, those type of sets aren't exactly a bad thing. In fact, last night the set was perfect.
Because they played "Back In Black."
On a whim.
As the last song of the night.
Someone in the crowd shouted it out as a request just before they played "Why Does It Always Rain On Me" as what was supposed to be the last song of the night. So when they were done with that song, Andy started doing the AC/DC riff. The crowd was unsure if this was for real or not, and then Fran started doing his best Brian Johnson impression and it was on from there. I'm not sure they played it as well as AC/DC could, but they definitely had more fun doing it. We got the full rockstar poses and everything. It was awesome.

Other highlights from the show:
- The band entered from the back of the venue and wandered their way through the crowd wearing silk boxing robes while the "Theme To Rocky" played over the PA. Once they hit the stage, they were soundtracked by James Brown's "Living In America." Best.
- They played "Pipe Dreams," my favorite Travis song other than "Writing To Reach You."
- Fran asking the crowd to chant the touring keyboardist's name, Claes, while he was playing the piano solo in "Good Feeling."
- While instructing the audience to do so, telling everyone that Claes was Swedish and Swedish people are anal. But not in the porn way. But wait, yes. Maybe in the porn way too. Although Fran couldn't speak for Claes in this particular matter.
- Fran played "20" solo on the acoustic. It's been years since I've heard this song. It's a b-side from the "All I Want To Do Is Rock" single and I had totally forgotten about the song until he played it.
- Speaking of "All I Want To Do Is Rock," when it was time for his "big solo" Andy climbed the PA stack trying to get to the dressing room balcony above. He almost didn't make it. He pulled himself up from the PA onto the balcony just using his arms while his guitar was slung over his back. No mean feet. Also, when he finally got up there, he flopped over the railing like Nick Frost "leaps" over fences in Hot Fuzz. Hi-lar-ious.
- The new songs from The Boy With No Name all sounded great, especially "My Eyes" and "Eyes Wide Open."
- Playing "Flowers In The Window" like a barbershop quintet. Only with a guitar. Fran was wearing it, but Andy hit the notes on the frets and Dougie did the strumming. It was like a great, big Travis reach around! "This is so close to something else," Fran laughingly said during the song. Indeed.
- Fran instructing the crowd that he wanted each and every person the venue to pogo during the last chorus to "Why Does It Always Rain On Me." And you know what? We all did. Everyone. It was brilliant. I've never seen a D.C. crowd do anything close to that before. This was a show where you left your pretensions at the door and just had fun. More concerts need to be like this.
- Nigel Godrich was in attendance!
- Back In mother-effing Black!

Plain and simple, that was one of the best shows I have ever seen in D.C. Maybe in the Top-10 Best Concerts Ever list. My mind grapes were thoroughly and completely squeezed last night.

But wait! Here's the best part. NPR webcast the show last night so you can enjoy all of this for your very own. Go here to check it out. You can also see Joel's photos from last night, which unlike my own, are actually in focus.


So then, my weekend in a nutshell:


Friday night Ms. Smith and I ventured to the Black Cat to see The Vita Ruins. They were giving away free copies of their E.P., Thanks For Your Concern (But We're OK), so I grabbed a few for you readers (more on that in a sec). The band sound not unlike Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- swirling, feedback-drenched guitars, sinister vocals and a driving back beat. They're obviously big shoegazer fans, which is always a good thing in my book. They drew a decent amount of people to the show, many of which were photographers, causing one person to remark "I've never seen so many photographers for a band I've never heard of." I'll be sending the copies of the E.P. I snagged as a consolation prize to those that didn't win those Editors CD's. So keep an eye on your inbox if you entered.


Saturday I ran errands during the day (I need a new camera bag) and tried to stay out of the heat. Later that night I took in the D.C. United v. FC Dallas match at RFK. Expect a short recap on DCist later today.


Can you name a better way to spend Sunday than drinking beer, eating BBQ and watching football? I think not. My only complaint was that the Brazil v. Argentina match was such a snoozer. Oh well. I spent the rest of the night editing photos. Exciting, no?

Before we recap our weekend, let us first look forward to tonight.

Allow me to geek out for a moment. I heart Travis. Much more than any music snob should in fact. I can't really explain it. If I had to try, I'd chalk it up to a bunch of good memories that their music brings on. I worked on their first record when I was an intern at Epic Records, The Man Who reminds me of living in Queens right when I moved to NYC, hearing everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) singing along to "Why Does It Always Rain On Me" in between bands at the 2000 Reading Festival... the list goes on. I even like the much maligned 12 Memories.

