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Oct 11 2007

Wednesday Linkage (On Thursday)

British Sea Power has a new E.P. out and they'll be at the Black Cat on Friday, Oct. 19th.
[MP3] British Sea Power | Atom

The Castanets have a new record out soon on Asthmatic Kitty. They're at The Red and The Black on Oct. 21st.
[MP3] The Castanets | Sway
[MP3] The Castanets | This is the Early Game

The Dirty Projectors (above) are generating a ton of buzz right now. I saw them at Whartscape and thought they were pretty good.
[MP3] The Dirty Projectors | No More

West Indian Girl have a new record out on October 23rd.
[MP3] West Indian Girl | To Die In LA

Bonus: You Want Me To Give Back $19.9 Million? Man, F--k That.

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