Funny thing is, best I can recall, I haven't seen them since they opened for Oasis at Radio City Music Hall on the Standing On Shoulder of Giants tour. That was ages ago. So obviously, I'm stoked for tonight. And assuming my photo pass is there when I get to will call, I'll have some visual evidence for you all tomorrow.

That's the band performing "Selfish Jean" on Jools Holland above. Check out The Hype Machine for tunes from their latest disc, The Boy With No Name. Instrumental Analysis also has some MP3's for your listening pleasure.

* completely untrue

The Kings of Leon have just announced a US tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I have yet to see either band, so color me excited. Above is KOL performing "Fans," my favorite track off of their latest record.

Here are the dates:

Minneapolis, MN First Avenue (August 2, 3)
Chicago, IL Grant Park Lollapalooza (5)
Seattle, WA Bumbershoot Festival 2007 (September 2)
San Francisco, CA Warfield Theatre (4)
Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre (7)
San Diego, CA SDSU Open Air Theatre (8)
Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre (10)
Las Vegas, NV The Joint- Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (11)
Morrison, CO Red Rocks Amphitheatre (14)
Council Bluffs, IA Stir Cove at Harrah's Casino (15)
New York, NY Radio City Music Hall (19)
Upper Darby, PA Tower Theatre (21)
Washington DC 930 Club (23)
Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre (28)
Providence, RI Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel (29)
Detroit, MI The Filmore (October 4)
Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre (9)
Birmingham, AL Alabama Theatre (10)
Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium (18)
New Orleans, LA Voodoo Island City Park (28)


My favorite records of the year so far (in no particular order)

- Favourite Worst Nightmare / Arctic Monkeys - Half of this record is absolutely amazing, the other half I skip over.
- Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga / Spoon - Reminds me of Girls Can Tell. Solid.
- An End Has A Start / Editors - Without a doubt the record I have listened to the most so far this year.

The Editors record isn't out until next week, but I'm giving you the chance to win one of three Deluxe-Editions of their new album. All you have to do is email me and tell me the name of one of the two awesome cover songs of the Editors have recorded and released. One was one a single from their first record and the other was on a compilation from Q Magazine. I'll keep the contest open until Monday.

Here's the band doing the first single from the record live on Jools Holland:

Click here to buy the album from iTunes.

I am insanely tired and also insanely busy today, so let's just say last night was pretty incredible. Unbuckled enjoyed its first ever sellout and the crowd enjoyed two great sets by two great bands. Le Loup actually lived up to the hype(that was like their fourth show ever and they're already signed to a SubPop subsidiary), which surprised me a bit - mostly because I am the eternal pessimist. They're very Montreal-ish, like if the lead singer from Stars was fronting a band that was channeling the Arcade Fire while playing songs from bands like Islands, Tape n' Tapes and Beirut(three bands that I hate, yet LL was very pleasing on the ears - go figure). I doubt that makes any sense, but take it for what it's worth. You'll be hearing more about them soon enough.

Questionable fashion choices aside, this is some great footage of New Order performing "Temptation" live at the BBC studios some time in 1984. You'd think they were in Ibiza, not the Radio 1 studios, by looking at those outfits.

Here's the studio version:
[MP3] New Order | Temptation


Straight from the inbox:

Superdrag will be back on tour this Fall, with all four original members. Last seen onstage together more than 8 years ago, the original line-up of John Davis (guitar, vocals), Don Coffey Jr (drums), Brandon Fisher (guitar) and Tom Pappas (bass) have 6 performances scheduled for 2007.

Though Superdrag may be best-known for their 1996 major-label debut Regretfully Yours and the hit single “Sucked Out” that helped launch the band towards international success, the follow-up Head Trip In Every Key, issued in 1998, was widely regarded as the band’s creative peak. Amidst label woes and line-up changes, namely the departures of founding members Pappas and Fisher, the band would issue their third and fourth full-lengths In The Valley Of Dying Stars and Last Call For Vitriol to universal critical accolades, and expand their hard-won fan base through incessant touring, with the help of bassist Sam Powers and guitarist Mic Harrison. Many of Superdrag’s latter-day fans have never had an opportunity to see the original line-up onstage together…until now!

Tickets will be available pre-sale Thursday July 12th at 12 PM EST at

For more information regarding Superdrag visit or myspace.comsuperdragofficial


10.05.07 City Hall Nashville TN
10.13.07 Metro Chicago IL
10.20.07 Barley’s Tap Room Knoxville TN
11.02.07 The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza New York NY
11.03.07 Paradise Rock Club Boston MA
11.08.07 Nightclub 9:30 Washington DC

I've gone on record before about my love for the criminally underrated Head Trip In Every Key.

Also, I humbly submit the following tune as an example of the perfect pop song:

The word came down from on high today (actually it came from Girlie Action) that Morrissey is making up the Philly and Atlantic City shows but canceling NYC, Holmdel NJ, Northampton, MA and, of course, Baltimore. This does me absolutely no good because the rescheduled Philly date is on Monday and I obviously can't go. Can't wait to fight it out with the venue about my refund.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a bigger Morrissey fan than me, but this is total BS any way you look at it. A quick check of the rescheduled dates and the Rams Head Live calendar shows the club is available on 7/22, so I guess Morrissey just doesn't want to have to travel to Baltimore to play such a small venue at this point. It's also no coincidence that MSG and Holmdel, NJ were canceled. Both shows were to be held in very large venues, but had poor ticket sales due to the high ticket prices and all the other area shows Moz was doing. So this is all just a big "Eff You" from Moz to his fans. Lovely.

This whole ordeal certainly clouds my outlook on attending any future Morrissey shows.


I got a press release from the Virgin Fest yesterday announcing three new acts to the lineup:

With less than a month to go, Virgin Festival By Virgin Mobile is heating up with even more acts signing on. Theatric pop band Panic! At the Disco; post-rock, instrumental act Explosions In the Sky and Baltimore-based ‘absurdist’ electronic music composer/performer Dan Deacon will join the Sunday lineup as nearly forty artists and DJ's take to the stage over two days on August 4 and 5 at Baltimore's Pimlico Race Course.

Looks like those Alice In Chains rumors were ultimately untrue. Still, that's a pretty strong lineup up there. I, for one, am certainly looking forward to it. I'll be there taking photos so expect a full report come August.

Top notch show on Friday that showcased some of the best local talent here in Washington D.C. All three bands played great sets but the highlight of the night was when Jesse Elliott from These Unites States joined Middle Distance Runner on stage for a cover of "The Business," a tUS tune that rarely gets played (although it got a surprise airing earlier in the night). Ummmm, maybe you had to be there.

Georgie James played some new stuff from their forthcoming Saddle Creek release that sounds great and the best news of all (for all of you) is that before the year is out, all three of these bands are likely coming to a town near you(separately, obvs.). So be sure to check them out when that time comes.

[MP3] These United States | The Business
Georgie James plays a Woxy Lounge Act
Middle Distance Runner on The Hype Machine

As I mentioned last week, all three of these bands have played DCist's Unbuckled in the last year or so. The next Unbuckled is on Wednesday, so come on out and see the next big thing.


I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has MP3's from one of R.E.M.'s recent Dublin performances in its entirety.

Related: Maybe R.E.M. haven't lost the plot after all. Although, I must say, bring your camera free for alls mostly turn into big clusterfuck of flash bulbs popping off everywhere because everyone that's bought a DSLR in the last year or two brings it and lets their flash fly because they don't have fast enough glass to take photos otherwise. On Friday, some stupid lady wormed her way up to the front of the crowd and started taking photos while aiming her external flash right in people's faces! I couldn't believe it. Not only did she stand right in front of me and block my shots, but she was firing flashes every which way and annoying every single person in her vicinity. No wonder people hate photogs at gigs. People like her give us a bad name. OK, rant over. Sorry.

PJ Harvey still has it.


A 6-year-old Edina, Minn., girl is hospitalized after a freak accident at a swimming pool.

Abigail Taylor was severely injured Friday when she sat over an open drain hole in a wading pool at the Minneapolis Golf Club. According to a posting by her family on the Caring Bridge Web site, the drain's powerful suction tore out part of her intestinal tract.

The family's account said it's a "medical miracle" that she's still alive. The online account has since been taken down.

Her father, Scott Taylor, told WCCO-TV that the suction caused a 2-inch tear in Abigail's rectum and pulled out much of her small intestine. Doctors had to remove the part of her intestines that remained, the family's lawyer, Bob Bennett, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah.

Still kicking water, thrashing with both arms, I'm maybe halfway to the surface but not going higher. The heartbeat inside my head getting loud and fast.

The bright sparks of light crossing and crisscrossing my eyes, I turn and look back ... but it doesn't make sense. This thick rope, some kind of snake, blue-white and braided with veins, has come up out of the pool drain and it's holding on to my butt. Some of the veins are leaking blood, red blood that looks black underwater and drifts away from little rips in the pale skin of the snake. The blood trails away, disappearing in the water, and inside the snake's thin, blue-white skin you can see lumps of some half-digested meal.

It goes on from there but I'll spare you.

A hearty hat tip to Goldenfiddle, who originally spotted the story.


Well, Moz canceled the NJ gig I was scheduled to go see today, so there's been a slight change of schedule. Here's a gameplan for me and you over the weekend:

Watch Spoon's video for The Underdog. I'm pretty much over music videos at this point but every once in a while I see one that really grabs me. This is one. It's brilliant and does a great job of showcasing Britt Daniels' knack of not overdoing anything in his songs. He doesn't fill up space that would be better served with nothing there. Watch the drummer. I never really noticed how little he plays on this song. Great stuff.

Watch the seven stages of British Indie Rock documentary. Great footage here, although no Verve, no Radiohead and NO ELASTICA. I think people tend to forget how big Elastica were during the Britpop days. They were bigger than Blur was over here in the States and they are the spiritual forbearers of bands like The Libertines and The Strokes. Don't sleep.

Download and listen to my favorite Dandy Warhols song, which I saw last night featured in a Saturn commercial.

[MP3] The Dandy Warhols | Dandy Warhols TV Theme Song

The "ooh ooh oohs" are killer.

Also here are some other MP3's that I've been meaning to post:
[MP3] Fields | Song for the Fields (Ewan Pearson Remix)
[MP3] Fields | If You Fail We All Fail (SebastiAn Remix)
[MP3] Fields | If You Fail We All Fail (Badlands Remix)
[MP3] Fields | Song for the Fields (Album Version)

[MP3] Stars | The Night Starts Here
From their upcoming album In Our Bedroom After the War which will be released in September.

[MP3] The Cribs | Men's Needs (CSS Remix)

Also, tonight at the Black Cat:

Georgie James
Georgie James / Myspace

Middle Distance Runner / Myspace

These United States / Myspace

Unbuckled alums all. Be there.



Grambo, Peabs, Damore, your work here is done.



More Mr. Pink here.


Still trying to confirm with the venue, but it looks like Moz canceled the show at Rams Head Live in Baltimore tonight. The show is definitely not happening.

Majorly bummed.

Last night was pretty effing great. More on that later.

**UPDATE** - Here's my hastily written DCist review.

**UPDATE 2** - Scuttlebutt says everything up through Saturday in Boston has been canceled/postponed. Just waiting on official word.

Without trying to be too vague, this stands to be a VERY exciting week for yours truly for reasons other than "Hey, I get the chance to see Morrissey three times in the next five days." More on that when the time comes. Apologies in advance for being so mysterious.

So then, the plan is:
Tonight: D.C./Northern Virginia - Wolf Trap
Tuesday: Baltimore - Rams Head Live
Friday: Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center

*fingers crossed* I might even throw in some Robbers On High Street action on Thursday. We'll see.

Semi-related: Ms. Smith and I booked our hotel in Philly via Hotwire, which meant we couldn't cancel the room, so off to Philly we went on Friday. We were in a good mood when we left, despite the canceled show, but that soon changed when our quick drive north turned into a five hour ordeal with traffic backups in every state we passed through once we left good ol' Virginia. Long story short, we left at 7 and finally pulled into our hotel just before midnight, just in time for the hotel bar to close up right when we walked in. Joy.

Saturday we tried to go to the Phillies / Mets game but it was sold out. So we spent the afternoon at the McFaddens attached to the baseball stadium and just enjoyed what turned into a tremendous people watching experience. Wow. You had the blue-collar Philly peeps on one side of the bar, all the douchebag Mets fans (gel in hair, collars popped) from NYC in the other and the McFaddens waitresses walking around pretty much falling out of their "uniforms." I kept telling Ms. Smith that was much more entertaining than the game would have been.


Hey, I finally finished putting my photos from Europe online. Maybe one day I'll actually go back and tag them appropriately.

Photos - Koln, Germany
Photos - Rhine River Valley (St. Goar and Bacharach)

All you could ever want to know about the upcoming concerts for the next three or so months in the D.C. area.




Just got word from the venue, Morrissey's show tonight at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA will go on as scheduled.


Yes, sometime my lyrics are sexist
But you lovely bitches and ho's should know
I'm trying to correct this.

Brilliant. Methinks HBO hitched it's wagon to the wrong show.